Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice is bad

Well, I was all excited about making a post because I had some pictures of Courtney and I braving the elements and running in the snow. Unfortunately the blogosphere is working against me because the pictures are on a different computer and Snapfish won't let me copy and paste and blah blah. Anyhow - you will have to trust that we are running despite this crazy mess in Kentucky! Ice snow, more snow...yuck!

Yesterday our hard-coreness finally caught up with us. A little over mile 2 in our run I slid on some black ice and fell directly on my bent elbow - OUCH! I just laid there in the snow and ice as pain radiated all the way up to my shoulder. I had to hold my arm to my chest just to get my butt up off the concrete. Ugh! I didn't even see it coming. Amazingly nothing profane was said and other than a blue bruise I am feeling okay...I finished the run and made it back home in one piece. Unfortunately Courtney experienced the falling sensation as well when she bit it about 1/4 mile from the house. We were a sad pair. I say her fall was graceful but she said it didn't feel so graceful. So...we are two bruised running gals. Oh well - it happens!

After our run yesterday, I was more cautious than ever trying to hobble around the parking lot at work and our driveway - I have a healthy fear of ice now for sure.

We are supposed to go running at Raven's Run Nature Sanctuary tomorrow and I am not so sure about it - we'll see how weather holds up. I will try to take some pics but you see how much good that is doing me as of late.

Chelsea went home to see her folks and she probably giggled to herself as she got close and realized how ridiculous us Kentuckians act about this snow becuase there is a ton in PA. I don't want to make light of a difficult situation though because there are TONS Of people without power around here - Courtney included in those. I can't imagine! It's soooo cold.

Well, Chels and I start our "official" Hal Higdon training schedule on Monday for the half - wish us luck!

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  1. Yes, we start today and I began the day with some homemade brownies! What a way to kick it off I say! ha :)