Sunday, August 4, 2013

Brothers from another Mother

After we finished The Color Run in Louisville we headed to Lexington to visit some of our friends that we've missed dearly since moving to NC. Tim wasn't able to stay in Lexington for very long due to his work schedule, so we were so thankful that the Burns' offered to host a cookout Saturday afternoon so we could all get together before he flew out. Bless them for being willing to host our crew because as you're going to see that was no easy feat: 

Long lost friends catching up after months of not seeing each other ;).
 This picture just screams boys will be boys: 
 Grey and Finn saddled up to the buffet: 
 oh my - we have traveled a long way in our friendship from that day long ago when we met in a step aerobics class in college. So thankful for these relationships! 
 I wish I could spell out the Toolman grunt right here ;)
 Here are our boys - the triplets!
 At this point Cayden wasn't super interested in crawling, Greyson was close and Finn was completely mobile and crawling. Now all three are crawling! 

 I heart chubby baby thighs.
 Like I said, brothers from another Mother: 
 All the kiddos that were at the cookout - 10 kids under 5 and there is another "cooking" (um, no - not me) if you will, so technically 11! 
 Caleb wasn't so happy about the pictures. This time next year, he'll be holding a sibling just like all the others. I love how Eli is trying to comfort Cayden in this picture - sweet boy.

All the Momma's and their chirens:
 Now for the big group photo - not sure why we didn't snag up the blanket which completely wasn't being used. Ha! Such a fun night and such awesome friends!
I had so much fun reading Abby's recap and Janine's too. Sadly, mine is like an entire month after theirs. Oh well...such is life lately :). I'm trying like the dickens to get caught up before my baby boy turns a year old.
 I sure would hate to be blogging about his party in December. 

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