Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It is finished

Well, my half marathon was this past weekend in Charlotte. It was super cold and super hilly but super fun (as usual). I didn't train as properly as I should have and because of that my legs were done at around 10 miles. I am happy to say I made it without walking but it wasn't easy. My legs are super sore but I have a medal for completing the race and thats all that matters.

I am happy that I did the race with Billie and my sisters - it's always more fun with loved ones. I am not sure whats next - maybe a trail run of some sort. I will keep you posted! Until then....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snowsuit sweetie

Here are pictures of Courtney and I on our VERY COLD run this past Thursday. Check Kennedy's duds out! Ha! She loved it and we kicked out 5 miles (me, huffing and puffing from pushing miss priss in the jogger).

I can't believe my half is a few days away: AHHHH!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

The Thanksgiving Holiday is over: boo-hoo, sniff, sniff. It was so incredible seeing my sisters, my Mom and my neices. I absolutely hated to leave and I just wish we were all closer. We had such an amazing time. On Thanksgiving Day we all participated in a 5 K (hubbies included) and it was so much fun.

Kevin came in first, followed by Catina and I, then Melissa, then Tim and Carl (who sprinted to the finish I might add) and then Angel pulled up the rear (with a respectable time for a "non-runner"). It was so nice to do this run all together. Thanks to Mom and Jim who held down all the children while we were gone. I look forward to many more runs like this in years to come and hopefully our kiddos will join us one day.

On Friday we went for a walk and then on Saturday Catina and I went and did a lake route near by called Salem Lake. It was awesome - a 7 mile trail around a lake - one loop and you're done. I am jealous that we don't have something so nice here, but it was a great run despite the cold, drizzle and full post-thanksgiving belly. All-in-all not much to report about training rather than its freezing here and its really putting a damper on my training. I can't believe the half is so close - hope we are ready. I haven't gotten the update from Billie about her holiday but she was hosting so who knows how her training is going either.

Courtney and I hope to run in the morning if the weather allows - 75% chance of rain and in the 30 degree range doesn't sound so pleasant. We'll see!

Friday, November 21, 2008


It's officially friggin' freezin' y'all! Abby, Billie and I braved the elements last night just for a little premature holiday cheer. The Kentucky Horse Park has a big drive through lights display and they had a 5K through it last night to raise money for God's Pantry. We donated a non-perishable food item and paid a little moola to run through the lights and in the snow. I am proud to report we are not the only crazy runners - there were lots more and some even had their kids (super crazy!). We survived and had a good run - here is a pic!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A new running buddy

I haven't posted in a while and since I am in to work a little early today I thought I would. Running has been going good although the cold weather challenges have begun and I have a little bit of a sore throat because of it. Mine and Billie's long runs have gone well and this weekend was a 10 miler. I haven't done 10 miles in a LONG time so I was a little worried. My trusty friend and babysitter Chelsea was willing to run the last 4 with me if I could kick 6 on my own. That, my friends, is LOVE! So...I did the first six and they went well although dreadfully cold and windy. I met Chels at my house and she did the last 4 and I felt great when I finished but sore muscles set in last night and have stayed with me until this AM. I figured Chels would think I was even crazier than she already thought me after running in the frigid weather for the first time. She is dedicated y'all. Not only did she not think I was crazy - she wanted to join me this morning. Yay! I smell a bonified RUNNER! It's addicting I tell ya. We did 4 miles this morning in 36 weather but we did it and it was great company. I think I have a new running buddy. Courtney is still going to join me on Wed/Thur but due to Kennedy's arrangement Court would have to get up at like 4 something (way too early) to run with me the other days of the week. I hate running alone so now I have someone on the other days - I am happy. Billie had lots to do this weekend but we are planning on running together next weekend - a 15K is what is in store. Whoopee!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Pumpkin pics - as promised: Derek & Billie Motsch, Tim & I, Abby & Jonathan Burns.

So...it turns out I made a little boo-boo. I was in charge of mapping out the route for Billie and I to run on Saturday and after many changes made to that route on Map My Run, it turns out that we actually ended up running over 9 miles rather than 8. Ha! I feel really bad since that was my one measley job but at least we know we can do it. Good thing I ran that distance on Sunday too because Tim left to go out of town on Monday morning for work and I havent been able to do a dang thing since then. Not only is it FREEZING outside, but I can't leave Kennedy alone obviously. So...I am feeling yucky because I haven't worked out and I just hope I am not sucking wind when I hit the pavement again.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Let the long runs begin

Yesterday was our official first "long run" which I deem to be anything over a 10K. Billie and I did 8 miles yesterday through some pretty parts of Lexington and the weather was AMAZING. It was true perfect running weather in my opinion - shorts and a long sleeve shirt weather with the sun shining down on us. I am excited to say we have 8 under our belts. This weekend we have a 10 K on the training schedule and we will either do that or do 8 again - we haven't really decided. My sister is coming to visit this weekend so I am sure plans will change a few times between now and then. Ha! In addition to our training this weekend - we found time for fun and carved pumpkins. I will post some pictures later.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Resistance Training Woes

