Friday, May 21, 2010

Not to toot my horn or anything...

But seriously!?!?!? Is this the sweetest school picture ever or what? Mmmmmhmmmmm......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sadly, all good things must come to an end

Tim and I hosted a baby shower for our best friends Janine and Josh this past weekend. It was a lot of work to fully prepare (to our perfectionist standards of course) a fabulous shower, but it was well worth it. The shower was amazingly fun (coming from the non-mom-to-be guest of honor). Turns out, however, she thought it was pretty stellar too. I was sad when it was over and everyone left though - such the social butterfly am I!

The girls played a baby shower poem/pass the gift game and the boys did a mad lib birth story that was HILARIOUS! I got both ideas from this blog. It was a dessert food theme and monkey decor theme. The food was delicious. Thanks to Elizabeth, Abby and Courtney for their help in the cooking/food preparation area. Elizabeth loaned me her cricut a couple weeks ago and once turned loose with that thing I was a die cutting, baby shower decorating maniac. Seriously! Oh the possibilities with that little machine. I'm pretty sure that we need one - I'm conviced. Now....on to my husband: ha!

So...we ate, we drank, we were merry and Janine and Josh got lots of cute stuff for Keagan.

                     Janine reading the poem & the winner and last holder of the box....Courtney! 
The boys working diligently on their Mad Lib. Aren't Josh and Jonathan's shorts cute?
Josh reading Janine's MadLib birth story. I wish I could have captured the laughter on film because there was lots of it accompanying this read. So funny!
Time for opening presents!
I am proud to say Tim was the giver of Keagan's first camoflouge. Josh was pumped!
The whole gang. It was a super fun group.
Justin took some of the pictures and clearly he's quite the comedian. Ha!
It even got Josh in the mood to strike a pose. Oh Joshie - I'm just so proud of you. You come more out of your shell each and every year and I LOVE IT!
The boys being boys. Too bad it ended up raining and they didn't even get to get their corn hole on. Bummer!
The two preggers and myself. Aren't they both glowing?
Courtney and I had to take advantage of the opportunity to snap a picture when we weren't in our running gear. We clean up alright, huh?
Me and my hubby. I thought I would take this opporunity to give Timmy a shout out. He was such a huge help getting the house ready for the shower. I am so thankful he understands cooperates with my neurosis. I can be a bit nazi-like regarding events such as these and he just rolled with the punches. Love you baby! *Also - as shocking and ironic as this is: my incredibly quiet husband has decided to start a blog of his own. It's crazy even looking at that sentence I just typed. He felt convicted in a sermon series here recently about communication (which he - well, how shall I say: realy struggles with). In an effor to help him communicate he decided a journal/blog might be a good thing. So...if you wanna show him some luvre - hop on over to his blog and say Heeeeyyyyyy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's my favorite past time

My plan was/is to post about my weekend, however, in thinking about doing so I realized I forgot to post about something else that happened several weeks ago -  so I am going to start there:
The Lexington Half Marathon was on March 28th and for some reason (one of which I currently am unaware of) I forgot to post about it. Busyness of life I suppose - lame excuse but sadly true. Billie and I rode together and planned to run together too. Courtney and Brett ran in it as well but they went separate of us and we split up early on in the run. Billie and I managed to stay together the majority of the time which was nice - runs are always more fun with company. Sadly the race was poorly organized and that is never a good thing when  you have that many people in one place. more thing - it rained THE ENTIRE TIME. I am totally not kidding either - it poured - sideways rain kind of rain. It was also cold. I wish you could have seen Billie and I after we finished - our arms were numb from the shoulder down. It was crazy! We could barely get the keyless entry button pushed to get in the car and then when we tried to text friends to let them know we were done it took every fiber of our beings to push buttons. It was really rather comical to be honest with you. We thawed out during the hour and some change that we sat at a dead stand still in line to get out of the parking lot (enter the poorly organized part) and we were glad we both had yet another half marathon under our belts! Yay! We finished in 2 hours and 23 minutes which is totally satisfactory considering the conditions.
Billie, yours truly and Courtney
Courtney and Brett. This was Brett's first half marathon and he rocked it out. I gotta tell you though - as much as I am all for couples bonding and sharing this type of experience together, I am a little posessive of my running buddy. I mean - him training totally interefered with our normal runnig schedule. Call me high maintenance. I am totally kidding btw Courtney would run twice in one day just to share herself equally with the both of us and  Brett, we're so proud of you! I hope you keep up your running.

This past weekend Chelsea ran in her 2nd half marathon. Last year she and I ran in the Derby Half Marathon in Louisville and this past weekend she ran in the Indianapolis 500 half marathon. I am so proud of the fact that she started running so long ago and she has kept up with (I dare say) with more passion than ever! =) So of course I couldn't stand the thought of her running without me being there to scream and holler like crazy as she zoomed by. Tim and I cooked up a plan to go up and stay with his friend Mark and be at the race to surprise her. With her moms help I was able to talk to Amanda (the girl Chelsea was running the race with) ahead of time and coordinate meeting so I could ensure seeing her along the race route.

Mark was such a trooper. He planned out a route of attack. He woke up early and made us breakfast. He drove us around IN and he hollered and whooped right along with us for someone he didn't even know. That's love, huh? We had such an amazing time and leaving to come home was bittersweet. I just love, love love being with friends who you can laugh with, cry with and be totally open, honest and vulnerable with - there is nothing better!

Kennedy was a total trooper all weekend despite the following:
~she didn't nap well at school on Friday and so she fell asleep on the way home from school & we have a visual thanks to the Daddy cell:

~we woke her up from that little cat nap in order to load her in the car to get on the road to IN
~she was awake until 11 pm on Friday night until we arrived to Marks home and then put her back down for the evening
~we woke her up for the race the next day and packed her around in either the backpack or stroller in freezing cold windy weather (totally unexpected May weather) which I was a tad unprepared for
~she fell asleep in the stroller at the race and Tim woke her up to put her in the car to go to Marks and take a nap before we got back on the road
~we woke her up from her nap to put her in the car to drive back to Lexington
~we arrived home from IN around 10 pm on Saturday and put her down for the evening undoubtedly EXHAUSTED!

Despite all of the aforementioned events the child never cried, fussed or displayed ill behavior. Seriously? What a sweet baby. We did notice, however, that she didn't eat real well, was a tad feverish and had developed a bit of a cough. She seemed fine yesterday afternoon and this AM but apparently she wasn't because we got a call from the daycare today to come and get her because she was clingy and feverish. After a trip to the ole pediatrician we found out the poor child has bronchitis, an ear infection and a throat infection. So, although we won't be winning the parents of the year award for having her in the horrendous weather all weekend we have realized that we have a seriously cooperative and well mannered child - even when sick. We are blessed.
We forgot to get pictures of our fan paraphernalia so Chelsea took photos of it once she got home. If you'd like to contract me for my race poster services leave a comment in the comments section. Ha!