Sunday, October 24, 2010

Half Way

We have reached the half-way point my friends! 20 weeks. It's hard to believe that but it makes me happy because those 20 weeks flew by and if the next 20 fly by as fast I will be meeting my little one face to face before I know it. My ultrasound is this Thursday and my mother in law will be in town to go with Tim and I. The OB office where I am a patient has a viewing room with couches and a flat screen TV where people can be a part of your ultrasound. She is the first person that came to mind when they told me about it so I am glad she'll be able to join us.

Since I am what people like to call "camera happy", bribing my daughter is a necessity if I want her to be still and smile. I figured since the sucker aka treat aka bribing tool was going to be rewarded following my 20 week picture...I might as well get while the gettin' was good.......

I've been wanting to post about Abby's baby shower and just haven't been able to until now. You know...parties/celebrations of any kind (baby showers, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, etc.) are hard work. In my opinion, satisfaction and success after such hard work = a smiling guest of honor, appropriate and lovely simply stated event decor, yummy food, and guests who are genuinely enjoying themselves. Using those units of measurement - this shower was an absolute success!

Billie saw this wreath design on Etsy and duplicated it for the entry way door.
Can you say crafty?
I was busy pre-shower doing all sorts of die cutting on the Cricut. Here is the banner I made.
Out of lots of designs for "diaper cupcakes", Billie and I thought these were the cutest so we spent a Saturday getting them just right with our own little spin - aren't they cute?
And of course everyone needs a little candy with their cupcakes so we added the bookend glasses with M&M's and Starbursts in all pink because...why not?
More Cricutey goodness amidst tons of wonderful gifts from people who were eager to shower Abby and Adalyn with love!
Billie is solely responsible for the ceiling poms - didn't they turn out so pretty? We all came together with dishes for the food spread and what a spread it was. Yum!

Despite our hard work on decor, I am fairly certain this little doll was the primo decor - even color coordinating? She was the BEST little baby I've ever been around. I told the Lord I wouldn't mind at all if my next had her little temperament. Her name was Izzy. Doesn't it just suit her. Precious!
While Abby opened her gifts, I stole some time with sweet Keagan. And this my friends, is what we women in my family refer to as........
THE SLEEP WHAMMY! I put it on him and loved every minute of it. =)
Group Photo
The man of the hour...the only testosterone in a room full of women. What a stud!

The shower really was fun and Abby got a lot of really nice and special gifts and books. She had a great turn out of women there to love on her and I am glad Billie and I were able to do it for her. She's ready to go in the baby "stuff" department and thank goodness because she's mere weeks away from meeting Adalyn! So exciting.

I was so thankful that Janine got to come in if only for a day because I got a lot of QT with she and Keagan. I miss them so much so it was just nice that they stayed here for the evening and we got to hang out. My favorite moment other than the Whammy Moment of course, was
 this one....
We were having a new Bluebell Ice Cream flavor and he wanted in on it dangit. So funny!
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree huh Janine?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love fall y'all!

There have been lots of "goings on" around here since my last posting so here goes nothin':

The weekend before this past, we took Kennedy on her first camping trip. When she was attending Centenary Day School they had a learning segment where the teacher set up a camping scene in their classroom. Ever since then she has talked about wanting to go camping. We figured our days were numbered with the weather changing so we took the first availability we had to follow through on the promise we'd made to take her camping. We decided to go to Fort Boonesborough State Park Campground on our first go-round. This pregnant lady needed access to a bathroom and we wanted some sort of civilization just in case Kennedy didn't do as well as we thought she would. Plus...this particular campground had a trail system and we thought that would give us something to do before dark.

Well - I am here to tell you folks: you'd think she'd been a thousand times before. She did wonderfully! We went on a Saturday late afternoon and got directly to setting up the tent once we arrived (which as you will see below Kennedy was super involved in).

 Once the tent was set up we decided to go for a hike on the campground trails. Although hiking with Kennedy = snails pace hiking, we enjoy it anyways! Don't you love the marshmallow roasting stick she picked up on our hike! Ha.
 We love this backpack we got at a consignment sale before Kennedy was born. We have used the heck out of this thing. Since she's a "new hiker" it's nice when her little legs/feet get tired to swing her up in the backpack and resume our pre-child hiking pace. Here she and Tim are in front of the Fort Gate.
 ~Sweet Little Cheeser~
 Who says a good meal can't be had when camping. All we girls needed were some Doritos, hot dogs, fruit snacks and Capri Suns (well, the last two were just for her). She ate every bite of her fire cooked hot dog too.
 After dinner it was SMORE COOKIN' TIME!!! I would love to tell you that Kennedy shares our love for smores, but it would be a lie. She was more content to eat plain ole marshmallows.
 After dinner and a short walk around the campground to see everyone's Halloween decorations (the RV campers that is of course) she was tuckered out so it was time for PJ's, snuggling, her trusty Tinkerbell flashlight and a Veggie Tales DVD. I figure why deny ourselves modern conveniences, right? I was in the tent with her and ready for bed before her DVD was even over. She didn't skip a beat and went right to sleep as usual. Tim stayed up to listen to the UK v. Auburn game on the radio.
 We were up before the sun the next morning and Tim got right on makin' breakfast so we could make it back in time for church. She wanted to be out there with her Daddy rather than snuggled up with me in the tent. She didn't care that it was Fa Fa Fa Freezing!
 Campfires don't cook things at a rapid rate, so shortly after the sun came up we had our bacon, eggs and toast. She ate every bite of that too. What a camper! I can't wait to do it again soon. We loved it and it was an awesome family outing.
This last picture is kind of posted as a joke. Everyone that is close to me jokes with me about having some sort of animal magnetism. Well....this trip proved that theory when this black kitty showed up relatively soon after we arrived and DID NOT LEAVE US ALONE. Sunday AM he meowed all around our tent and we joked about how it was just like home. Every time Tim looked at me and said "I's unbelievable" or whatever I kept stating - "I've not fed/touched it!"