I have officialy started following Hal Higdon's training guidelines and one of those guidelines is that you weight/resistance train twice a week. Yesterday was my first day to resistance train and my goal was simply to do free weight exercised (working arms and legs) for about 30 minutes. I should add to this that I ran 4 miles (prior to doing my resistance) yesterday pushing the jog stroller (which I haven't done in a while) because Tim is out of town and Janine was running with me. So after getting home from jogging I got Kennedy ready for bed and then went downstairs to do my weight work. I have a lot of weight lifting experience - I took classes two years in high school as an elective and actually took two weight lifting classes in Murray too. I started with lunges and squats and about 15 minutes in to my workout I had sweat rolling down the side of my face (indoors!) and was panting. When I began to do lunges around the downstairs my legs started locking up - OMG I thought, am I really this out of weight training shape. The answer is - YES! I only did about 22 minutes of weight work and this morning I feel as though I have ran 50 miles or something insane like that. I am so sore! I started to think last night though and I guess the last time I really did any type of resistance training involving weights was in early pregnancy. I think I stopped lifting about 20 weeks into my pregnancy because it was uncomfortable at that point. So...it has been a LONG time and I obviously am going to have my work cut out for me. Despite being sore and feeling rather pathetic - I do feel good knowing I am going to be strengthening again.

On a good note, I heard from Billie yesterday and she is for sure going to participate in the 1/2 marathon in December with me: YAY! It is so nice to have a partner in crime for things like this. Courtney (who has had a foot stress injury of sorts) is easing back into her running and hopefully will be joining us as well. We will be doing long runs together on Saturdays in no time. I am out of town this weekend for a wedding and then I plan to really buckle down with training and do some weekind runs together.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So...I am still not completely certain what the destiny of this blog is, however, I am going to stay in the training genre while I am still training.

I began my Hal Higdon half marathon training program on Monday. Tim is out of town AGAIN so early morning runs are a little tough because of Kennedy. Luckily, Janine is still with us and she is nice enough to help listen for Kennedy so I can get my runs in despite Tim being gone. So..I got up at 5:15 both yesterday morning and this morning and pounded the pavement with a different pooch each day (for safety of course - no one needs to know they would just lick an attacker to death rather than actually protect me). Pretty much my only comment (yawning the whole way through it because I am exhausted) is that I NEED NEW SHOES! Thank goodness I ordered new shoes on Saturday because my knees hurt, my ankles hurt and my legs are a little sore - all big indicators that its new shoe time. I can't wait until they get here. It dawned on me a few days ago that I ran my last 1/2 marathon when I was @ 14 weeks pregnant in the same tennis shoes I am still wearing. For those of you who are non-runners, it is recommended that if you run @ 25 or more miles a week that shoes should be replaced every three months. Obviously I am way overdue for these new kicks so I am excited that they will arrive any day now.

Tomorrow is strength training and 3 miles. Because I am a Biggest Loser junkie and am getting to bed late, I will run tomorrow evening with Janine and just push Kennedy along in the jog stroller. Although pushing that stroller is rough at least there is the beneficial extra calorie burn bonus involved.

Monday, October 6, 2008

What Now?

For those of you who might be checking in on me to see how the race went, here are the official results:

Place in age division: 8 out of 23

Place in sex: 43 out of ??

Swim Rank in division: 14

800 meter swim time: 18:05

Transition 1 time: 5:12

Bike Rank in division: 8

18 mile bike time: 1:05:38

avg mph speed on bike: 16.5

Transition 2 time: 1:35

Run Rank in division: 10

5 K run time: 34:36

run pace/mile: 8:39

Total Triathlon time: 2:05:03

There isn't much to say about the tri yesterday, other than the fact that it went amazingly well. The weather was perfect, the swim went easily (shockingly so), the bike was challenging but went quick and the run felt great - a great report all in all. I was so pumped to be doing it I think it was all a little euphoric honestly. I thought to myself as I was about to cross the finish line: "what am I going to do now"? I have to say that Susan had us so prepared that every bit of hard work and every bit of early rising to work out these past few months was totally worth it because of the enjoyment I got from participating yesterday. I just can't say enough about TNT and how great they are to work with and train with.

