Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It was only the beginning

Our first snow day. In North Carolina snow doesn't come very often and because of that - people (how shall I put this tactfully) LOSE ALL GRIP ON REALITY when it snows! I mean, I want to stay true to my SC roots but oh.my.word. I'm spoiled after living in Kentucky and basically going on with business as usual when it snows. The night before this picture was taken I sat down to enjoy one of my favorite shows - Biggest Loser. Would y'all believe that they cancelled Biggest Loser to broadcast news coverage about the "winter storm". Um...I hardly call a light dusting of snow a winter storm (see pictures below). Anyhow, the benefit of a snow day is more time with my biggest baby and the cancellation of all schedules and routines: on with the outdoor fun! 

 Something tells me we are going to need a bigger sled next year.

 This little man is a straight up trooper. Despite not really having any snow appropriate attire - he whined/fussed not once and in fact cried when after an hour we went inside. Sweet boy.
 What's more fun than sliding after a snow - sliding down onto a big fat pile of snow!

 This picture cracks me up. I mean, I could have totally just left here there helpless...not that I would ever dream or even imagine or think of doing such but if I did she'd be screwed. Ha! Is anyone thinking of Ralphie in The Christmas Story at this very moment? 
 Fun times!
 One must have hot chocolate after playing in the snow. 

 After snow play and hot chocolate consumption some awesome nap taking took place but at some point Avery was down and Grey wasn't (happens like that WAY more often than I care to admit) and I came around from the kitchen at a couple of different times to check on them and caught these precious moments: 
 Um, yeah...that's a toy pack and play...like for baby dolls...not little brothers. He doesn't seem to mind. 
 Speaking of baby dolls and little brothers...look who has been watching his big sisters!
 oh my heavens
 Having a tea party in the dress up closet...you know...because, why not? 
 This one was the best - Kennedy set up this whole little picnic and straight up buckled Grey into a spare car seat that was sitting in our living room. Hilarious! 
Little did we know this was going to be one of MANY snow days to come. I know everyone reading this is like - "preach it sister". Our poor kids are going to be in school until mid-summer at the rate we're going. Come on Spring! On a positive note, kids clearly don't mind the snow...like, at all. 


  1. I wanted to holler PINKIES UP! when I saw Kennedy drinking her hot chocolate ;) Super cute. And Grey is the best baby ever! So easy going! LOVE IT. Finn would have torn that baby doll crib thingy up like a pit bull. He is such a wreck-it-Ralph!!

  2. Gotta love the city getting shut down for a dusting of snow. That seems to happen often in Lex too! Looks like the kids had a ball!! Love Grey in the doll pack and play! ha:)