Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice is bad

Well, I was all excited about making a post because I had some pictures of Courtney and I braving the elements and running in the snow. Unfortunately the blogosphere is working against me because the pictures are on a different computer and Snapfish won't let me copy and paste and blah blah. Anyhow - you will have to trust that we are running despite this crazy mess in Kentucky! Ice snow, more snow...yuck!

Yesterday our hard-coreness finally caught up with us. A little over mile 2 in our run I slid on some black ice and fell directly on my bent elbow - OUCH! I just laid there in the snow and ice as pain radiated all the way up to my shoulder. I had to hold my arm to my chest just to get my butt up off the concrete. Ugh! I didn't even see it coming. Amazingly nothing profane was said and other than a blue bruise I am feeling okay...I finished the run and made it back home in one piece. Unfortunately Courtney experienced the falling sensation as well when she bit it about 1/4 mile from the house. We were a sad pair. I say her fall was graceful but she said it didn't feel so graceful. So...we are two bruised running gals. Oh well - it happens!

After our run yesterday, I was more cautious than ever trying to hobble around the parking lot at work and our driveway - I have a healthy fear of ice now for sure.

We are supposed to go running at Raven's Run Nature Sanctuary tomorrow and I am not so sure about it - we'll see how weather holds up. I will try to take some pics but you see how much good that is doing me as of late.

Chelsea went home to see her folks and she probably giggled to herself as she got close and realized how ridiculous us Kentuckians act about this snow becuase there is a ton in PA. I don't want to make light of a difficult situation though because there are TONS Of people without power around here - Courtney included in those. I can't imagine! It's soooo cold.

Well, Chels and I start our "official" Hal Higdon training schedule on Monday for the half - wish us luck!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Final update on J

I spoke with Abby a little while ago and Jonathan finally received word from Central Bank regarding the position he interviewed for. I am sad to report that the company decided to hire internally rather than externally. Of course my initial and albeit angry first response was: "Why the heck did they even interview externally if they had no intentions of hiring externally."
My heart is just hurting for them, for their family, and for Jonathan's weakened spirit. All I can think of (despite how often we hear it and despite how when we need it, we sometimes don't want to hear it) is the following verse: Jer. 29:11 (NIV) "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." It is so hard in times like these to be positive and to maintain hope in your circumstance. God promises to be faithful to those who believe in him and who come to him with their hurts and needs. Abby and Jonathan have grown so much spiritually and I know he will reward their faithfulness. Please continue to pray for them and for updates you can visit Abby's blog @
They want everyone who is praying for them to know that they appreciate it!

Philippians 4:5-7 "Let YOUR reasonableness become known to all men. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving let YOUR petitions be made known to God; and the peace of God that excels all thought will guard YOUR hearts and YOUR mental powers by means of Christ Jesus."

Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on J

Update: I just wanted to let you all know that I heard from Jonathan yesterday via text message, and his presentation went well and he really appreciates all the prayer and concern from his friends. I think we are all hopeful he will hear back from them today and I will post again if we do. Thanks again for keeping him in your prayers.

Monday, January 19, 2009

First trail run, running in the snow and a prayer request to whoever reads my blog

