Saturday, August 31, 2013

One Year

The day before Greyson's first birthday was a Sunday and since we were going to be dressed up for church I thought I would try to get some family pictures in front of the absolutely gorgeous cornfield behind our house. Let's just say that my desire to get sweet little family pics just didn't work out as planned - the sun was way too bright, the grass was muddy from the rain we had gotten and my husband was nine kinds of uptight worried we would be late for church. There are a few that are ok, but most of them were awful. Such is life, right? 

I had to include this picture, because this pretty much sums up how he felt about my grand idea to take pics before church.
Mom went with us to church and I'm really glad I got this one of her with my kiddos - they love their "Honey".
Because I was determined to get those one year photos of my boy in his super sweet john john, we decided to try again once he woke from his after church nap. In my opinion, these pictures redeem it all. Here is my big one year old! 

Be still my heart!


  1. oh my goodness! too much cuteness here! love that smile!

  2. I am pretty sure Stewart wishes this post wasn't posted b/c now I am begging for another baby!!! JK, kinda ;) But boy is he sweet!!

  3. I agree with Casey! I want another baby looking at these! You captured him perfectly and I want to reach through the picture and hold him! That outfit was great!

  4. Love these pics! That first paragraph is hilarious because that is so Jonathan. If I attempt pictures before church he is so stressed out that we're going to be late. Ha!

  5. I could eat him up!!