Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Houston: We have a crawler!

The whole time the kids and I were on vacation in Kentucky, Greyson was SOOOOOO close to crawling. I just knew that he would crawl while we were away and Tim would miss it which really would have stunk. We arrived back in Kentucky on Tim's birthday (June 20) and I kid y'all not - a few hours after returning the little man crawled like he'd been doing it for ages. Happy Birthday to Daddy! Now that Grey is officially a crawler he is into everything and when I say everything what I mean is no surface has been left un-explored in this house lord.help.me! Here are some pictures of my little crawler and of course - the crawl caught on video. 

No more sitting this sweet babe down and walking away....
 because he's on the move
 exhibit A
 He was already pulling up from sitting, but now he is pulling up and cruising and going from sitting to standing but he hasn't taken a step....yet.
 He's clearly happy with his new skills. 

And for the grand finale - the proof: 


  1. I love that he did this on Tim's birthday!!!! Although, my selfish self says that I would have loved to see it! ;)