Sunday, September 13, 2015


My Dad came to visit not long after having Micah, not only to meet  him but also to offer himself in any way he could to help me out. I was excited for him to meet Micah...after all, he carries his name so that's pretty special. 

Sometimes after you have a baby, you don't know what you need. Each time, for me - I've needed something different truthfully. After Kennedy, I wanted an extra set of hands because it all just seemed so incredibly overwhelming. I also distinctly remember feeling super lonely and knowing that Tim was going back to work just  made me so anxious...I wanted someone with me even if it was just to be. After Avery I remember really wanting to continue life as normal as possible not only for Kennedy but for Tim too...I really wanted meals to be a constant - so food from friends was SUCH a blessing and someone to play with Kennedy when I was nursing was big too. After Greyson, it was all about survival and all of the above were important and then after Micah I just distinctly remember needing our schedule to stay as close to normal as possible. People often ask me what it's like to have four kids and I feel like the BIGGEST difference is just logistics. I mean, normalcy, routine, preparation - they are all SO key with more kiddos or you'll lose your mind. I was totally ok with taking time to rest and recover, etc. but that is where help came in - I pretty much passed of the baby in an effort to keep the train moving if you know what I mean. Outside time is big for our family as well...we gotta get some energy out or our house will be at an octave that I simply cannot live with long term. Dad was really good about helping me get the kids out to play for a bit. It's funny, watching my parents with my kids. What they were good at when I was little is still what they are good at now with my kids. The things I remember loving about them as a child, my kids love about them now. Now, they're definitely more laid back now than they were then because they don't have work and all the logistics that I now have, but their inner child is still virtually the same. My Dad - he likes to play and he likes to create situations in which their little imaginations can soar or where they can experience things for the first time (enter us riding on our garage door as kids as he manually put it up and down while we hung on for dear life). When he came to visit, he brought the kids these little sling shot twirly things and they were big fun.
 He spent time patiently explaining to them how they worked and how to do it and even when the girls "pulled the trigger" entirely too soon, he showed them how to do it again and again until they got it. 

 And when they wanted to play hop scotch....
 He joined in...achy bad knees and all.....

 This girl...this is what she does...she beats to they rhythm of her own drum I tell ya. 
 Yes, he drove to NC from AL on this and the kids were all too eager to take a spin on it with Grandaddy. 
 I took pictures and smiled and tried to hide my need for a paper bag to breathe into. 
 I took many a ride on such a bike at her age and I've lived to tell the story, so.....
When Avery decided to be brave enough to try, I got a wee bit more nervous...she's such a peanut. I was like "hold on tight" and she did. 

 Sweet Greyson...he's our cautious child so he would only ride if Daddy went with him. Now I'll refrain from making an Ace and Gary joke because I'm super mature. Bahahahah. 

 This thrill seeker went for round 2. Look at that grin, would you? 
 Don't worry, between helping me and entertaining the kids and teaching my man to change the oil in our vehicles...he got in lots of this as well. 
~Michael and Micah~
Thanks for your time and Love Dad, we're thankful. 

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  1. Oh so sweet. Really, there is nothing like a granddaddy. (I may or may not be crying...) And I am cracking up at the pics on the motorcycle...and am with you on that I may or may not would have needed a paper bag to breathe into. Seriously.