I have some sore quads today but other than that I feel fantastic. I feel awesome about achieving this goal and I feel inspired by TNT to continue to support their efforts to fight cancer in conjunction with the LLS. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me, cheering for me and supporting me with generous donations. I can't say enough how incredible this journey has been for me. I am not sure whats next with this web address, but I am contemplating a Kennedy blog - how fun would that be? Courtney, maybe Billie, my sister Melissa, my sister Catina and I have all decided to train for a half marathon in December so that is what is next on my "to do" training list.
To Janine: Girl, this has been an amazing journey. It has been difficult (to say the least), but we have had so much fun too. I am so happy that we decided to do this together and that we decided to do it with TNT and for the LLS. I am going to miss our Tue/Thur/Sun swims and our bike/run workouts, but most of all - come the end of October - I am going to miss you! We couldn't have picked a more appropriate time to do this and I am glad to know that even through living together, training together and having our own individual crazy/hectic lives we have stayed connected as best friends the whole way. I love you and am so proud of our accomplishment. Let's do it again soon, okay?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My last training swim

Tonight was my last training swim - woohoo! I can't believe when I started this deal I couldn't even swim and now I can do 2400 meter workouts. That is insane! Mostly, it is a testament to what a good coach Susan Bradley-Cox is. She has been awesome to have as an instructor and I would still be doggie paddling if it weren't for her support, instruction and dedication to TNT participants like myself.

It was a bittersweet feeling knowing tonight was my last swim. I wouldn't exactly say I am fond of swimming but it is has been nice to learn a new discipline. It is good to know that I now have a cross training sport that can be utilized no matter the season. I have been worried (and still am) about the tri being over and how I am going to maintain swimming shape in the event that I want to do more. Susan has jokingly said this whole time - "you'll join masters and keep swimming", but I haven't really been sold on that. I am now. I just don't want to have to re-learn swimming technique and I more so don't want to lose/lesson my level of swim endurance. So...looks like this will continue to be something I do......even if only once a week.

I can't believe that the tri is only three days away! ARGHHH! Scary! I know I am ready but that doesn't calm the nerves. Stay tuned for more info......

Me and Janine with our coach Susan

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Behold the TNT Tri-Suit


So...here's the suit in all it's glory...... What do ya think? I bet you were thinking I would post pictures of myself in the suit, huh? Well...as gorgeous as this saran wrappish suit looks on me, I figured I would leave some suspense until the actual event for all of you who will be coming to watch. Ha! Actually, training was so hectic today we just failed take a picture but I figured this would suffice becuase I don't know that I will have it back on before the race on Sunday. Exactly a week away from today I will be participating in my event - it just seems surreal. If any of you do plan on attending the event - look for these suits and yell as loudly as possible when they fly by ya. I hope to see lots of you there. Crowd support is huge and it would mean the world to me and everyone else out there to have as much crowd support as possible.
We begin our tapering schedule this week so it should be a relatively easy week and I am looking forward to resting my body. =)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saran Wrap

Today was a big day for all of us trainees. We put in the work, raised the funds and tonight we got our TNT tri-suits and singlets. For me, this is a really proud moment. There is something about anything TNT that just carries this awesome stigma. For those of you who come to the event....you will see it: fellow participants and even crowd support LOVE TNT! People will be calling us by name, people will be thanking us for raising the funds that we have raised and people will be cheering us on the entire way - I cannot wait to feel all that support and its only ONE WEEK AWAY - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know we are ready, but I am still nervous/anxious about the whole thing. I just can't believe its almost here but tonight made it feel really official - I am so proud to be wearing green and purple and I am even prouder to be a part of something so incredible. Thanks to all of you who have helped me get here - it means the world to me. A little comic relief in my title for tonights post. Although I am pumped about our uniforms...they are a little "snugglelicious" to use a phrase from my sister Melissa. Susan says they need to be tight in order to work well during the swim and not slow us down. No worries my friends - tight they are, let me just tell you! We will be doing a brick this weekend in our tri-suits so I will take a picture for you.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lexington Zaxby's Fundraiser Photos

Our information table and TNT mascot (Kennedy)
Two of our mentors (Ruth - long hair, Treacy - jacket) and one of our training team mates Jennifer (she already completed her event in Washington DC - The Nations Triathlon)
Billie Motsch, Jonathan & Abby Burns
Some (not all) of Janine's Class mates

Thanks so much for all your support - thanks to all of you Janine and I have both met our fundraising goals.

The weekend is over already?

Although I enjoy having weekend plans, I hate that it inevitably makes your weekend fly by. I can't believe it's already Sunday but I also can't believe all we have crammed into the weekend either.

Yesterday morning Janine and I did the 5 K which benefited her Physical Therapy class and we took the number one and number two spot in our age division (25-29)! Can you believe that? Neither can we but we are so pumped. I think my time was 24:55 and hers was 25:13. Go us!

Here is a picture taken right after we found out we placed and got our free water bottles.

Once the race was over I ran home to shower and then we took Kennedy to the Kentucky Equine Humane Center because they were having an open house (so cool), had my car washed by the East Jessamine High Cheerleaders (can't beat $5), went to Walmart, came home and watched a movie and crashed.

I was up bright and early with Kennedy and we made blueberry pancakes...so fun! At 10 AM I was at the pool doing my Sunday swim. Janine and I had lunch and then met the others for a bike ride. We rode the Tri For Sight course and it was a tough ride. I think our quads were feeling the heat of pushing it a little bit yesterday and then biking on top of swimming wore us both out!

