Saturday, August 31, 2013

One Year

The day before Greyson's first birthday was a Sunday and since we were going to be dressed up for church I thought I would try to get some family pictures in front of the absolutely gorgeous cornfield behind our house. Let's just say that my desire to get sweet little family pics just didn't work out as planned - the sun was way too bright, the grass was muddy from the rain we had gotten and my husband was nine kinds of uptight worried we would be late for church. There are a few that are ok, but most of them were awful. Such is life, right? 

I had to include this picture, because this pretty much sums up how he felt about my grand idea to take pics before church.
Mom went with us to church and I'm really glad I got this one of her with my kiddos - they love their "Honey".
Because I was determined to get those one year photos of my boy in his super sweet john john, we decided to try again once he woke from his after church nap. In my opinion, these pictures redeem it all. Here is my big one year old! 

Be still my heart!

Friday, August 30, 2013


My boy is all about a phone here lately and I'm not sure why because Lord knows I don't ever get to talk on mine anymore. 
He even seems to get the toy phones (love those crossed ankles). 

A couple of weeks ago, Kennedy called me into the kitchen saying "Momma, Grey's into the dog food!" I came running, not wanting him to eat it but then I saw him sitting there with Molly standing gently by while he just kind of held the food and looked at it and felt it and it just made me laugh. Molly, our psycho dog who barks at EVERYTHING just letting our baby dig through her dog food bowl while she patiently waits until he's done.
*still crossin' his little ankles* 

Oh, this is yours? Well, here you go:

This picture isn't the best, but it's of my girls playing together and since that is one of my most favorite things to see - I like to capture it and want to remember it. Kennedy was working on a magnetic mosaic and she was having Avery find the colored cubes she needed. 
My Mom came over with Ellie when she was here keeping her and while "Honey" took care of Ellie, Avery took care of her baby. 
again - with the crossed ankles ;)

~Little Momma~
Precious Treasured Moments with my sweetest of blessings.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Say "ahhhhhhh"

On July 30th Avery had her very first dental appointment at Pediatric Dentistry of Matthews. I really wasn't sure how things would go because Avery is a bit unpredictable and what I mean when I say a bit is COMPLETELY!
 She was SO good - she sat completely still and all the hygienist's kept commenting on how well she was behaving for her age. 
 I told them I thought she was most likely sitting still like that because when she and Kennedy aren't twirling around in a ballet outfit or princess dress they can usually be found playing doctor. My girls don't just do quick check ups on each other either - they straight up look in each others mouths, noses, ears, etc. - it's a total trip. Kennedy will drag out her little Lily table and have Avery lay down on it. So, in a way she's had lots of practice.

 This is true Avery - no smiles for me and my camera. She's a turkey!
 After her cleaning it was time for Dr. Meg to check her out. 
Obviously, because we were at the dentist we discussed Avery's pacifier use. I felt like as of late I could tell the pacifier was really starting to mess with Avery's alignment - her top teeth were starting to look a little "bucked" to me so I was a bit fearful of what they would say (Momma was nervous about nixing the paci). The Hygienist that cleaned Avery's teeth was awesome! She kept telling Avery that they had special pets that Avery could choose from when she was ready to give her pacifier away. The hygienists told Avery that her paci's would go to the hospital to be ready for new babies to use them because pacifiers are for babies and now she was a big girl. I was like "whatever lady - this is totally not going to work!" After Dr. Meg checked her out, they showed her the animals and for whatever reason Avery went NUTS over a bear that was in their box. NUTS I tell you! They kept telling Avery that if she wanted the bear, she was going to have to trade with her pacifiers. Enter Avery's stone cold Steve Austin stare. Ha! 

Dr. Meg found a spot on one of Avery's teeth that needed to be filled to protect it from early decay so they told Avery that she could put her bear in their "special kennel" to wait for her and when she came back for her filling she could bring her pacifiers and trade for the bear. She cried when we put the bear back and I started thinking - maybe this is going to work after all. 

We scheduled Avery's follow up for a couple of days later and I kept talking about the bear and telling Avery that she could get the bear if she wanted to send her paci's to the new babies at the hospital. 

