Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Fall Fun Continues

AW Shucks farm was a place we went to our first fall in North Carolina and we were excited to go back again this year with our friends the Englars and Kennedy's friend from school Sophia and her parents. The plan was to head out after Grey and Avery's nap and try to all meet up at the same time. Well, when Grey woke up from his nap he promptly barfed all over me so at the last minute Tim took the girls and I stayed here with the sick one.  In the end it was a fluke but you can never be to careful with that kind of junk. I'm tellin' ya...Motherhood is a glamorous job. 
It ended up being a pretty toasty day that ended with a colossal downpour running everyone out of the farm and into their cars for a rainy ride home. 
I don't have a ton of great pictures, but truthfully I'm just happy Tim got any at all since he was flying solo. 

Oh this girl. She lives out loud. 


I did some past post digging and found our pictures from the last time our families went to AW Shucks. Mind blown...these kids have changed so much! 

Our next fun fall family event was at my sisters. She hosted a similar event last year, but as noted with my previous post about her sons birthday - she goes big or goes home. We painted pumpkins, she made pumpkin ice cream, she ordered pizza, there were giant balloons. In other words, our kids were in heaven. 
We literally just returned last week from our beach trip and it's unreal how much this little lady has changed since this picture was taken. 
We are a pumpkin carving family. We pretty much carve pumpkins every year, but we really enjoyed painting them - it's a lot less messy and the kids had a lot of fun with it. 

Their finished products. Notice the boys' pumpkin to the far left and the girls neat and tidy pumpkins in the middle. Hilarious. 

Another great thing about painting - even the tiniest of hands can do it. 

One of our last family photos before Micah joined this crazy crew! 
This Wall Fall Fiesta is becoming a regular old thing each year - love traditions. We called this one 2.0 but I'm very much looking to 3.0 this Fall. 

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