Now you know why I say the weekend is over already? More training is on dock for this weekend and we have a special tire changing clinic before our swim on Tuesday so I am sure to blog later this week.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I miss my training

Well...it's Friday: yay! The end of another work week always feels good. Tim came home last night rather than late tonight so that was a nice surprise. I have really missed being able to train as usual this week. Although the time with Kennedy each night was wonderful, I just love getting in a good daily workout and without Tim here I haven't been able to do that. So..I am glad I can get back to normal now that he is home.

Janine and I had our second and last Zaxby's fundraiser on Wednesday and there was a pretty good turnout. All of Janine's class mates really came to bat for her and all showed up even after a long day of hard classes. We really appreciated their support! Kennedy came with me and was such a trooper - we were an hour past her bedtime by the time we left and she was such a good girl despite being exhausted. The manager told Janine when the fundraiser was over that we had made almost $150 so thats pretty good. Thanks to everyone who came to show their support - we will post pictures this weekend on both of our blogs.

Tomorrow is the 5K run to benefit the Physical Therapy Department (Janine's Class). I am really looking forward to it. I haven't decided yet, but I am considering having this be the 1st race Kennedy and I do together (if they allow jog strollers). I am sure to post pics tomorrow.

Until then...

Monday, September 15, 2008

My little swimmer....

Not much has happened since my last posting, which is why I haven't posted until now. Last week was pretty usual - swim on Tuesday and Thursday at the aquatic center on campus and then again on Sunday. Saturday, however, my daughter Kennedy had her first swim lesson (a birthday gift from Grandaddy and Kathy). It was so much fun and so precious! I just have to post pictures of my little swimmer! I am just happy to know that if I can keep her in the water, I will spare her the humiliation of learning to swim as an adult (like I did). Thankfully, I have the best babysitter in the universe and she came to the lesson to take pictures for me. Her favorite part was jumping off of the wall and into the water (it was more like falling that jumping but she doesn't need to know that).

I am already looking forward to our lesson next Saturday. Hopefully Daddy can swim with her then and I can take pictures.

As for a training update for this week - Janine and I plan to do a brick this evening but then I am parked all week because my hubby is out of town and my sitter is all booked up. A body needs rest every now and then, right? Thats what I am telling myself! I will be up for a run Saturday and then our swim/bike on Sunday for sure.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My First Triathlon

Today, Janine and I participated in the Bowling Green Sprint Triathlon in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Susan encouraged us to participate in one event prior to the one we have been training and fundraising for. So....today was the day to do that. We drove up last night and got up bright and early this morning to get there and get going. There is much more to this type of an event that what I am used to. For runs you just have to calculate time for digestion really and time for driving to get to your event location. This type of an event requires much more planning: time to eat, time to get water bottles ready, time to air up bike tires, time to travel to your location, time to get your ankle bracelet (with timing microchip attached), time to get body-marked (with Sharpie marker I might add), time to set up your transition area and rack your bike, and in this particular event: time for a pre-race meeting. So...Janine, Tim, and I were up at 5:45 this AM! I am glad for the strict agenda in that it seemed to distract me a little from my case of unrelenting nerves. I was so super nervous/anxious.

Once the pre-race meeting was over we lined up in numbered order for the swim. Janine was about 15 people ahead of me (it was based on your estimated swim time). The swim was a snake swim in a 50 meter pool, and swimmers were released every 5 seconds. Chaos cannot begin to describe what occurs in a triathlon swim (now I know, whereas before I had only heard). First of all, people WAY UNDER-ESTIMATED their swim times. There was some guy in the first 20 racers who was swimming with his head totally out of the water and was walking by like lane 4: what is that all about? There were several folks who had not been trained or possibly refused to cross under lane lines how we were told to and so they would stand up at the end of the lane line and then bob underneath and never push off a wall or anything. The problem with crossing under like that is that it created major clusters at the end of each lane and slowed people up - it was a mess really. The other issue in the pool is that you get kicked, slapped, pushed and you name it - it's brutal really. All I could think while I was in the pool was - wrap it up and get out girl. So...at one point I heard my Dad say "two laps left Lindsy...go!" "Sweet", I thought "I can do this". I was never happier than to get out and jog to that transition course. My swim time was right around what I expected but it never really felt good or relaxed and I hope that at Tri For Sight in October I can say differently afterwards.

The transition area was no where near as hard as I anticipated. Once you get in there you are on such an adrenaline rush you just move like a robot and do what you need to do and get out. So...no complaints or worries there: yay!

The bike was great - beautiful scenery...felt good....Janine and I stayed relatively close: not much to add to that. There was a massive hill we had to climb that took all the breathing skills I had in my bag plus some major sweet talking to my quadriceps if you will. I was happy once that climb was over because we were told that was the worst part. The only complaint I have about the bike is that it is so hard to keep three bike lengths between you and the person in front of you. If you don't keep that distance you can get time-docked as a way of penalizing you for breaking that rule. From then on it was pretty simple. Towards the end of the bike I ate some Shot Blocks to give me some energy on the run and then back to the transition area we went to get ready to run.