I was shocked when the morning of the appointment came and she wanted me to put her paci in a ziploc bag for Dr. Meg to take to the hospital. Although I had it ready I really wasn't sure how it was going to unfold but I just figured we'd take it and see. 

Avery's procedure was a bit more difficult than they/I anticipated. To spare you from the details, she basically was a little more vascular than they anticipated so after starting the procedure we ended up having to give her nitrous and it took way longer than it should have and she was crying so hard I had to walk out of the room (my Momma Bear heart couldn't take it!). 

After her filling was finished, Dr. Meg was SO complimentary and said she did great even if it didn't seem like it and she explained everything so thoroughly which I greatly appreciated. These pictures of my poor baby show that she'd been crying but she was so brave and was still in good spirits despite it all. 

 As soon as I thought she was "with it" enough to ask her again about getting the bear in exchange for giving away her paci I did and she was adamant that she was ready. Enter her new bear: 
 Here it is!
 BIG GIRL!!!! No more pacifier!
 high five!
 loving the new "baby" 
 This office has a token reward system and they can put their tokens in these big gumball machines to get a prize. Avery got 4 tokens for her bravery plus her "big girl" choice! 
 I was super worried about how nap time was going to go with no pacifier but I just reminded her that day and the next several to come what choice we had made and I think we had tears on one occasion but that was it. 

The evening following her appointment we got together with some family and had cupcakes to celebrate. So proud of my girl.

Friends, Curls, Twirls & Spaghetti

Following Kennedy's first day of school, she went to a birthday party for her friend Will. Will and her BFF Becca hadn't yet started school so they had a weekday pool party for him. We were most surprised and tickled to see that Kennedy and Becca had almost matching suits on - how funny! 
I swear part of what got Kennedy through that first day of school was knowing she had this party to go to directly after - she was SOOOO excited! 
The birthday boy himself:
Kennedy just adores Becca and I'm so thankful that they are nearby and we get to see them often. 
Kennedy's new school has a dress code, so everyday she can choose between a navy, white or light blue polo and khaki or navy bottoms (knee length shorts or skirt) or she can wear a polo dress in navy or light blue. About twice a month the school has "dress down days" where there are still rules but they don't have to wear their uniform and if the student chooses to participate (which is a super fun and exciting deal for the students), they pay $1 to do so and thus the school uses it as a fundraiser. Anyhow, for Kennedy's first dress down day I decided to use her new sponge curlers the night prior so she'd have fun curls to go with her selected outfit. Do y'all remember sponge curlers? Oh my heavens - I LOVED them and I'm fairly certain I used them way past when I should have but oh well. I picked these up on a whim when I was looking for some new fun hair stuff for the girls and I was really excited to put them in K's hair. After bath each night the girls jump on our bed - I'm not sure why, it's just what they do. Here they are twirling on our bed in their curlers. 
Avery must do all things big sister does, so she had like 2 curlers in her hair too. 
Directly across from our bed is our vanity/dresser and they just jump and look at themselves and make faces and have a big ole' time. It's hilarious! Exhibit A - checking herself out:

Pffft...Avery's two curlers ;). 

I purchased the medium size curlers for K, but honestly I think she could use the large. Sister has TONS of hair. 
Here are her sweet springy curls the next morning! 
Of course after all the curling she still requested a pony tail. I asked her one time why she always wanted a pony tail and she said "because you always have a pony tail". I kind of didn't have a come back and said "oh, ok". So....pony tail it is! 
Grey is getting teeth like it's his job and thus is getting more and more able to eat what we eat. On this particular evening he had his first go at spaghetti and he liked it! 
Can you tell?
Messy boy!
I know I shouldn't wish away any days/phases/stages, but I cannot tell a lie - I will not be sad when I don't have to dice everything that goes on his tray. I'll be happy as a pig in sunshine when I can just put food  on his plate like I do for his big sisters and then have a seat and we all eat together. Too bad we are a WAYS away from that. Until then I'll be chopping away.