Billie, Courtney and I did our first trail run at Veteran's Park in Lexington on Saturday. Besides being super duper cold it was fun. It was a lot different than my usual running (obviously). I have no pictures - sorry, I couldn't feel my fingers!
I decided afterwards that it would be best to probably venture out into new "shoedom" because my ankles felt a little wobbly so I thought more stability would help. I went to Johns last night and bought a pair of Montrail shoes which fortunately they were going to stop carrying and so I got them for only $45. I am most certain that is the cheapest pair of running shoes I have ever and probably will ever buy - YAY! The shoe fitting specialist guy said trail shoes weren't an absolute necessity and that I could actually continue to wear my regular running shoes for trail running too. WHATEVER - my shoes are like $130 shoes - I am so not getting them muddy/icky etc. not to mention putting any more wear on them than necessary. More wear = more purchasing - you catch my drift? I told him that little fact could be our well-kept secret *wink wink. Courtney got a pair too so we are ready and raring to go.....well, maybe that's a little overzealous but it sounds good, right?
It has been a cold running week thus far - Chels and I braved the elements for a run in the snow on Monday: brrr. I had little snow/icicles on my eyelashes and my face was a big ice cube but other than that it was all good. To be completely honest it was a pretty cool run - there was like an inch of snow on the ground and it was just neat to put the the first tracks in the snow and hear it crunch beneath our feet not to mention how sparkly and shiny it was on the ground. I am so proud of Chelsea because not many people are "hard core" enough to run in the snow - go girl!
Courtney and I ran yesterday and it was wicked cold - 17 to be exact. The snow and stuff had basically turned into icy stuff so it was a little more treacherous than my Monday run. At one point we kind of slid into each other in an awkward dance-like move. We decided we looked like un-synchronized ice skaters. If you can, imagine a couples skate between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding and that is what we looked like.
Lastly, my blog is about to take a serious turn which like- never happens. In the last few months I have become a little intrigued by a few blogs that I have started to read. Different ones have witnessed to me in different ways and one of them in particular is It is through this woman's blog (which is amazing and everyone should read when they get a chance -by the way) that I learned of another blog: That is kind of how the blogging world works - it's all strangely intertwined in weird ways. Anyway - to cut to the chase there is a little baby named Harper that needs prayer in a mighty way. For anyone who reads my blog I felt like the Holy Spirit was kind of encouraging me to gather prayer for her and so I am asking you to pray. To learn more about Harper and about what she is going through and or to get current updates visit Kelly's blog.
While I am asking for prayer requests I am going to ask that you all pray for one more thing - a very dear friend of mine's husband has recently been laid off. As you all can imagine this economy is a rough one to have lost your job in. After countless hours of prayer and pouring out of emotion, countless printed resumes, countless hours spent searching for job openings and countless phone calls/interviews, etc. he has an interview tomorrow and it is for a position that he has longed to have for quite some time. His name is Jonathan and he has a very important final interview at 11 AM tomorrow morning. Please join me in prayer for he and his wife - put yourself in their shoes (either you or your spouse being without work right now). I absolutely can not imagine how difficult that must be. For baby Harper and for Jonathan - thank you in advance for your prayers - they are greatly appreciated. Serious moment now over - I'm not real good at those. =)
Until next time...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Negative what?

Is it really negative three degrees.....REALLY? When I step outside and feel the cold bite every part of me, I am amazed that there are places suffering in negative 30 degree weather. Immediately after that thought I am thankful we live in Kentucky...I can handle negative 3...I guess.

Although I love cold weather (on the upside of 20 degrees is preferable) it does put a damper on working out when you can't afford a gym membership. Never have I missed a gym like I have missed one the last few weeks. I have actually passed my old gym while running a couple times and I have stared longingly into the windows. I have found myself thinking "here all these people are starting new year's resolutions, probably having to drag themselves into the gym and I am out here freezing my tail off wishing like anything I was in there." CRAZY! Courtney and I did manage to get some runs in this week - even one in 17 degree weather..brrr. Once the forecast was predicting 13 and flurries (for yesterday) we decided it best to call it quits until more normal temps returned. So...because we didn't run yesterday and because I am trying to get serious about getting healthy - I had to work out. After I got Kennedy down for her morning nap I strapped on the Ipod and as embarrassed as I am to admit it: I rocket it out in my house and burned some calories while doing it. I did the Cha Cha Slide, the Electric Slide, the Cupid Shuffle and every other gay wedding dance song I had on my Ipod. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. All I needed was a strobe light and a disco ball to make the event complete. I would have DIED for anyone to see me but it was all in the name of a good calorie burn for crying out loud. I did lunges around my house, squats, wall-sits, crunches, etc. etc. My report on my home-made workout - SORE muscles so it must have worked although I looked ridiculous doing it.

Obviously since its in the negatives today I have no run to report for today but it's probably best I rest up because the girls and I are going for our first trail run tomorrow and I want to be ready. Luckily the temps are supposed to improve so it should be nice to get back out and even better to do something new with a group of gals. I will try to get some pics so I can share the experience with you.