When we started the run I felt like I had gumby legs but probably 1/2 mile into it we started to develop a rhythm and pace. The run was pretty uneventful too besides being hot because the sun was coming up. I felt like I needed a little kick towards the end to help me finish strong so I ate some sport beans and had H20 at the last water stop and then kicked it into the highest gear I had left available. Janine and I wanted to finish together and we did. It was so fun and so exhilarating. I CANNOT believe I did a tri - finally. This goal has been one of mine for as long as I can remember and I can finally say I have accomplished it. I feel really ready for our event now and I am so thankful to Susan for getting us so well prepared.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Our Transition Areas

All those who know our coach Susan get to proudly sport the calf smiley

Janine getting ready for her pool entrance - check out all the guys she has to swim around!

Here I am getting ready for my pool entrance - green and blue suit.

Transitioning from swim to bike

And, we're off!

Transitioning from bike to run

Off again!
And this, my friends is what it is all about - crossing the finish line with your best buddy and accomplishing a goal you have had for a LONG time! It doesn't get any better!

Ahhh....we did it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Wednesday was the night of mine and Janine's fundraiser at Zaxby's. We had gotten the word out as best as we could and it was time to see if people would come. It wasn't a huge turnout but plenty of our friends showed up and we really appreciated it. Thank you to all of those who joined us in the restaraunt or via drive-through. Your support means alot! The manager was really nice and said once she figured out the profit from this evenings sales between 6-9 she would send us a check for 10% of that amount. We can't wait to see how we did. Here are some pictures from the event.

The Banks and Wiley Clan, including the cutest member: Matthew

The Best Babysitter in the world: Chelsea Rearick and her friend Ashley

Eric and Beth Bentley

The McCaws..Will, John, Laura, and Lily

Our Information Table

We hung some signage outside and I was able to convince these two to let me take their picture - who could have been cuter? John Tyler and Lily Elizabeth

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What day is it again?

You know you have officially gone over the edge into "Mommy-hood" when you can't even recall what day it is. Having off work yesterday totally has me off kilter and I kept thinking it was Monday all day today. Craziness!

To report on my swim Sunday as promised - it was a doozie. I was nervous about the workout and I should have been because it was killer. I am proud to say I only cut 400 meters out of the 2300 meter workout. I felt great about finishing the majority of it. What I didn't feel so great about was the fact that a dead mouse was pulled out of my neighboring lane about 1/2 way through my swim - YUCK! Supposedly it happens all the time - chalk it up on the list of things I wish I never knew.

Monday I took a much needed break from training and Tim and I did a ton of stuff around the house to prepare for our little ladybugs first birthday party this coming Saturday. I can't believe she is almost one.

Tonight we were back at the UK Lancaster Aquatic Center...affectionately referred to as "my sanctuary". They made some much needed improvements to the center since we were last there and the pool was so super clean. No chlorine smell leftover tonight: yay! The workout she had planned for us was actually more planned for her masters swimmers and so Janine and I did what we could and had a good swim. It is hard to be back at short course (25 m) versus the 50 m length we have been swimming outdoors. The silver lining to swimming that 25 m course is that they won't be pulling any dead mice out of our lanes! ha! We practiced crossing under the lane lines like we will be asked to do at our upcoming events. I think I am starting to get the hang of that but we'll see when I actually do it during our practice tri this weekend in Bowling Green.

Tomorrow night is mine and Janine's fundraiser at Zaxby's. If you are in the area, please eat at Zaxby's between 6-9 PM because 10% of all earnings will be donated directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We hope to see you there.

Until next time.....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stumbling upon something really cool

Have you ever stumbled upon something non-intentionally and then later thought: "thank goodness that happened"? Well, that is what has happened to me. It all started last weekend when I ran the Bryce Riley Memorial 5K. I noticed a couple of runners that had on singlets that read "Todds Road Stumblers". Thats funny, I thought to myself. You see - Todds Road is a road in Lexington and after reading their singlets, I just assumed that some people on this road had started running together and decided to make their own shirts (which amused me a little bit). I mean, heck - maybe Courtney and I should make shirts that say Ridgeview Rockstars or something like that.

Long story longer, my mentor Treacy explained to me that the Todds Road Stumblers were WAY more than just some folks who run together. The Todds Road Stumblers is a group of people who have stemmed from a tradition of Saturday runners that began this group a long time ago. To fully grasp this group, check out their website at http://www.toddsroadstumblers.com/

Basically they are a running group formed by people who want to run on Saturday mornings and who will run one of the following distances: 6, 9, 12, 15 miles or more. The place where they meet is in the middle of nowhere and tradition is that there are no dues but you must sign up for donut duty once a year. On your first visit to run with the stumblers you are rewarded with a t-shirt and your photo placed on their website. Having said that - the head honcho was not there today and therefore I am todds road stumbler t-shirt-less and my photo will not appear on their website. Not this week anyways. I am definitely going back! There are maps inside the shack (if you will) and there are detailed breakdowns of how much each "member" has run from their first ever Saturday joining the stumblers until now. Several people have joined the "500 mile club". I have to admit - my mouth was watering a bit upon the prospect of me one day possibly joining the esteemed 500 mile club members. Do I smell a challenge/goal?

