Thursday, March 13, 2014

A little peice of heaven

We were so blessed in January by a trip back to Kentucky to see some of my dearest and best friends and their families. In true fashion, I'm super late in sharing the details of our trip and thus Janine and Abby have gone before me so to speak. You can read their posts here and here and here. The bad thing about waiting to share the experience until now is that I'm sure I've forgotten some of the really special and fun things about the weekend, but photos will help and I'll do my best to recap how incredibly awesome the weekend was! 

First of all, some of Abby's friends through where she works and attends church graciously offered up this incredible house for us to stay in over the MLK weekend free of charge! How amazing is this place - I couldn't get over it!!!

Each family split meals/cooking responsibilities and brought different food items, toys and games for the kids which worked out perfectly. The house is owned by folks with grand kids so we had some nice things already at our disposal as well. 

I guess I should start by saying that between our three families there are 7 kids, so life went on as usual as far as caring for kids goes, but it was like a giant play date for all the kiddos and it was really fun to watch! We arrived on Thursday evening and pretty much just unpacked and got the kids to bed. 

On Friday morning it was just our family and the Burns's because Team Owens had to work so they would be joining us later that afternoon. The girls were quick to get into the dress up clothes and hair accessories. 

 I mean - this could have it's own title it's so special. 

 Sweet, sweet girls! 

 We were even hard core enough to run while we were there!!! It was crazy hilly but really beautiful and running with friends is always more fun! 

We ventured outside to check out the amazing scenery that surrounded us. 

 Brrr...our outdoor adventure didn't last long but we did get some rocks thrown into the lake which is always a big hit with the kiddos! 
The Owens's arrived late Saturday - just in time to get the kids in and to bed. We stayed up too late socializing and laughing and catching up and the next morning we had a kitchen full of beautiful babes enjoying breakfast together! 
 More friends = more fun! 

We mostly ate, laughed, talked, ate some more and marveled at all of our kiddos and how much they are growing and how well they were playing but we did find time to try to complete an incredibly hard puzzle (no we didn't finish :(). 
On Sunday Tim and I drove in to our old church and we went out to lunch with some of my most precious and missed girlfriends. So, so good to see each of them and their families - I miss them so! 
Once back at the lake house and after naps, we ventured out of doors again as an entire crew. It was a bit crazy, but the kids all had fun throwing rocks and we got some cute pictures while we were out. 

 Pictures of the "triplets" - a must when we are all together. 

 So thankful we are still getting these boys and ourselves together - even if it's not on a regularly scheduled basis! 

 So fun!
 We fully enjoyed our last evening in the lake house with an all out dance party..... 
....and indoor s'more making session!
Monday morning brought some sad babies that didn't want to leave each other and some packing and cleaning craziness but it was ALL WORTH IT!
I was thankful to be up early enough to watch the moon tuck away and
 the sun come up! It was beautiful and I was glad to just have the time to reflect and fully be thankful for these friendships in my life and the ability to enjoy such a weekend away!
 I want to go back!

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  1. I want to go back now! Made me cry looking back at these pictures. Love you and miss you!!