Monday, November 23, 2009

This one's for you Chels

So, this past week at daycare we had what I will refer to as a "lovey incident". I will refrain from boring you with the details and just say that it was all slightly traumatic to my dear daughter. In an effort to cheer her up I brought out a lovey that is identical to the ones she is attached to now (except for color) that we have had "in storage" if you will. It was given to her by Chelsea last year for Christmas. At the time it was given to her she didn't really take to it like she did her others so I just put it in safe keeping for such a time as this. Let's just was perfect timing:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A new pic and a funny story...

Don't you just love my new blog picture? I kind of wanted to have a "training-themed" picture but I just don't have a good one and the one I had most previously just didn't do my sweet Kennedy justice. I figured - why not post a picture that is about my life since this blog is not only about training - but life too, right?

A very talented friend took that picture and many more that are just as amazing - I just LOVE them! Thanks Jes! =)

Speaking of the "life" part of this blog I seriously have daily blogable stories/moments just from spending my days with Kennedy. She is just at the age where she is developing and talking and the newness of it all is just funny some days - the ways she says things - I feel certain I can't do it justice by blogging, but I am going to try:
So....last week we were playing in our backyard on our playset and for whatever reason my child is afraid (like - deathly afraid) of cobwebs. Because she is so afraid of them playing usually comes after Mommy has cleaned all the cobwebs off of the playset but Tim and I both have diligently been working on toughening her up if you will. She will actually preceed us by saying "don't be scaywed Keddedy" translation = don't be scared Kennedy. It's too cute....I digress. So...for whatever reason last week she had a temporary stroke of bravery and we were playing and she never mentioned cobwebs or cleaning or anything. She was even brave enough to go under the playset in the little house part which is normally totally out of the question - too scawey. So she is under part of the playset and she says "Mommy...whasat? to which I reply "what is what baby". "That" she says and points to it. OMword y'all - it was a
squirrel tail. Just a tail.....seriously! Her next question was "oh no, wheresquirrelgomommy?" That is one of those types of questions where you really need to think before answering. For example: I was inclined to say "well, our stupid tomcat killed a squirrel apparently and wasn't interested in the tail which he has conveniently and clearly left here as a way to communicate to us that we should be proud of his hunting prowess and skill at - SO NOT IMPRESSED! SO DISGUSTED!"

I calmy replied to her innocent little sweet and precious question with "honey, it appears as though a squirrel went to be with Jesus and accidentally forgot his tail behind - underneath your playset". She looked at me with her little baby blues and said "oh - squirrel forgot his tail". "Mmmmhmmmm - that's what happened. Mommy is going to put it away in case he comes back for it - ok?" "Ok Mommy". On she went about her brave playset playing. In the meantime, I grabbed two leaves and pinched the squirrel tail between them and gagged and tried not to vomit while I dumped it in the dumpster. You know…..all squirrels would know to look in the dumpster for their missing severed tail, right? Oh my goodness! It’s amazing the ways in which we think to cleverly explain things to our children? It’s crazy! I mean…of course I do honestly believe that the squirrel is with Jesus – don’t y’all? Ha!

And my mean old tough and gruff tomcat – he’ll go there too one day……

He looks real tough, huh? Yeah Right! Something about the pink nose makes the whole “tough” think kind of a laugh. He apparently is a good hunter though…….

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last races of the season

On October 17th, Abby, Courtney, Nevada
and I ran the Casa10K here in Lexington.
It was a chilly morning here in Lexington but it
was fun as usual to run with friends! Shockingly enough - although Courtney and I have been running together for about 2 years - we have never run a race together until this one. We both ran the derby half but we were with other friends - so it was nice to start and finish this event toghether. I am all about a race that is for a good cause too so I am really glad we could do it. We finished #75 and #76 out of #147. Our finish time was 56:12. What I didn't realize until today is that she and I both placed 2nd in our age division - and that's after running 4 miles prior to the start of this 10K. Go us!

This past weekend, Janine, Courtney and I

ran the ClarksvilleHalf Marathon in Clarksville, TN.
The best part of the wekeend was seeing the family
I used to nanny for, Janine and Josh, and all my
college girlfriends (more to come on that later).
The race was....well, it was inagural so it wasn't
the most organized race ever but that will come
with time and their practice in having a race of
that size. The weather was GORGEOUS and it
was mainly through rural ares so it was pretty.
There just weren't many people out for crowd
support and the water stops were a little few
and far between. Janine had done her first half
ever on October 3rd with some of her friends from Benton and finished in 2 hours and 9 minutes so she had set a goal for herself to try to finish this half in 2 hours or less. We tried and tried to finish under two hours but we just couldn't make it happen. We finished at 2 hours and 5 minutes. We had a blast running and I look forward to many more together. Courtney got a little sickish during the race but finished at an impressive 2 hours and 25 minutes for not feeling well. Way to hang in there Court!

Janine had this idea to do something really corny when we saw the race photographers and behold - this (check out page 2 - the second thumbnail) is what we ended up with: ha! There are some pictures of our glorious finish as well - nothing like finishing holding the hand of your best friend - love you Neenie! *Update - Neenie's post has the pics in the body of her post. I obviously am not tech savvy enough to have figured that out. Hop on over to her blog to see - link below!

Next big race to come - the Lexington half marathon - March 28th. Chelsea, Courtney, Janine and I are in: right girls?

Looks like Abby and Billie plan to train together too - should be a fun run in our own hometown!