Saturday, August 3, 2013

Call me colored!

I have wanted to do a color run for forever and I was so excited when Courtney asked me to come to Kentucky and run in The Color Run to celebrate her birthday. Tammy was the hostess with the mostess and housed not only all the "runners" but the runners kiddos too! 

Here we are before the run began - super colorful, but also super clean:
Janine, Chelsea, Tammy, the birthday girl herself: Courtney, Brett & yours truly
 Janine and I had the idea to do something matchy matchy since we were celebrating Courtney's birthday, so we did iron on "birthday girl's posse" patches, sparkly glitter tiaras, and lots of rainbow clip on hair (you know, because: why not?). 
 I figured with all the colored hair, glittery tiaras and upcoming powdered paint and all, that I wouldn't tat myself too but Chelsea and Janine went ahead and put it all out there: 
Happy, Happy, Happy. 
  A little middle of the race photo action with a supreme photo bomber in the upper middle. 
After the closing color ceremonies - that was honestly the most fun part in my opinion. It was so cool to see everyone toss their color up into the air. 

The group "after" shot. Even after some serious scrubbing, I had color around where my sock elastic was for a few days. The run was fun and the company was stellar, but the run was more of a fun run than a run run, you follow? So glad we could all get together and celebrate one of my most favorite friends. Love you Court!

Janine blogged about our run here and the birthday girl recounts the day on her blog here and our gracious host blogged about the day too, right here.

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