Wednesday, September 30, 2015

iphone pictures November 2014

Hence the reason I need a more appropriate filing system. I've just stumbled upon all of these iphone pictures in my February 2015 "dump" that include pictures from November 2014 up until February 2015. {sigh} There's no great way to add them in so I'm just going to regurge them in a quazi-chronological fashion for memory sake. Bare with me. 
 Lots of snuggly baby pictures headed your way :)
 I love a touchdown sleeping pose. Avery is a pro at this pose even at 3 years of age :)
 Cousins! I think this was our applesauce making day but I'm not entirely certain. 
 A visit from Grandaddy

 I love the way he plays with his trains. 

 Again with the invasion of the baby apparatus's. 
 Talk about the fire being delightful! 
 Again with the touch down pose. The best. 

 I mean, #4 is kind of a big deal. Am I right? 
 Sweet dreams.
 This is K's buddy. She's an only. She would rock at this if ever the time comes :).

 These. These were amazing. Dare I say life-changing in my doughnut universe. The ones with the crumbles on top were pistachio and bacon and although that sounds weird I assure you that they were not...they were delicious. These are from a local doughnut place called Your Mom's Doughnuts. They are a farm to table doughnut shop. They use all local ingredients...even right down to their lard and their coffee and cream. The taste shows it because they are amazing! 
 The kids agree with me. 

 Poor thing. He has big sisters. 
 A night out to the movies. This movie was so cute. 
 Rolling 4 deep. Ha ha. 
 He does own his own dress up collection but he never sees it modeled so he doesn't typically goes for these options. 

 Sibling sweetness. 

 I mean, I'm pretty sure he transports himself to the island of sodor. It's adorable. 
That wasn't too bad, right? We are caught up on our November 14 iphone pics! All the people said amen and hallelujah! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some firsts and some Turkey

At around 4 weeks of age, Micah took his first bottle. I'm all about nursing, but I'm also all about a break when needed and Greyson didn't really take a bottle so I wanted to be sure that Micah could and would if need be. He took it like a champ on round one but a good bit came back to visit us sadly. We remedied that with a different bottle and that's the one he still uses now.  
 Avery has been funny with Micah. She likes to watch Kennedy with him and she loves him, but she hasn't really had a great desire to help or to "pretend Mommy" in any way. I have very few pictures of her holding him because she doesn't really seem all that interested truthfully. This is one of the few I have of the two of them and this precious moment didn't last for very long. I mostly think that her lack of interest in holding him or feeding him is due to her immense interest  in being in perpetual motion. Just a sneaking suspicion of course. 

 Nana came to visit after my Dad left and she stayed for a while. I squeezed every errand and appointment into that visit as possible. Doing things with 4 (even now) is WAY harder than I anticipated it being so I take full advantage of my freedom when I have it. It seems odd to talk about her visiting because I'll never have to say that again now that they live here...15 minutes away. Oh my's still so surreal and such a blessing. Thank you Jesus!
 She brought a special and timely book for Kennedy since Christmas was right around the corner. 
 This little man gave me the gift of an early smile. The books will say at 1.5-3 months babies will have their first smile that isn't reflexive. Well, hogwash...this boy was gifting me with sweet smiles in response to my voice at just shy of one month and let me tell you I didn't take even one for granted. Those moments make all the sleepless nights and spit up and dirty diapers seem like distant memories. 
 A smile and a wink...what can I say...he's advanced ;)

 I have said on multiple occasions that this child won't know the definition of over-stimulation because at any given moment from the time he arrived until now, it can look like this wherever he is.  
 When Kennedy's friends are around he gets extra attention because this is the prime time when I feel like kids are SUPER maternal and want to hold him and feed him and love him. It's so precious. Kennedy is quick to tell people how things are done and to point out that she is his favorite which is absolutely true and I hope it's that way forever. 
 Kennedy is such a good sister, she is so mature and so caring and so responsible...I honestly cannot imagine having raised Micah without her...that's how big of a role she has played. It's amazing to see it all play out's indescribable. She's going to be such an incredible mother one day. Intermixed with her moments of maturity and studiousness are still sweet moments of childlike play and imagination (independently and with her siblings). Exhibit A: 
 I cannot remember specifically what was happening here but it seems as though the ballerina Barbie was teaching "Grey cloud" something. I love it when my kids create stuff like this. I mean, my brain doesn't really work this way anymore. Sure, I can craft and bake but to set up elaborate scenes with toys and stuff - that would take WAY more effort these days. 
 In gearing up for Thanksgiving, the 1st grade put on a Wampanoag Feast at Kennedy's school. They do a unit on the Wampanoag people and learn all about them and then celebrate with a feast and parents are welcome to join them. For those of you wondering what Wampanoag's are: 

The Wampanoag are one of many Nations of people all over North America who were here long before any Europeans arrived, and have survived until today. Many people use the word “Indian” to describe us, but we prefer to be called Native People.
 Here she is with her two besties at school, in their self designed Wampanoag gear: 

 I don't get to go to a lot of her stuff at school because younger siblings are usually not included. I was thankful to have some help with the wee ones so I could attend this luncheon with her. 
 All of the children had Wampanoag names and hers was "little rabbit". 

 My Mom hosted Thanksgiving this year so Team Vaughan came to Charlotte and that morning we met up with my sister and her friend Lauren's family for the Charlotte Thanksgiving Day Parade. Other than it being bitter (and I do mean bitter) cold, it was a really good time. 

 This picture cracked me up when I was going back through these. Greyson is sticking his tongue out at his cousin and her friend! Stinker. 

 Bahaha. No's just funny.

 The boys' favorite part - the cops and the fire truck. 
 Our crew! We took up a whole corner. Rolling deep. Haha. 
 The parade was in uptown so we were in between lots of tall buildings and the breeze through those buildings was brutal. We ended up leaving before the parade ended because the kids were popsicle's and I was wearing a hangry baby.

 The kids got their cousin fix and had so much fun. 
 Sadly I have ZERO family pictures of the group at dinner or before dinner. I have the kids (after dinner) in their PJ's on Honey and Big Jim's bed. Here's the deal: I was dealing with a fussy baby who didn't want to eat or sleep while everyone else sat down for a warm Thanksgiving meal. I'm sure I sound as whiny as they come but that's a real thing...when you have a newborn, life goes on as normal around you while you work to sustain a little person's life and schedule..I mean, really. In the's hard and feels like a sacrifice and frankly a little lonely, but now it seems like a blip in the radar & these pictures remind me of how precious it was in the midst of being kind of isolated that night. 

 This just cracks me up...despite not getting family pictures or meal pictures - I got the dadgum dessert pictures. Priorities people. Ha! My sister made an amazing Carrot Cake and I made some kind of Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecake. Pretty sure I had the dessert sampler platter. I mean, c'mon...that's a tough decision. 

This year, my hands will be more free and I'll be sure to get lots more pictures. I'm thankful for the ones I did get last year - these babes have grown SO much since then. It's crazy that it's almost that time of year again.