Sunday, August 11, 2013

If you can't stand the heat

Find some water!

When we arrived in Western Kentucky, the heat came with us so we found ways to cool off. The park that Janine most often frequents with her boys had put in a new splash pad and we took the kids to check it out. Kennedy was all about the spraying water....Keagan and Avery: not so much. 

Keagan is keeping the babies in their "play area" here: good big brother! 
In her element - lover of all things water. 
Testing out the smallest of sprays: 
Avery mostly ran around the water and not so much in it, but she had fun nonetheless. Keagan kind of walked behind her...hand on hip...looking very supervisorish. 

On another toasty afternoon we drug out the sprinkler for the kiddos. The babies just watched at first, but eventually Finn and Grey got in on the action as well.
Whenever Grey gets hot he gets these little tiny beads of sweat on his nose. Although it's sweat - I find it to be cute sweat;). 
Getting in on the sprinkler action and yes, he has on a pink diaper. Real men wear pink in the form of their older sisters cloth diaper "hand me downs". 
brrrr - refreshing
half enjoying each other, half playing tug-o-war with the sprinkler, further proving their "brothers from another mother" status
Janine's friend Stacey brought over her little girl Annie to join in on the sprinkler fun
Sidewalk chalk turned paint

sweet cheese
no fear of the sprinkler whatsoever
One afternoon when Janine had to work, we met up with my friend Allison who also studied veterinary technology at Murray State. We had so much fun enjoying the river and catching up with one another. 

Thank heavens for this stroller - it became my pack-n-play on wheels while we traveled. 
While the babies napped, the big girls swam.

out like a light - nothing wears em' out like swimming

So much fun!


  1. Love this! :) Sweet pictures of sweet kids...and your pics from the lake looks like fun! I never saw these!!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad you got so many great pictures.