Saturday, August 17, 2013

Home is where the heart is

- it's true. 

As happy as I was that I was able to travel to Kentucky for TWO WEEKS and visit so many people who are dear to me, it was time to head home and I was happy. Before I left, I was thrilled to spend some time with the Sivills family. When I was at Murray State I babysat for two families: the Bobos and the Sivills'. Sadly, the Bobo clan was out of town while I was there but I was tickled to get some time with the Sivills crew. 
It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that I babysat this little, now so big boy Jackson:
He was every bit as precious as I remember him and he was oh so sweet with my baby boy. I don't feel like college was that long ago, but clearly it was because now I am where Catherine and Sharon were when I was babysitting for them. I'm so blessed that I have been able to maintain relationships with both those women - they taught me so very much about family and parenting and love and I'm eternally grateful! Although it's hard for me to imagine right now, Catherine has a child that is old enough to take a decent picture, and did so. Here we are:  
Staying with Janine and getting to watch our boys interact was so much fun. They were either playing or trying to take things from one another - boys will be boys, right? 
I don't normally get to snuggle other babies, because I've always got my own in my arms. This was a rare and precious moment - Finn and I!
Janine was up for the challenge of not only hosting my kids and I while we were there, but also hosting a get together for our college buddies and their kiddos. I say challenge because we bring quite the crew:
Again, it's hard to believe that so much time has passed since we were all living in Murray with our greatest concerns being our upcoming tests and what outfit we would wear to the weekend party. Now look at us: 
Although we all don't talk super duper often, we always pick up where we left off and we had a great time watching our kids play and just being together. 
I really wanted to do a flashback photo, but embarrassingly enough - my photo albums are still in boxes...somewhere in my house. =( Love these girls!

Right before the kids and I were about to load up to go home, Janine and I set out to get some pictures of our kids together. 
Keagan was pumped: ha! 
Oscar wanted to assert his firstborn status - rightly so. 
Sometimes the babies surprise you and do better for the camera than the big kids:
There is a blog I read often and the writer has twins (one boy and one girl) and I adore photos of them together because one is always trying to touch the other in some fashion and they always turn out really sweet and sometimes funny - kind of like these are 
(at least to me anyhow). 

It was sad to be going home, but we were ready to get back to Daddy/Hubby. Honestly, the trip to Kentucky was such an awesome one. I hate to sound cliche by repeating how blessed, grateful, bla bla bla I am - but I don't know how else to put into words how I feel. I mean, a little over a year ago getting away to see all these people I have relationships with wouldn't have been a possibility because of my job and who knows when I would have gotten to see my college girlfriends and stuff because it's so FAR and everyone has their own agenda and what not now. Aside from needing to have an understanding husband, enough free time, the financial means, kids who travel well etc. to make this trip happen - the heart of the trip were those we saw. Relationships are so valuable to me - I love people, I love true connection and discussion and laughing with loved ones and just loving people and knowing they love you back. There really aren't any words to say what it feels like to have relationships with so many people who are still in KY - let's just say part of my heart will always be there and I look forward to my next trip back!

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