Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Clips

I haven't had many pictures to share or tales to tell lately, but I do have some pretty cute video clips that I thought you'd enjoy.

First up: these will never get old. She started wearing them early on and the thrill of them is clearly as it was when she donned her first pair.

Today, her friend Bryson had a birthday and her class celebrated with cupcakes and goodie bags. In her goodie bag were silly bands, (she'll correct you if you call them bracelets - for real!) a fruit snack, funny glasses and a balloon bouncy rubberbandie thingie. Tim and I were debating how it was supposed to work and somehow it ended up getting used as,'ll just have to see. I apologize for the shakiness of the video but I was laughing so hysterically that my belly was shaking like a bowl full of jelly baby.

I'll have you know that once I uploaded that video she thought it just as funny as she did in the actual moment. Oh I love a child's belly laugh - there's nothing like it! I did manage to snap this picutre of her in her funny glasses and silly bands.
You like the big ole' ketchup stain in the middle of her white shirt? That's how we roll.

On Tuesday when I was getting ready for work, Kennedy watched her Tom and Jerry DVD (aka - her absolute FAVORITE thing to do). I looked up mid-blow dry and noticed that she had gotten up off the couch and wasn't watching anymore.  I hollered for her and then I heard her quietly talking. I turned the corner to her room and she was sitting in the middle of her bed with a Dr. Seuss book. "Whatcha doin'", I asked. She replied "Um...I'm  just reading some of my books to Annie".

One last funny for ya:

Every night when Kennedy is in the bathtub I generally take that "play time" to get ready for bed myself. She'll ask me "you gonna put you jamah's on" to which I usually reply "yeah, I am putting my Jamas on". Then she'll ask - while I am changing (and it tickles me to pieces every time) "you gonna take you bra's off". My girl is pretty smart so I find myself wondering in this time of rapid bodily expansion - I wonder if she thinks I wear a bra for each boob meaning she needs to say "bras". Ha! *Thankfully my readers are largely those possessing estrogen. Sorry if that was TMI, but its HIGHlarious!


  1. HIGHlarious!!!!!! love love love her belly laugh and how the balloon trick doesn't get old!! How funny that Annie is sitting there all chill while listening to a story!!!

  2. Okay... I just adore Kennedy... she cracks me up. Reminds me of picking up my friend's kindergartener today and he was telling me he sneezed in class because his nose was too full of boogers but one is still in there because it was too big to sneeze out. I love the minds of these little ones :-)

    Thanks for sharing adorable Kennedy moments!

  3. Such cute videos! I love the picture with Annie! So cute:)