Monday, June 22, 2015

iPhones are fun

These are iPhone pics from September and October. I joined the iPhone revolution before baby Micah joined us and I'm so glad I did. For one thing, I finally have decent service. No more randomly dropped calls PTL! Coming in a close second place to the decent service: the camera. It's so convenient and sometimes it takes a stellar photo. Not all the time, but sometimes and even if the photos aren't awesome - they're special. 
 A little makeover happening here. 

 Poor kid. Two big sisters.....what are you going to do? He rolls with it. 
 This may be one of my favorite "action shots" of all time. I mean, I just can't even think of words to do this picture justice. Kid loves a fire truck and any other big truck for that matter. Enough said. 
 Cousin Love

 This girl. I mean, no shirt = no problem. 
 We had to reconfigure car seats when we added Micah's seat to the van. This was when things got really real, you know what I'm sayin'? Please excuse Kennedy's crazy eye...not sure what's happening there but the jack o' lantern is fitting because she looks creep-tastic.
 We already needed a bigger chair before Micah came. 
 This would be a prime example of an incredible iPhone pic. I wish I could take credit for these beauties, but my Mom took them when K was having a sleep over at her place and I adore them.

 Sister Snuggles
 Mere hours after Micah's arrival.

 meeting Nana and Pawpaw

 She has never held him for very long so you have to snap fast because these sweet moments don't last long...she's just too busy to sit still. 

Now that we have 4 these pictures have become more of the rule rather than the exception because I always have my phone but not often enough hands for my camera. I still try to get the camera out when I can but there'll be lots more where these came from.

These two are the best of buds. Lord help me when she goes to kindergarten.
 I love how he crosses his little ankles.
 Playing bingo with my big girl while brother naps. 
 She was trying to convince me that this rock looked like a fluffy marshmallow and smelled like one too. She stated her case very strongly.

 When Kennedy gets home from school and finishes her homework, these two typically play and mostly they play horses. 

 Sometimes I take their pictures just because I think they look super cute in their outfits. Kennedy's outfits are getting more and more "big girl" so sometimes I text her picture to her cousins who have kindly passed down their clothing for years. 
 When it's time to go, he is prepared with lovies in tow!
They used the baby apparatus's more than the baby did. True story.
 This. This is normal for this one. 
 Despite being a selfie hater...(I really am), I am determined to have pictures proving my existence. In addition, I'd like to remember that he was still and snuggly once upon a time. 

Milk Mouth

 I love it when they are so knocked out that you can lay them on the floor and they keep on sleeping. If only that skill would last a little longer. 

 Lots of fun days ahead with these three. 

 A visit from a special friend!