Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mission Complete

That is us over towards the right - holding hands.

You know you have officially become a blogger when you start thinking of how to word your post way before you actually sit in front of your computer to type it out. either makes me a blogger or a really big nerd - either way that is how this post has been coming to me - it little snip its since Friday.

As you all know - Chelsea and I departed from Lexington on Friday towards Louisville to complete The Derby Half Marathon. I think she would agree we were both too excited for "real nervousness" to set in on Friday. I told her before we actually left Lexington that she should know I usually experience a little bit of depression post-race because it kind of leaves you feeling like "now what?" Janine would agree - as she and I experienced the same low after our triathlon was over.

When we arrived in Louisville (by way of Spain, Chelsea's Dad would say - I am geographically challenged, okay?) on Friday we went straight to the expo to pick up our packets and check out the vendor selection. I am happy to report that I found the exact sports bra I have been wearing and currently only own one of - YAY! Let me just tell you that finding a well-fitting sports bra after nursing a child is no easy feat so it was an exciting moment.

After the expo we checked into our hotel room and then headed to carb up at the Spaghetti Factory. Dinner was so yummy and we definitely carb loaded for sure....maybe a little too much actually. After dinner we got organized and got ready for bed. We both headed into sleepyville while watching some show called Chimp-Eden on Animal Planet. This is the part where my sisters would say something like "why do you always make people watch that crap". Well- I didn't make anyone watch anything - it's just what we ended up on. I am sorry to report that we fell asleep and are never to know the fate of those chimps we learned all about. We did however gain some interesting discussion material for during the race. ha!

Chelsea's parents were nice enough to drive us to the start line first thing Saturday morning so we got to avoid the craziness that was the shuttle arrangements as well as the whole waking at the crack of dawn thing. I gotta say I was a little worried when we first woke up because it was already a balmy 73 degrees outside - we didn't train in weather like that.

First stop after parking - the porta johns: where else? The lines were ridiculous but it was important to get those nerves out and take care of business. Guess who we ran into while in line? Courtney and Tammy: ha! Fancy meeting them there. Hee hee.

Our timing was dead on because as soon as we finished using the restroom - it was time to find our corral and line up. We were no sooner in our spots than the group started moving. Go Time!

The race was hot and parts of it were hilly. The race highlights for me were: seeing Anne Maria (one of my TNT mentors was there cheering), seeing Chelsea's parents, running with a group of dressed-up Elvis dancers complete with back up singers and a boom box - they even sang and clapped while they ran in their costumes and fake hair: wow and just knowing that Chels was about to complete a major big first for herself - she looked strong (hot and a little angry, but strong)!!!

We completed the race in 2 hours and 15 minutes and both got a little teary when we crossed the finish line. She has come a long way - only began running in August and just finished her first half ever and did it in a really respectable time too. I was so proud of her and so thankful that we did it together.

Ever since I started to really run and do bigger races like this people always have said things like: "I could never do that" or "I can't believe that, how do you even train for that" or simply "wow". I have always said that anyone can do this - you just have to lace up your shoes, walk out the door and start. I still believe that to be close to true but there is one other thing it takes: DESIRE. Anyone can run and I believe anyone can train themselves to run FAR but not if they don't REALLY want to do it. There is a time in any type of endurance event where your body kind of "gives up" for lack of a better description. Once your body goes there, it is all up to your mind - can you push yourself to go farther, can you believe in yourself that you can do it? I have ran with lots of different people - different sizes - different paces - different mindsets and some people truly innately have this DESIRE and some people just don't (which isn't a negative thing).

Chelsea did awesome because she had that desire - she dug deep and she pulled it out even when her legs were tired and sore and even when she wanted to kill me she just kept pushing. It is an incredible thing to see and watch and girl, if you are reading - I hope you continue to feel that "runners high" and pass it on! I look forward to hearing about more long runs in your future.

True to my advice prior to leaving - I have been a little down since returning home. I have floundered a bit in my "what next" mind frame. I am planning to start a program called P90x next week and it will hopefully beat me into matron of honor worthy bridesmaid dress shape. My plan had been to rest all week and just recuperate. Guess who was up at 5:30 AM this morning for a run? I am a sucker for good cardio, what can I say. It was raining so Courtney and I did a Biggest Loser video instead but it was nice to get my heart rate up after several days of rest. Chelsea plans to run today too: ha! We are so sad, huh?

