Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Play, Play, Play ALL Day

This first picture doesn't really fit with the rest of the post, but c'mon - it's gotta "make" the blog because it's adorbs. Don't you agree? My two stud muffins! 
 I've said before and I'll say again that my hands down MOST favorite thing about being the mother of these three is watching them interact, play and ultimately enjoy being with one another. Often times they will pair up and the one out will be playing happily playing solo, but I've been trying to do better about snapping their group play because it's the sweetest. 
 Doctoring and grooming the "horsey".
 Outside of one another my kids top pick for playmates: their cousins! Here recently we met Melissa and her kiddos at the park so they could run around and get some energy out. Although this little one is walking,she didn't do much of it that day but she did stand still and look quizzically at my camera while I tried my hardest to get her to smile at me. The result is still super sweet, even without the smile. 
 Uh, uh...little turn of the lips...not quite a full out smile but it's pretty darn close. 
 The cool big bro rockin' his shades and soccer ball. 
 I just kept trying to get her to smile and thus ended up with like 40 pictures of her from that afternoon. This was one of my faves. 
Little did Melissa and I know that not only would they get out energy - they would wear themselves slap out and get straight up sweaty. My girls even ended up with bonus grass stains. They ran, and ran and ran some more. 
 Oh to be a kid again - the joy that comes with having a field all to yourselves and just running up and down it! 
 And wrestling.
 And chasing a ball.
 And getting thrown into the air by your Mom, aka your hero.
 Right before we left the kids watched a little bit of a pick up soccer game. 
 Best buds. You like how my girls not only went barefoot, but they convinced their cousin to as well. You can take the girls out of Kentucky but you can't take the Kentucky out of the girls: ha! 
 One last pic of this sweet little chunk-a-love. 
You know, I can't tell you how many times a week I hear fellow parents talk about time flying by and older/wiser woman telling me to soak it all up because I'll blink and it'll be gone (this stage of life, that is). It's hard to breathe in the moments amidst schedules, meal preparations, bath time, laundry, etc. but when they play I try to watch and take mental snapshots because I truly just adore it. I want to remember their love for outdoors and imagination and creation and each other...I hope they always love each other like they do now. 


  1. such great moments!!! I love the play play play time!!!!

  2. So sweet! Love all the pictures of them together just being kids.