Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fall = Fabulous & I heart manties

I think I've mentioned a time or twelve that I adore Fall. I mean, weather is just perfection in the Fall. It's cool enough for long sleeves or a light jacket but warm enough that you can stay out for hours and enjoy it and that is just what we do when it's Fall round' here. 

It's funny to be blogging about not only Fall but Avery riding her balance bike because A) It's been 100 degrees around here lately and it's miserable out and B) Avery is just learning to ride her real bike without training wheels. My what several months will change! 
In this house we are all about routine. I mean, don't get me wrong I'm all for throwing the plans out the window if need be and each year I get better and better at handling said situations when they arise, but I do like a bit (read: a lot) of structure because it simply helps me to sail this ship more smoothly...know what I'm sayin'? So..when the weather permits, we get home from carpool and we head right back out the door until dinner preparations warrant the necessity of bringing it back indoors. My kids love being outside and so do Tim and I so it's a win, win. Being outside on a comfortable day = happiness for me! Thankfully my kids don't tire of riding bikes, scooters, carts, kicking a ball, running, jumping, and just overall PLAYING!

I mean, seriously: this face = WINNING!

We purchased this little bike as a pre-cursor to a training wheel bike and I am so glad we did because it has really helped the transition. It's basically a bike with no pedals so they learn the same balancing skills it takes to ride a real bike so that when that time comes they're already partly there. They start walking and balancing and then they kind of transition to running while riding like you see here: 
& then ultimately they get to where they can run and then lift their feet up and just steer around and maneuver really well on these little ingenious creations. 
Grey is just beginning to transition from the tricycle to the balance bike and Tim will be so happy for him to retire the pink and purple thing for something a bit more robust. 

They get really happy when Daddy arrives home from work and we are all out there playing and he gets to join us. 
Transitioning into another subject entirely (because they chronologically are near one another in my photographic back up) (c'mon now, y'all I know I like to keep things in order) Manties. What are they you ask? Well, male panties. Ergo the term Manties. I'm not sure who invented it but my cousin uses it liberally and I happen to find it brilliant. I mean, that is basically what tightie whities are but I like Manties way better. My little man began starting to use the big boy potty in August (the 2nd to be exact) but it wasn't until October (10th to be exact) that we began attempts to master the entire affair which required him to begin using Manties. I gotta tell you - it's pretty cute and I just need to have some of this for memory sake. 
 He was so proud of his Thomas collection. 

 I always heard that potty training boys was harder than girls and so I anticipated that it would be. I didn't expect him to be interested as early as he was but when he wanted to try we rolled with it. I'll say this though: he has been infinitely harder than the girls. I'm not sure why. Once the girls got it...they GOT IT but that has not been the case with him. Here we are 8 months out and I still have to remind him to go most of the time and he still has occasional accidents but honestly, having added another on the diaper payroll since this all began so to speak, I'm happy for him to be off even with the occasional accident. 
 What is it about this whole process that makes you feel as though the baby phase has left the building? Exciting yet sad all at the same time. Big boy! 

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  1. Ahhhh! Love a Mantie-clad bottom. LOVE IT. And the "I'm a Big Boy Now" (cue the commercial jingle) smiles! And it is so funny how much my two have loved and cherished their character undies. They take picking out undies very seriously in our house.
    The pictures of Tim with the kids are absolutely precious, and frame-worthy. And I am impressed that Ave is riding without training wheels now. That balance bike must've done wonders! Keagan isn't even close yet.