I arrived this morning about 6:30. I was a little too early, but having not been before - I did not want to be late. When I arrived there was a heavy fog and no lights anywhere around. Slowly but surely people starting coming in droves. They were getting out of their cars, strapping on their fuel belts, stretching, greeting friends and new fellow runners, etc. Ahhhh, what a beautiful thing - to be up before the sun and most everyone else and hit the pavement in rythym with others who share your passion. I love to run and this morning just further confirmed that feeling. Treacy and I ran 6 miles and saw some beautiful farms as well as an amazing sunrise. After we finished our run, I signed myself up on the little mile tracking grid and hash marked my 6 marks for the 6 miles I ran today. I will fill in that block with the remaining four hash marks it needs and hopefully will fill many more blocks in the future.

In closing - I am so glad I stumbled upon the stumblers. What an amazing group of people and what a cool tradition. I am glad to be a part of it.
The place the stumblers call their home
The 6 mile loop map
One of the first 500 mile club logs
Look how many more have had to be added
A close-up of a filled out log page. Look at all those people and all their miles!
And there I am at the bottom of the list.....cool, huh?
Treacy and I looking mighty fine after our run: ha!

Next up: swimming tomorrow and the work-out looks so incredibly intense. I am sure to have a good blog posting afterwards.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Go Girls!

Let me start by saying it was a heck of a weekend. After our run on Saturday we went to a sale in Lexington at a little chic boutique and got some neat little finds and then Josh, Janine, Tim, and I went to a PARTY to celebrate Elizabeth Banks (a veterinarian who works with me) 30th birthday. We had so much fun - shaking our groove things and proving that girls just wanna have fun. Here is a pic for your viewing pleasure. Yesterday our training practice was cancelled so we decided we would go out on our own. Ambitious, right? It went splendidly. We had some sore muscles but felt great about going it on our own. We biked about 13 miles and ran 3. It was a good time with a good friend with good conversation. Every little step we take we feel more and more ready.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A good day for a run

Today was the Bryce Riley Memorial Run out at RJ Corman and it went well. Billie, Janine and I all had good runs. Janine ran her personal best time! Go Janine. They had an excellent turn out and the weather was good. All in all - it was just a good day for a run with good friends and on top of that - a GREAT cause. I got to see Norm - an old running buddy of mine and that was nice because I haven't seen him in forever.

Thursday at swim we had our 800 meter swim timed. I was a little nervous because frankly - I wasn't sure if I could swim 800 straight or not but I did it. I was so happy when that swim was over I could have kissed my whole tnt team and then thrown the swim coach in the pool after hugging all the air out of her. Good think I didn't do any of that - but I could have. So - I can swim 800 which means I am ready for that portion of the event. It is an amazing feeling. Can you believe when I started this whole thing I couldn't even swim 50 meters?!? I have come a LONG way folks.

I am not sure what tomorrow holds for us TNT'ers but hopefully some training of some sort. I am getting really excited about my event.

I finalized the Zaxby's invites for Janine and my fundraiser so I will probably print those out this week and that is right around the corner.

Nothing much else to blog about. Until next time....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's it all about?

So...this whole training in a group thing can be pretty intimidating. As much as I prefer partner/buddy working out to solo working out, I have begun to realize that the intensity of that can become non-productive (if you let it). I spent today trying to get back to the basics of why I began this journey:
1. because I have had a personal goal to complete a tri since college
2. to re-claim my pre-baby fitness/health level
3. I have ALWAYS wanted to join forces with TNT in some capacity whether running, cycling or doing a tri
4. I LOVE to work out - hard work outs, easy work outs, it doesn't matter the type or style - I LOVE EXERCISE.

So...having re-grouped and reminded myself of these things I am feeling more positive and a little rejuvenated. In addition to my own thoughts, I read some interesting things that came directly from Beth Atnip (the race director for my event in October) too and I have found them to be very profound. They are as follows:

  • Focus on yourself, not others around you: You are competing in this event for yourself! If you start to worry about winning, or beating others in your age group, you will start to lose focus on what you are trying to accomplish. There is always going to be someone who is faster, stronger or more experienced. It is not worth your time worrying about others around you. You should have fun and enjoy the experience of triathlons.
  • Know your personal limits: You have to be careful to stick to your training plan, and not get caught up with what your buddy is doing. For example, if you are only used to running three days a week, you would not want to jump right into running five days a week. You are the best judge of how your body feels and how hard you can push yourself. Especially during the really hot days, you should use extreme caution and make sure you stay hydrated and workout more in the mornings and evenings to avoid the heat of the day.
  • Relax and have a good time: We are in this sport to have fun, so make sure you enjoy your race! You have done the training, and have put in the time, so now is the fun part of competing! Your family and friends will be there to support you, and there will be plenty of volunteers to answer any of your questions. Try to stay as relaxed as possible before the race by giving yourself extra time race morning to get everything set up in transition.

