Friday, August 30, 2013


My boy is all about a phone here lately and I'm not sure why because Lord knows I don't ever get to talk on mine anymore. 
He even seems to get the toy phones (love those crossed ankles). 

A couple of weeks ago, Kennedy called me into the kitchen saying "Momma, Grey's into the dog food!" I came running, not wanting him to eat it but then I saw him sitting there with Molly standing gently by while he just kind of held the food and looked at it and felt it and it just made me laugh. Molly, our psycho dog who barks at EVERYTHING just letting our baby dig through her dog food bowl while she patiently waits until he's done.
*still crossin' his little ankles* 

Oh, this is yours? Well, here you go:

This picture isn't the best, but it's of my girls playing together and since that is one of my most favorite things to see - I like to capture it and want to remember it. Kennedy was working on a magnetic mosaic and she was having Avery find the colored cubes she needed. 
My Mom came over with Ellie when she was here keeping her and while "Honey" took care of Ellie, Avery took care of her baby. 
again - with the crossed ankles ;)

~Little Momma~
Precious Treasured Moments with my sweetest of blessings.


  1. mmmm....they are wonderful pictures!!I love the "candid" nature of these because they showcase your kids in their element. Grey has gotten so big...where did the BABY go?!! (and might I add that you have been a blogging fool lately and I am impressed! I am trying to keep up with my reading!)

  2. Sweet Molly! Just waiting for her turn:) So cute. Love the little mommy. That second to last pic is adorable. Perfect Avery!

  3. Precious pictures! Love how patient Molly was, and glad for it.