Until next time....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Papa Johns 10 mile run and Easter

With Courtney's help I finally scrounged up a picture of her at the Rock Creek River Gorge run. Doesn't she look tough - all trying to pass people and stuff? Go girl!

Our ten mile (eleven for Chels and I because we did one prior to the race start) went well this past weekend. It was super duper nice of Courtney's friend Tammy to offer up her home as a place for us all to crash prior to our event and shower afterwards. They were might comfy digs too. Aside from some tough hills in the park portion of the event it went splendidly. Chelsea did great although she informs me that I didn't talk enough and she plans to wear her ipod for our next run - The pressure! Sheesh! I mean - it's hard to have this much to say but a girl does run out occasionally. We all finished in good time and we snapped some cute pictures after the event.

We also got our "official pictures" mailed to us yesterday too. Our finish time was 1:39:33. Yay!

This weekend we are running in the Bryan Station 5K and Chelsea and I are going to do 9 miles before the start to get in our last big training run before the half next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Abby, Billie and Courtney are running too so it will be another fun group run. The best part of all - there is a pancake breakfast following the run - running + pancakes - what could be better on a Saturday morning?

Lastly, our Easter weekend went well. We went to church and Chels joined us and then Sara Beth and Matt came over for dinner: it was super yummy! We have tons of leftovers but who doesn't love leftovers!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In the words of Will Farrell from the movie elf "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it". What am I referring to you ask - a new favorite ice cream. Now...I should preface this by saying that when you love ice cream and frozen yogurt the way I love ice cream and frozen yogurt - it's hard to nail down one solid favorite. So..if you are like me you have lots of favorites and you simply rotate to keep variety in your life. After all - I have a bowl almost every single night. (Gasp!) I know, I know - I eat healthy and I run but a girl has got to have her sweets (and the extra five pounds she hasn't lost since getting pregnant!) Blah! Anyway...drum roll please......

You have got to try it - it's amazing! Berry Granola Crunch.

For those of you crazies who are dying to see nutrition info head on over and check it out.

Now, while we are on the subject of ice cream I will share my ultimate favorite as of late and prior to discovering the goodness that is Berry Granola Crunch -

I am embarrassed to admit that when I scoop a bowl of this stuff and sit down on the couch to have my first bite. It's like the world stops turning - the sky opens up and the Angels begin to sing the Hallelujah Chorus. It's that good people - get some. It isn't has kind (nutrition-wise) as the Berry Granola Crunch but its just as yummy. Before you get hooked I would like to draw your attention to the bright pink box on the carton that reads "LIMITED EDITION". I know - it makes my heart palpitate just reading that insanity. Why is it limited Edy's? Inquiring ice cream eaters want to know!!! Every time I buy it I want to buy like the whole groceries worth but then I remind myself that I don't have a deep freezer and although I could probably tank 12 cartons in one sitting (I know -it's a sickness) I SURELY don't need it.

Anyhow - go get yourself some ice cream and smile and then thank me for the incredible recommendations!

On to training information - Chelsea and I ran our 15K this past weekend and she did beautifully. The weather was a true gift - it was GORGEOUS. Oh my goodness it was gorgeous. We both got sun burnt (oops - we forgot sunscreen) but we felt great and finished it around 1 hr and 30 minutes. Yay Chelsea! So...we got sun burnt Sunday and today the high is like 30 something - how ridiculous is KY weather!

This weekend we are signed up for the Papa Johns Ten Miler in Lousiville, Kentucky. Courtney was signed up and I thought it would be a great run for Chelsea to truly get her feet wet in a big race environment. When I was training for my tri it was awesome to do a "practice" tri before our actual event and I thought it would do her good too. So...we are all three signed up and excited. Courtney's friend Tammy has been nice enough to invite us to crash at her place - no hotel fare: woo hoo. We leave Friday after work. Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed for better weather. I will be sure to post pictures after we are done.

Results were finally posted from our Rock Creek River Gorge Trail Run:

Lindsy: 1:19:19
Courtney: 1:34:30

I searched through photos on photostream of the events and found one. It was fun! I am looking forward to the next.