Back to reality - this is going to be fun. I am going to be ready when October 5th gets here. Whether fast or slow - I will finish and I will be able to say "I reached my goal and completed a triathlon". I have had an incredible coach and training will all be building blocks on a base now. I can see the finish line and I am headed towards it! It is time for me to be my own cheerleader. Go Lindsy!

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got...

I'm just, I'm just Jenny from the block. Ha! This blog posting was inspired by my sister Melissa. Turns out J Lo is doing a triathlon and my sister was kind enough to send me the link about it as inspirational material. I can't exactly say that I want to be compared to a woman who has Gunner Peterson as her right hand man in her training process but I can say that we are in the whole post-baby phase/training thing together (although mine is almost a year and hers are like a week old - little sarcasm there). Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Our team did a brick last night out at Coldstream. We did the longest intervals we have done yet and it felt great during but afterwards my legs were a little unhappy with me. Nothing sleep, ibuprofen and biofreeze couldn't fix because I was back up and running this AM. Yay! We ran about 3 miles and biked somewhere around 12 miles (not exact, I'm sure). The weather was nice and it felt good to be back on the bike after a little break for me. Janine is back from her two week break and you would have never known she missed a beat - she kept right up with the rest of us and she even started 2 laps down - rockstar!

We swam on Sunday and did a 400 meter straight so we are half way there. This week we will be timed on our 400 meter swim so that we have estimated swim times for our event in October. Swimmers will be released in timed heats so our 400 time will determine what heat we will be released in. Luckily I don't have high expectations - I know I will be in the SLOW heat - at least I will finsih, right? Janine and I are both a little nervous about being timed but at least we know we can swim it without stopping - we have come a long way.

Until next time....

Friday, August 15, 2008


So...this has been a ho hum week. Do you ever have those? It's just kind of been one of those weeks where you go through the motions and before you know it, it's Friday. Well, that has been my week. I swam on Tuesday night with the team but other than that I have had no group training and I am SOOOOO beyond ready for Janine to be back. I am not sure what is in store for our team this weekend because I haven't heard from the mentors yet (I know...its 4 on Friday, right?) but even if I don't I will be swimming, biking and running at some point.

I got a really cool video from Scott (LLS team coordinator) that was inspirational for me. Although it is about an event called Light the Night and not about TNT so much, it is still cool to hear about another event raising money for LLS just like my event. If you have 10 minutes - check it out!


Lastly, if you are in Lexington or a surrounding area- I want to encourage you to check out an event in Nicholasville on August 23rd. This is an opportunity to help those in our backyards who are struggling with cancer. This little boy's story (Bryce - the one who this event is in memory of) is one that is sure to bring tears to your eyes but what an amazing chance for us to help others like him. I hope you will join me in walking/running in memory of him and for all those who need our help now!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Treacy!

Today is Treacy's Birthday and I got all domestic and made cupcakes for the team to celebrate her birthday. When I got ready to pack them up I thought I would call Susan to see what the pool regulations were on food prior to departing for our lesson tonight. She wasn't sure of the regulations in regards to food but she was certain of something else - Treacy wasn't coming tonight! What?!? So..homemade butter cream and all - oh well, my co-workers will be happy tomorrow. Happy Birthday Treacy. It's the thought that counts, right?

Swim was good tonight. We learned how to do open turns at the end of the lane to prepare us for ducking under lane-lines come time for our event. I was telling Ruth that its funny that the things you hope you will quit hearing as you get better - you keep hearing no matter what. If I hear "keep your head down....turn when you breath......keep your mouth open while your head is under water....." one more time I swear I will scream. Ugh! Tonight I heard I new one I fear I will be hearing a lot "slow down your kick - you are running under water, you are just supposed to soft-kick and keep yourself afloat - it's not for speed". Blah! Always so much work to do, but I am getting better every practice - really. If the event was tomorrow - I could do it. It may be not fast but I could do it and that is a BIG DEAL! So....now I just have to keep a clear mind while swimming and try to remember the 15 things Susan keeps on saying to me - keep your fingers crossed for me! Ha!

I have a HUGE positive thing to tell you all about: I have hit my fundraising goal! Can you believe it? I am so thoroughly pumped. Thanks for all your support. I am just pumped to be giving all this money to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Visit my website to see my running tally: http://pages.teamintraining.org/ky/CoxTri08/ltaylormus

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Boo hoo....sniff...sniff

As most of you know, Janine is gone for two weeks. She left on Wednesday and will not return until a week from next Saturday. Agh! That is a long time, right? I keep thinking I miss her at training sessions and then I think "oh well, I'll just call her" but then I remember - I can't. I say I can't because she is not only gone - she is in Jamaica. I miss you Neenie! Come home soon. This is only a preview of what our lives are going to be like once she moves to West Ky for good - OMG I don't even want to think about it. Thankfully once that move happens I can still call her - unlike now.