On Thursday of this past week Kennedy and I (along with some other ladies and kiddos from my Moms group) went to the Pumpkin Patch. The trip was scheduled for 10 AM so I figured it wouldn't be crowded and we'd get lots of time in each area and I could have been more wrong - it was crazy! I guess it's a popular field trip spot (says the ignorant mom of a toddler) so there were tons of school aged children there. It was literally crawling with people. Luckily because we had a group reservation we had a tour guide and got through the hayride, pumpkin patch picking, petting zoo and snack time relatively smoothly. The play area was a completely different story but we survived and have some cute pictures from the day.

Chelsea was in town on her way to Gatlinburg with a friend so first we had breakfast with her. Clearly Kennedy couldn't have been happier about that!
 Here's my girl with the pumpkins she felt were fit for us to take home.
 I just find these creatures to be quite intriguing so that's why I took a picture of it. Kennedy was obviously intrigued as well.
She was desperate to feed these animals but I wasn't about to waste money on pelleted pet food: seriously! There were so many kids dropping it everywhere she just picked some up out of the dirt and offered it. This little goat did eventually nibble it out of her palm but I wasn't quick enough to catch it on film. Can you imagine how stuffed these animals are after a day of school children come through, each with their own dixie cup full of 50 cents worth of feed? Sheesh!

Although it was a brisk morning, the hayride was really nice. They drove all around the apple orchards and pumpkin patches. She really enjoyed this part.
 She went down this slide at least 12 times....basically until the amount of kids in line stressed me beyond what I could handle and I told her we needed to do something else. I try to be the laid back, very zen mama, but I have my limits and watching 2nd and 3rd grade children (whose parents have seemingly dropped them at the orchard for the day with no supervision) cutting in line and pushing my baby out of the way so they can go down the slide before her pretty much turns me into a sweating, heart-racing protective mother hen. At least there were those 12 times down, right? She LOVED THIS SLIDE though - can you tell?
 We then rolled around in the hay which was great fun and seemed like the perfect play solution to the "slide o' bullies" as I have named it. I was regretting that diversion a few days later when she was producing more snot than I feel is humanly possible for a child her size - hello my Zyrtec! It only lasted for two days praise Jesus and the inventors of Zyrtec.
 One more stop to take pictures amidst the overly priced pumpkins that are put out on display in an effort to lure in unsuspecting pumpkin lovers like me. I'm proud to say we resisted and came home with the two miniature pumpkins pictured earlier in the post with Kennedy. Well - those and this adorable picture. They were part of our package deal which was priced just right!  
 Pretty sure that's enough out of me for now. Next up - Abby's baby shower was this past weekend and I've got lots of cute pics to share. =)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Clips

I haven't had many pictures to share or tales to tell lately, but I do have some pretty cute video clips that I thought you'd enjoy.

First up: these will never get old. She started wearing them early on and the thrill of them is clearly as it was when she donned her first pair.

Today, her friend Bryson had a birthday and her class celebrated with cupcakes and goodie bags. In her goodie bag were silly bands, (she'll correct you if you call them bracelets - for real!) a fruit snack, funny glasses and a balloon bouncy rubberbandie thingie. Tim and I were debating how it was supposed to work and somehow it ended up getting used as,'ll just have to see. I apologize for the shakiness of the video but I was laughing so hysterically that my belly was shaking like a bowl full of jelly baby.

I'll have you know that once I uploaded that video she thought it just as funny as she did in the actual moment. Oh I love a child's belly laugh - there's nothing like it! I did manage to snap this picutre of her in her funny glasses and silly bands.
You like the big ole' ketchup stain in the middle of her white shirt? That's how we roll.

On Tuesday when I was getting ready for work, Kennedy watched her Tom and Jerry DVD (aka - her absolute FAVORITE thing to do). I looked up mid-blow dry and noticed that she had gotten up off the couch and wasn't watching anymore.  I hollered for her and then I heard her quietly talking. I turned the corner to her room and she was sitting in the middle of her bed with a Dr. Seuss book. "Whatcha doin'", I asked. She replied "Um...I'm  just reading some of my books to Annie".

One last funny for ya:

Every night when Kennedy is in the bathtub I generally take that "play time" to get ready for bed myself. She'll ask me "you gonna put you jamah's on" to which I usually reply "yeah, I am putting my Jamas on". Then she'll ask - while I am changing (and it tickles me to pieces every time) "you gonna take you bra's off". My girl is pretty smart so I find myself wondering in this time of rapid bodily expansion - I wonder if she thinks I wear a bra for each boob meaning she needs to say "bras". Ha! *Thankfully my readers are largely those possessing estrogen. Sorry if that was TMI, but its HIGHlarious!