Monday, March 23, 2015


I was just recently having a conversation with my sister in which I was saying that I thought I may take better pictures of her kids than I do my own. She, of course said she didn't agree but I think the jury may still be out. We did agree, however, that I do a good job capturing them in the moment. Moments of play, interaction or just plain doing what they do seem to intrigue me and delight me and I want to savor those moments for forever so I tend to get my camera out at such times. These pictures are from August and it makes me excited for summer. 

Times like these where without direction, Grey just wanted to be with Daddy and do what he does. 
 I mean, look at that sweet face looking up at his Daddy. So sweet. 

 Hot and sweaty but happy to have helped Daddy. 
 This girl loves all God's creatures. Furry, slimey, wriggly, jumpy...if it's alive - she's interested! 
 This little scene is just precious and typical. There's a lot of dress up goin' on in this house. I mean, like...A LOT! As in, most days Avery spends 99% of her day not in the clothes I picked out for her the night prior. makes her happy. It makes me happy too. These pictures make me smile. I mean, a board game in ball gowns with their Prince Charming. Yes, please! 

I love having a boy. He plays so much differently than the girls did. He does this almost daily. I'm not sure if it gives him a better angle or helps him envision the pretend scene more realistically or what but I adore it. He gets soooooo into his trains.  
 This picture just made me laugh because he caught me trying to catch him and Molly photo-bombed. 
 Although he plays differently than the girls, he's also done his fair share of observing them. Exhibit A:
 This was before Micah arrived so we were doing lots of "baby's coming soon" talking during our day. I'm not so sure he was ready to stop being the baby. 
 Grey has watched his big sisters so much and his closest playmate being Avery - he has begun to spend a great deal of his day in dress up attire too. I'm gonna keep it real even though Tim would likely rather I not. Grey does his fair share of wearing heels, purses and fairy wings. I mean, he's a product of his daily environment. What can I say? I don't get too wrapped around the axle about it but my husband is another story. So: for his birthday we asked for some more masculine dress up options. I wish I could say that he now always chooses those options and dresses up in them on the reg but that would be a lie. Homey still likes some sparkles and flair. It's a phase. He'll grow out of it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Here he is, shortly after getting his new duds trying them out with sister. 

 I feel confident in saying that if there was a true emergency these two fire men would be absolutely z-e-r-o help. They would be the cutest fireman/woman EVER though :)
Next up: another birthday. Kennedy's 7th! I will get caught up....eventually. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We just gotta do it

Our family (my sisters and I) - we kind of have an over doing it disease. Like, all four of us. We can't help ourselves. I don't know what it is and I can't explain it. It doesn't make us unhappy...a little crazy perhaps and sometimes more stressed than is likely healthy but we're just "doers" & "goers". I sometimes get the impression that friends don't understand it and husbands often give us grief over it but it's they way we've all always been and likely always will be. It makes me feel better to know that the world needs people like us because listen: if you want gals who get things done - hit up our family because we'll make stuff happen! I'm not tooting a horn, I'm just keepin' it real. We've got plenty of faults but being lazy? Nope - not here. Anyhow, this "disease" infects all areas of our lives. Even birthday parties. Remember though, that I said we aren't unhappy. All you people who are Pinterest-haters and poke endless amounts of fun of people who move their elf every night of December and have lots of matchy matchy bday parties - hear this: I ENJOY EVERY MINUTE AND SO DO MY SISTERS. SERIOUSLY! We have lives and we love our kids and we aren't trying to buy affection or do nothing but plan parties. We still cook dinner and spend time with our kids and keep the house clean while getting paper cuts from die cut party decor. So: when you hear us say we're not really doing anything big or going all out. It's bull crap. My sister Melissa was no exception to this when she said she was going to do something for Declan but try not to spend too much money or go "all out" for his 3rd birthday party. Pssshhhttt. His party was ridiculous. So creative, so fun, so cute and most importantly - he was king for the day. King of his Construction themed birthday party complete with an actual piece of equipment being pulled up in his driveway for all the kids to try. Crazy. Crazy awesome! See for yourself! 

 These shirts were almost the death of her but they turned out so cute and my kids wear them like crazy - they are so cute. Each kiddo has their own little custom construction wardrobe addition :). 

 Oh this kid - so stinking cute! 
 The highlight of the party!
 Melissa and Steve have a friend who owns a construction company and they "called in a favor". What an awesome favor they did! Declan was SOOOO stoked, can you tell? 
 The party guests' and their parents were all transfixed! 

 The birthday boy got the first shot at operating but all his guests were allowed a turn too. 

 Even some of the adults got in on the action. So funny!

 Such a fun birthday for a big boy. 3 years. Our kids are growing up. Waaahaaa. 
Moments like these I'm just grateful beyond words that we get the privilege of living near one another. I've been here for every birthday celebration this boy has had and I can't imagine it any other way. Thankful I don't have to.