Monday, March 24, 2014


In February I was so excited to be able to attend Kennedy's class field trip. Thanks to my Mom for keeping my "littles". There were three stops on this particular field trip and first up was the Monroe Fire Department. After showing us their garage and the three trucks inside and the differences in each they talked a bit about fire safety and then showed the kids how they "suit up" for a fire. 
 Kennedy wouldn't high five him...I guess the mask was intimidating. The other kids didn't mind!
 I cracked up listening to these guys describe their trucks and all that was on them. Each shift has several different fire fighters and certain individuals on each shift drive specific trucks. As it turns out they take great pride in each of their trucks and it was just funny listening to them tell the kids why their truck was the "best and most important". Boys will always be boys, right?!
 As usual, I am trying to not share faces of these children as I can't possibly have the permission of all of their parents to do so. I'm happy I got this picture of Kennedy with her little friend "J" we'll call her. These two are buddies and I thought this was so sweet - they were waiting in line to see through the night vision goggles that the fire fighters wear in the event that electricity goes out during a fire and they are trying to locate victims in a home/building. 
 Touring the BIG FIRE TRUCK!
 After the fire station, the kids got a special treat: a visit to Dunkin' Donuts. Each child got a plain doughnut and were able to ice and decorate it with the colors/toppings of their choice. This was a HUGE hit and they all really seemed to enjoy decorating and eating their treats. The manager talked about how the assembly line works and how many doughnuts they make, etc. One child asked him how many doughnuts he ate a day and he admitted that he didn't eat them anymore but that he used to eat too many and so he made big dietary changes and was currently 100 lbs. less than he used to be. 100 lbs. people! That is amazing. I'm all about indulging in moderation and therefore see no problem with a doughnut every now and then but I thought his testimony was a cool reminder for the kids that foods like that are in fact special treats.  Let me tell you - they felt special all right! 

 After we left Dunkin' we went back to the school for a break and for lunch (you know those kids weren't that hungry after those big ole' doughnuts!) and then it was off to our next location: The Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport. Before I get into the details of this visit, I must tell you a funny story. 

We drive past this airport every day on our way to and from school. Most of what flies in and out of this airport are small planes that people are learning to fly, executive jets and or personal planes. Can you imagine owning a plane? Neither can I. Anyhow, we see planes taking off most mornings on our way to carpool and Kennedy asked me one morning who I thought it was. I told her that some people own planes just like we own our van and they use it to get them from place to place for work or for fun. She readily decided and said that when she grows up and gets a job as a babysitter (it is what she says she wants to do and she's said that for a while Lord help us!) she'd like to travel that way. Bless her heart!

Ok, on with the field trip details. It was windy and cold that day so you can imagine how standing on a runway with NO wind barriers felt but the kids were total troopers. Soon after we arrived we got to see a plane take off and a plane land. 
 We got to tour one of the hangers and see some of the personal and executive jets that stay at the airport until they need to use them. Again, I cannot imagine.
 This my friends is Tinker Belle. She is an old, old "warbird" and the airport is super proud to be her home. Here is an excerpt I found online about her: The Curtiss C-46F Commando Tinker Belle, a World War II transport named after its longtime home at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. This giant airplane - the heaviest and largest twin-engine airplane to see operational use with the United States Army Air Force during WWII - bears original military colors and interior.
C-46s played a major role in operations over the Himalayan mountain range known as the "Hump," flying fuel and other supplies from bases in India to China. Tinker Belle is owned and operated by Warriors & Warbirds Inc. and is one of about 234 C-46F models built.
The Curtiss-Wright C-46 Commando sitting at the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport has 11 camels painted beneath its name.
Each camel represents a successful trip the World War II transport plane made over "the hump" of the Himalayas after the Japanese closed the Burma Road.
Tinker Belle is the ONLY c-46 in the US that can still fly. Cool factoid: it burns fuel at the rate of 170 gallons/hour. Moral of the story - she can fly, but it ain't cheap! 

Read more here:
 Here is a better picture I found online. I don't get geeked out over stuff like this usually, but when you're up close it's pretty unreal and when you really think about the history of this plane in particular - it's just amazing. 
This sweet old man was our tour guide during our time at the airport. He tirelessly answered questions (some of which made sense and others.....) and had great pride in his responsibilities at the airport. Two of Kennedy's classmates clearly found him to be akin to a Grandfather figure and as it turns out, he was perfectly OK with that. Precious.
 Once I got Kennedy home from school it was time to get she and her sister ready for their big night out with their Daddy. I found out through Facebook that our local Chick-fil-A was hosting a Daddy/Daughter Date night and I knew the girls would adore every moment of such an event so I signed them all up. Here they are all dolled up for their date with Dad. 

