Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back at it!

Tim and I are in Asheville. Alone. As in - our kids are not with us. It's strange. Good, but strange. We have eaten at some highly recommended local eateries, we have done some shopping with gift cards we got for Christmas but hadn't gone out to use yet. You know, shopping just really doesn't happen when you have three kids!? We slept in this morning. Together. Until 8 AM. It was glorious. This evening Tim is in a meeting and I'm in the hotel room alone. I've watched about 5 episodes straight of rehab addict on HGTV. I'm not sure what impresses me more - her talent or her body: they are both ridiculously impressive. Have y'all seen that show? Anyhow, I had grand plans for this little getaway but alas the time has flown by and we depart in the morning. I think I'll attempt getting caught up a bit on the blog. I'm likely going to be one of those people who "hyper-post" because it's convenient for me in the now. Alright, let's hop to it. Let's's March and I left off at New Years - sigh. 

Poor "Grey-Grey" as we affectionately call him: he's inundated with all things girlie, so it was bound to happen sooner or later: 

True story - this is the first time he's been dressed up like this and we put him down for his nap in full garb: tights, leotard and tutu. 
When my Mom arrived to babysit for our Anniversary date I forgot to forewarn her so she had a  nice little surprise when he woke and she went to get him up. Ha! 
Tim and I celebrated 8 years in January. We used a restaurant voucher we had to Villa Antonio and it was delicious! 
This boy is into everything - LITERALLY! He finds new ways to use things and climbs on things and pulls things apart and I'm sure those of you with boys are nodding your head like "yeah...and?". 
I'm sure this type of thing being exhibited by the older siblings doesn't help. 
I am thankful that despite what bad habits he may learn from her - he enjoys being with her. They have turned my kitchen/playroom area into their own little race track and it's pretty entertaining. 

Speaking of Grey being all boy - he loves to watch a project. Exhibit A - our oven has been acting up so Jim offered to take a look at it and Grey wasn't going to miss out on any of the action. So cute! 
The girls have been all into playing "horsey" since being given the Disney movie Spirit for Christmas. Do you like that while playing Spirit the horse is dressed as if she's ready for dance practice and the "rider" decided clothing was optional?
Horsey is one of mine and Tim's least favorite "games", but I am so thankful that they play together so well - no matter the game of choice! 
After the girls were done playing horsey, a good ole' storm came upon us and Avery was scared of the thunder, so Kennedy allowed her to basically take over her own chair in an effort to comfort her. This kind of thing makes me a proud Momma. 
The storm we got during our dinner dumped a TON of rain in a short amount of time. We decided to make lemonade out of lemons and took the kids out to play in it. Thankfully it was a Friday night so we had all the time we wanted to play :). 

The kids got bored with the puddles in our yard pretty quickly so we granted their request to go and scope out the playground. 

And the fun truly began! 

Who knew rain could bring so much joy? It's the little things: 
Once we were officially soaking wet and frozen we decided to call it a night. Grey was beyond ready for bed: can you tell? 


  1. Seriously!? My comment disappeared. Grr. Anyways, I was saying that your pictures are amazing with the sunset and the puddle jumping! GREAT! Even more awesome is your suggesting that the kids go play in the puddles. You're pretty much the Mommy of the Year! :)

  2. I love these pictures and videos of the kids playing:) So fun!