Anyhow - I ran yesterday in downtown Lexington just to change up the scenery a little bit. Billie was gracious enough to meet me to run and we did about 6 miles give or take. It was flippin' HOT AS HECK! To say we were soaked after our run is an understatement. We had to walk a couple of times but no big deal - it was hot and it was later in the day so walking is totally expectable. Thanks for being my buddy Billie - you are the best.

Today I swam and I did not want to go at all. Who wants to leave the cutest baby ever to go swim? I am a little partial I know but she is pretty precious. I might just throw in a video for your viewing pleasure. Ruth met me there and Susan sent us a workout to do via email. I am totally worn out after that swim. It felt good though - we had to circle in a lane with three others but I got it done. Each swim feels better.

Tomorrow is an off morning for me - YAY. We will most likely workout tomorrow evening at Coldstream for another brick.

This is my baby - she is learning how to shake her groove thing.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our first team swim at Tates Creek Pool

So....as the title indicates, tonight was our first time swimming as a team at Tates Creek Pool. For those of you who have been following my blog throughout this experience, this is the pool where I had a very bad swim with Janine early on in our training. It was after that particular swim that I decided it was Lancaster Aquatic Center swimming or no swimming at all. Well, now we don't have that luxury because the UK pool is closed (can't remember if I already mentioned that or not).

I am happy to say that tonight's experience at Tates Creek was much better than the first. There were a lot less people and they had more lane lines open for swimmers. Practice consisted of drills and freestyle swimming with different amounts of rest between each set. We did have about 6 people in our one lane though which made it a little crowded. I hit the swimmer in front of me on more than one occasion and so the coach and mentors were yelling "pass him/her". Well...to say that passing heightens my anxiety a bit is a MAJOR understatement. After multiple times of passing I finally kind of got the hang of it but wouldn't consider myself prepared for passing in the future. Susan had more time to provide individual attention and pointers so that was really nice. I feel like I learned some real fundamental things that I was not doing correctly so that is an awesome thing.

After we were done swimming I was chit-chatting with Susan and I learned something about her that SHOCKED me! Susan - our hard core, super buff, super triathlete coach wasn't always a swimmer/biker/runner. Do you want to know what she spent most of her time doing as a youngster through college? CHEERING - yes, I didn't stutter - I said CHEERING. WHAT!?!?!?!? I am totally shocked and surprised by that. I just assumed she had always been doing this. It was a great story how it all started. She has been swimming most of her life but not really competitively - more for practical purposes of knowing HOW to swim rather than swim any distance or speed. Once she finished Cheering for UK and got married she took up playing tennis with her husband. Her husband encouraged her to run because his advice was that it would help her be a better tennis player. So - run she did and through running she met John of the local run shop - John's run/walk shop. Once John learned that she could swim and run he encouraged her to try a triathlon. She said she thought he was crazy because she didn't own that kind of bike. He helped her get a bike and she registered for her first event in which she ended up winning the women's division. She said from that point forward she was hooked and now look at her? AMAZING! I just figured she'd been doing this for forever. She now spends time coaching the UK masters swim team, coaching TNT participants and she even has her own event named after her. She went from not having a bike to now riding a bike that was custom made for her and even has her name written on it. ha! I just can't get over it. It was nice talking to her though. I feel like I know her better now and its just cool.

Anyhow - I am beat but happy that the swim went so well. I have officially swam 400 meters without stopping. That is 1/2 way there. Yay!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's been a while

Well...I am blogging after a couple of off days (off from blogging that is...not training). It has been insane for the last several days. Sunday we swam at UK during a mile swim some others were participating in. Obviously we didn't swim a mile - the thought actually amuses me a little. Anyhow - we have finally graduated from drills only to the actual workout that the masters swimmers do. Janine and I were feeling a little ambitious so we thought we would attempt the entire workout rather than half like we have been doing. Well....we didn't finish but we did get a great workout and I have posted some pics for you below.

This is me during my dreaded pull buoy lap.

Still smiling close to the end of our workout.

This is the only team mate that joined us on Sunday - GinaThis is what our work-outs look like. We stick them on the side of the pool at the end of the lane and do as much as we can before time runs out. If it goes into the drain - watch out because it does not make Sargent Susan happy!

Remember me writing about the difficulty of pull buoys? Well - just to give you a little more perspective I am posting a video of an experienced swimmer doing a pull buoy lap and then a video of Janine doing one. I promise I wouldn't throw Janine under the bus but the video of me doing it didn't turn out right. Janine looks pretty good anyhow...me on the other hand...whatever!



Last night was another brick at Coldstream and we just increased biking by a lap and running by two minutes over last weeks workout. Tonight the UK pool is officially closed for draining and cleaning so we are on our own at the public pools until it re-opens. Janine and I plan to swim on our own tomorrow afternoon - should be interesting because its long course and outside - two things we aren't used to.