 The anticipation was great and they couldn't wait to see how their Daddy thought they looked. Really one of the sweetest things ever. 
 These little matching dresses have gotten so much use. These were actually my nieces dresses which were worn in my sister Melissa's wedding and now they fit my girls right where they are size-wise: perfect! 

Tim managed to snag one sweet picture while they were on their date. I really didn't know what all the evening would entail but I was pleasantly surprised to hear all that went into making this night special for all the Daddies and their daughters. They decorated the restaurant for them and put flowers on the tables, there was a violinist there playing in the restaurant, each person got a sundae and there was even horse drawn carriage rides! As you can imagine, it was a BIG HIT with the girls and I'm so glad they were able to have a special night together. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Play, Play, Play ALL Day

This first picture doesn't really fit with the rest of the post, but c'mon - it's gotta "make" the blog because it's adorbs. Don't you agree? My two stud muffins! 
 I've said before and I'll say again that my hands down MOST favorite thing about being the mother of these three is watching them interact, play and ultimately enjoy being with one another. Often times they will pair up and the one out will be playing happily playing solo, but I've been trying to do better about snapping their group play because it's the sweetest. 
 Doctoring and grooming the "horsey".
 Outside of one another my kids top pick for playmates: their cousins! Here recently we met Melissa and her kiddos at the park so they could run around and get some energy out. Although this little one is walking,she didn't do much of it that day but she did stand still and look quizzically at my camera while I tried my hardest to get her to smile at me. The result is still super sweet, even without the smile. 
 Uh, uh...little turn of the lips...not quite a full out smile but it's pretty darn close. 
 The cool big bro rockin' his shades and soccer ball. 
 I just kept trying to get her to smile and thus ended up with like 40 pictures of her from that afternoon. This was one of my faves. 
Little did Melissa and I know that not only would they get out energy - they would wear themselves slap out and get straight up sweaty. My girls even ended up with bonus grass stains. They ran, and ran and ran some more. 
 Oh to be a kid again - the joy that comes with having a field all to yourselves and just running up and down it! 
 And wrestling.
 And chasing a ball.
 And getting thrown into the air by your Mom, aka your hero.
 Right before we left the kids watched a little bit of a pick up soccer game. 
 Best buds. You like how my girls not only went barefoot, but they convinced their cousin to as well. You can take the girls out of Kentucky but you can't take the Kentucky out of the girls: ha! 
 One last pic of this sweet little chunk-a-love. 
You know, I can't tell you how many times a week I hear fellow parents talk about time flying by and older/wiser woman telling me to soak it all up because I'll blink and it'll be gone (this stage of life, that is). It's hard to breathe in the moments amidst schedules, meal preparations, bath time, laundry, etc. but when they play I try to watch and take mental snapshots because I truly just adore it. I want to remember their love for outdoors and imagination and creation and each other...I hope they always love each other like they do now. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It was only the beginning

Our first snow day. In North Carolina snow doesn't come very often and because of that - people (how shall I put this tactfully) LOSE ALL GRIP ON REALITY when it snows! I mean, I want to stay true to my SC roots but I'm spoiled after living in Kentucky and basically going on with business as usual when it snows. The night before this picture was taken I sat down to enjoy one of my favorite shows - Biggest Loser. Would y'all believe that they cancelled Biggest Loser to broadcast news coverage about the "winter storm". Um...I hardly call a light dusting of snow a winter storm (see pictures below). Anyhow, the benefit of a snow day is more time with my biggest baby and the cancellation of all schedules and routines: on with the outdoor fun! 

 Something tells me we are going to need a bigger sled next year.

 This little man is a straight up trooper. Despite not really having any snow appropriate attire - he whined/fussed not once and in fact cried when after an hour we went inside. Sweet boy.
 What's more fun than sliding after a snow - sliding down onto a big fat pile of snow!

 This picture cracks me up. I mean, I could have totally just left here there helpless...not that I would ever dream or even imagine or think of doing such but if I did she'd be screwed. Ha! Is anyone thinking of Ralphie in The Christmas Story at this very moment? 
 Fun times!
 One must have hot chocolate after playing in the snow. 

 After snow play and hot chocolate consumption some awesome nap taking took place but at some point Avery was down and Grey wasn't (happens like that WAY more often than I care to admit) and I came around from the kitchen at a couple of different times to check on them and caught these precious moments: 
 Um, yeah...that's a toy pack and for baby dolls...not little brothers. He doesn't seem to mind. 
 Speaking of baby dolls and little brothers...look who has been watching his big sisters!
 oh my heavens
 Having a tea party in the dress up know...because, why not? 
 This one was the best - Kennedy set up this whole little picnic and straight up buckled Grey into a spare car seat that was sitting in our living room. Hilarious! 
Little did we know this was going to be one of MANY snow days to come. I know everyone reading this is like - "preach it sister". Our poor kids are going to be in school until mid-summer at the rate we're going. Come on Spring! On a positive note, kids clearly don't mind the, at all.