Saturday, August 17, 2013

His Kingdom Rocks

I love getting my kids all dressed up for church on Sundays - especially my girls (let's face it: their clothes are way more fun!) These girls are fortunate in that they get lots of hand me downs from their cousins, and their Grandmothers' like to send them pretty things too.
The girls closet is kind of ridiculous so we take our pick on Sundays and on this particular Sunday they looked so cute I wanted to snap some pictures. 
Here is Avery being all sassy in a dress that Nana purchased for Kennedy:
 Kennedy wanted her picture taken next to that random pink/red flower that was growing in our back yard (anyone know what it is?) The previous owner clearly had a passion for flowers and landscaping and sadly it's just not my thing so our beds are kind of a hot mess and I hate it because I'm sure she worked so hard on them. Maybe one day....
 I love it when my lighting isn't "right" but ends up creating something like this:

 Kennedy's dress was a gift from her Honey for the Easter before last - it's obviously the gift that has kept on giving.
 Kennedy participated in Vacation Bible School in June at Weddington United Methodist Church and their program was Kingdom Rock - here she is in her shirt on the first day: 

 Throughout the week there were themed dress up days and these were taken on Wacky Tacky Day: 

 A Halloween Bow, A Christmas Bow, A Fourth of July shirt, a Halloween sock and an Alaska sock. Too funny:
 This was dress like a member of the royal court day: queen, princess, king, jester, etc. 
Kennedy's friend Charli stayed with us for part of the week.
 pretty girls
 Avery was not only very upset every day when I dropped Kennedy off at VBS and she didn't stay as well, but she was also most envious of not getting to do the dress up themes so on this particular day she wanted a "fancy dress" and rocked it all day long (never mind the fact that it's monogrammed with "birthday girl"). You know what they say - pick your battles people! Here she is - in the middle of everything: the epitome of being a little sister.
 Whenever Kennedy has friends stay over, I try to do something special with them so on this particular evening we went to the dollar cone down the street for some ice cream. 

 The last dress up day was a "your choice day". Avery again requested a "pretty dress":
 hard to tell - in pain or cheesing? Believe it or not - this is cheesing. Bless.Her.Heart.
 Kennedy chose to be a ballerina and what a beautiful ballerina she was:
 Charli was a fashion flairy which for those of you who don't know what those are (and neither did I by the way) here you go: 
Consider yourself educated. Your welcome. Those are characters from the movie "Barbie and the Fashion Fairytale". 
Here they are: fashion flairy and ballerina.
 and the little sister in her pretty dress:
 Here is my big girl on her last day of VBS. 
Kennedy loved VBS and had such a great time going every day.I think Kennedy's favorite thing about VBS last year and this year has been the music. I love the cd's that we have gotten through VBS too because I known those words are getting written on their little hearts as they sing and memorize the lyrics. Avery was not so happy about big sister leaving her every day and each time I dropped her off cried: "Mommy, I want her back" {precious!}. I'll be happy whenever Avery can go to VBS because I know she'll love it too. 

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  1. Love VBS and LOVE the dress up pics! Even more, I Love the seeds being planted in these little girls' hearts for God!!!!! :) (and keagan's favorite song from the Kingdom Rock CD is "SAY SAY!"...which he screams!)