Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fall, Fun and Friends!

This is Kennedy's BFF. She is a doll and I'm so thankful they've found each other as friends. They were in the same kindergarten class last year but this year they've been in different 1st grade classes. We are praying they are reunited in 2nd grade this next year!They play with each other every day at recess and her parents and I get them together as often as possible outside of school too. This picture was taken with their principle at Lower Campus Night at the football game. 
Sophia's parents are always volunteering to pick Kennedy up and take her places because they know we have all the little siblings and I SO appreciate that. 
 These next few pictures are of Avery with her BFF Katelyn. This is at Katelyn's "bring a friend" dance class. So sweet. Ave is in the red. 

 Oh these sweet girls and their "big girl" posing! 
 These girls see each other almost every day at the gym, but when they don't - we try to get them together to play at least once a week. 

 Season's here are drastically different than they were in KY (as in, there aren't drastic changes in the temperature like there were in KY). We had some amazing weather in the fall and I took full advantage and got the kids outside. Here they are having some fun at a new park nearby - Dogwood Park. 

 Speaking of good friends, one of my dear friends from the gym told me she was getting rid of her kids' train table and wanted to know if I wanted it. For free! Um, yes please. Tim picked it up and got it all set up to kind of "unveil" to the kids one night and it was instant love! 

 We put the table upstairs and the kids play with it a lot. It has been such a blessing. 

Nothing ushers in the Fall like a little cookie baking, right? Halloween cookies, Christmas cookies. Yum! I think my Mom gave the kids these cookie cutters and there are lots of different pieces so you can make different shapes for mouth and nose and eyes. They are gigantic. Kennedy had a lot of fun making these little guys. 
  Fall in our house = applesauce time. We've done this each year since we've been here and I hope it's something we always do. It's so fun and always yields a delicious bounty :). I love that the kids are so "into" it too - super fun. We went back to Windy Hill which is where we've gotten our apples the last few times and I really like it. We got there bright and early with the plan to purchase apple cider doughnuts, do "you pick" for a while and pick up our boxes of seconds apples that had been packed up for us to make applesauce with. Well, their site was incorrect and you pick wasn't until 2 hours later so we had some doughnuts with the chickens and roosters keeping us company, packed up our apples and went on our way. Hopefully this year I'll get the times right and we can pick some. 

 Chickens will eat anything....even apple cider doughnuts...out of an innocent child's hands. Ha! 

 My little pumpkins! 

 I can't remember what day we picked our apples up, but the applesauce and apple butter making is a day long process. The girls liked the idea of helping but they didn't actually help for long - there was dress up to play (clearly) and cartoons to watch! They did help a little though and I got some pictures of them pitching in. 

Apple butter - time consuming to make (though the crock pots do most of the work) but so delicious in the end! 
 & butter
It's hard to believe that enough time has passed that it's almost time to do this again. Our calculations will have been correct though, we're almost through all our applesauce we put up last year - I think I have 4-5 more quart bags left. Fall is my favorite season and the fall fun memories are one of the reasons why. 

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