Lastly, I just want to say that Tim and I went out for our anniversary last night - 3 years. =) It was a really nice night. We had dinner at Johnny Carino's - I love that place. If you have never eaten there and or have never had their wedge salad: I highly recommend it. After dinner we went to The Melting Pot for dessert. Words can not express how delicious that chocolate was - Oh my Goodness! So good! There is a story here besides just our evening report. I had decided at Carino's that I would allow myself to have a cup of decaf to celebrate on this special occasion. I was so thrilled that I was going to have some coffee that I could barely contain my excitement as I asked our waiter for a cup of liquid goodness that I have deprived myself of for almost two full weeks now. So...the waiter comes back a few minutes later and I was ready to grab my coffee when he reports "we are out of decaf." WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you out of decaf? I actually asked just that when this cute little lady came out a few minutes later to apologize. "How does that happen?" I asked. Of all places to have decaf - a place that specializes in dessert is a no brainer to me - isn't it to you? Ugh! She gave me some explanation about how they use liquid and not grounds and "our machine is different and special and blah blah blah". Whatever! I said okay and just resigned to water but after she was done explaining she told me she was the restaurant manager. I felt a little guilty then....after all, I am in management and I understand its tough when people aren't exactly happy. I figured it best that they didn't have coffee because it did bring out a little psycho in me - ha! We ended up having a great time and the food was incredible - even though I didn't get my precious coffee.

Report on our trail run to come Monday! Until then!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years Resolutions

So...I am not big on New Years Resolutions, I have never really even set one to be honest. This year is a little different - I don't know if I would call it a resolution (because it seems everyone always fails at those) but it's a definite goal to cease something. What is that something, you ask? I have decided (drum roll please) to stop drinking coffee. I should tell you that when people have told me about their goal to stop drinking coffee in the past I heard horror-movie type screams in my head and I thought to myself "I would never do that - it would be simply impossible". There are several reasons why I have decided to stop:
-It gives you lingering bad breath
-My affection for seasonal creamers borders on the line of crazy and hello - they aren't fat free for crying out loud. I am so obsessed that in January you can find me checking out with the cart full of gingerbread and pumpkin spice creamer because I want to savor them for as long as possible and when the stores clearance them out I lose grip on reality. Okay, so maybe my affection doesn't border on the line of crazy - it just is plain CRAZY!
-I like to have a little coffee with my cream and Splenda - wasteful liquid calories anyone? I know, I know - Splenda is good, right? Is it? What's in the stuff anyways? It totally disappears when it hits liquid - that can't be good.
-I have become increasingly fond of de-caf coffee as well so on some days I can have up to 4-5 cups of coffee and that's gotta be harmful to your kidneys. I mean - you are supposed to be able to see through your urine for crying out loud. If you have 4-5 cups of coffee you can only fit so much water intake between those cups and I guarantee it's not enough.
So, I am on my 5th coffee free day and it HAS NOT been easy. My headaches in my temples were so severe Monday and Tuesday that I felt of the Asian persuasion. I had to surrender to my caffeine withdrawals and have a Diet Coke. I would like to eventually stop drinking soda too but one thing at a time - I didn't anticipate the severity of my withdrawals. Anyhow - I will keep you posted on that front but it's looking like I am going to make a clean break (I hope so anyhow).

As for training updates, I have selected(along with my running buddies) two upcoming events to train for:
The Derby Mini marathon in Louisville, Kentucky on April 25th
I will be training for and doing this event with my dear Nanny Chelsea Rearick. I am so thrilled that she has set this goal for herself. This will be her first big race and I know she can and will do it - I am just honored she chose to do it with me! We will begin our official 12 week training program on Feb 1st.

The other event I am going to do is a trail run which I have mentioned wanting to do previously. My other running buddies Courtney Lawrenz and Billie Motsch are going to be training for and doing this event with me. I am thrilled about entering a new arena -it's exciting. The event is called the Rock Creek River Gorge Trail Run and is in Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 4th
We plan to get in a practice trail run in the next few weekends.

Stay tuned for updates and pictures. Now that I have no Internet connection at home (you do what you can to save money....I can hear Dave Ramsey now.....he would be so proud) it's hard for me to frequently post, but I will try.

Until Then.....