Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Independence Day

My sisters husband has some ridiculous "hook-ups" due to his job (instructor and past football coach at a nearby private school) and on July 4th weekend we were lucky enough to benefit from one of those said "hook-ups". There is a family that is really dear to Steve - he has coached all of their boys in football and they are extremely kind to he and my sister. Over July 4th weekend that family had plans to be away and offered up their pool and pool house for our enjoyment. This was no ordinary pool and pool house - it was awesome. Picture something straight up out of MTV cribs y'all. We had such a good time and were so incredibly thankful for their generosity. We pretty much lounged and swam and the babies napped and we just kicked it at the pool all day. It was amazing! 


I always wanted one of those babies that slept wherever and I finally got one on #3. He does not like to be held to sleep but if you lay him back and hand him his lovey and paci - he's out. 
The girls and I found Ellie this sweet festive bathing suit the day before our get together. She's such a chub-a-lub: look how cute!
Me and my girlies!
I mean seriously dahling - she's a star! =)

Uncle Steve can get THE BEST reactions - clearly:

Grey's not real into the pool just yet, but he's a trooper. Hopefully next year he'll enjoy the pool like his big sisters. 
super cool dude
My handsome boys:

Tim figured if Grey was napping, he would too. Shocking.
My sister put Declan down in the pool house and we put Avery down on their covered patio. I'm a sucker for a picture of a sleeping babe. So sweet. 

 I mean, I'm not really a "napper", but after all the pool action I'm fairly certain nice patio furniture + a fan + a killer background water feature might have = nap success even for me!

I didn't get tons of pictures of the set up, but here's the pool - we loved it. 
After our time at the pool, we headed back to Melissa's for a little fourth cook out. I got the kids dressed up in some outfits their Nana had just send them and this ridiculously cute fedora I got for Grey at Target. I must say that Abby and Billie and their hat wearing boys inspired me. 
I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the girls in their matching skirts, but I didn't - they were so cute! Thank you Nana!

stud.muffin. :)

The kids played with sidewalk chalk while the adults prepped dinner and Kennedy drew this rendition of Mickey's clubhouse complete with Mickey in the lower right hand corner. Tim and I were kind of impressed...
After supper it was sparkler time! 

I wish I could say that no one was harmed in the making of these pictures, but that would not be true. Declan totally burnt his fingers because he grabbed the sparkler after it went out. Sadly, we didn't have a sparkler safety talk before letting them play with them. Next year - the sparkler safety talk will be paramount. Luckily, despite the burn - they all had fun. 

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  1. That pool is awesome!! What a fun day. Wish ours looked like that. Instead our 4th was spent indoors while it rained. Loved the pic of Tim and G snoozing. HA! And that hat on G was precious!! Love it:)