Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sadly, all good things must come to an end

Tim and I hosted a baby shower for our best friends Janine and Josh this past weekend. It was a lot of work to fully prepare (to our perfectionist standards of course) a fabulous shower, but it was well worth it. The shower was amazingly fun (coming from the non-mom-to-be guest of honor). Turns out, however, she thought it was pretty stellar too. I was sad when it was over and everyone left though - such the social butterfly am I!

The girls played a baby shower poem/pass the gift game and the boys did a mad lib birth story that was HILARIOUS! I got both ideas from this blog. It was a dessert food theme and monkey decor theme. The food was delicious. Thanks to Elizabeth, Abby and Courtney for their help in the cooking/food preparation area. Elizabeth loaned me her cricut a couple weeks ago and once turned loose with that thing I was a die cutting, baby shower decorating maniac. Seriously! Oh the possibilities with that little machine. I'm pretty sure that we need one - I'm conviced. Now....on to my husband: ha!

So...we ate, we drank, we were merry and Janine and Josh got lots of cute stuff for Keagan.

                     Janine reading the poem & the winner and last holder of the box....Courtney! 
The boys working diligently on their Mad Lib. Aren't Josh and Jonathan's shorts cute?
Josh reading Janine's MadLib birth story. I wish I could have captured the laughter on film because there was lots of it accompanying this read. So funny!
Time for opening presents!
I am proud to say Tim was the giver of Keagan's first camoflouge. Josh was pumped!
The whole gang. It was a super fun group.
Justin took some of the pictures and clearly he's quite the comedian. Ha!
It even got Josh in the mood to strike a pose. Oh Joshie - I'm just so proud of you. You come more out of your shell each and every year and I LOVE IT!
The boys being boys. Too bad it ended up raining and they didn't even get to get their corn hole on. Bummer!
The two preggers and myself. Aren't they both glowing?
Courtney and I had to take advantage of the opportunity to snap a picture when we weren't in our running gear. We clean up alright, huh?
Me and my hubby. I thought I would take this opporunity to give Timmy a shout out. He was such a huge help getting the house ready for the shower. I am so thankful he understands cooperates with my neurosis. I can be a bit nazi-like regarding events such as these and he just rolled with the punches. Love you baby! *Also - as shocking and ironic as this is: my incredibly quiet husband has decided to start a blog of his own. It's crazy even looking at that sentence I just typed. He felt convicted in a sermon series here recently about communication (which he - well, how shall I say: realy struggles with). In an effor to help him communicate he decided a journal/blog might be a good thing. So...if you wanna show him some luvre - hop on over to his blog and say Heeeeyyyyyy.


  1. Why am I crying reading your post? Oh, right... the hormones! Gotta love it. It was such a beautiful shower and you did such a good job! I'm going to need that picture of Josh and cute all huddled together.

    J told me about Tim's blog and I've been reading it and LOVE it! He's soo funny! I couldn't believe you hadn't said anything about it but I kept forgetting to ask you about it. There it goes again...pregnancy brain! GRR!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast and the expecting couple look like they got a good haul! Can't wait to be reading all about Abby's shower :-D
    Great job Lindsy!

  3. LOVE IT Lindsy!! It was truly a wonderful shower, I couldn't stop looking at all the special details that were put into made me feel incredibly special!! (Really cannot thank you enough!) I was just thinking today how it feels like forever since I've seen you...even though I just saw you. I guess the truth is, I MISS YOU and one weekend is never enough. I LOVE YOU!!

    ...hopping onto Tim's bloggy-blog!