Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years Resolutions

So...I am not big on New Years Resolutions, I have never really even set one to be honest. This year is a little different - I don't know if I would call it a resolution (because it seems everyone always fails at those) but it's a definite goal to cease something. What is that something, you ask? I have decided (drum roll please) to stop drinking coffee. I should tell you that when people have told me about their goal to stop drinking coffee in the past I heard horror-movie type screams in my head and I thought to myself "I would never do that - it would be simply impossible". There are several reasons why I have decided to stop:
-It gives you lingering bad breath
-My affection for seasonal creamers borders on the line of crazy and hello - they aren't fat free for crying out loud. I am so obsessed that in January you can find me checking out with the cart full of gingerbread and pumpkin spice creamer because I want to savor them for as long as possible and when the stores clearance them out I lose grip on reality. Okay, so maybe my affection doesn't border on the line of crazy - it just is plain CRAZY!
-I like to have a little coffee with my cream and Splenda - wasteful liquid calories anyone? I know, I know - Splenda is good, right? Is it? What's in the stuff anyways? It totally disappears when it hits liquid - that can't be good.
-I have become increasingly fond of de-caf coffee as well so on some days I can have up to 4-5 cups of coffee and that's gotta be harmful to your kidneys. I mean - you are supposed to be able to see through your urine for crying out loud. If you have 4-5 cups of coffee you can only fit so much water intake between those cups and I guarantee it's not enough.
So, I am on my 5th coffee free day and it HAS NOT been easy. My headaches in my temples were so severe Monday and Tuesday that I felt of the Asian persuasion. I had to surrender to my caffeine withdrawals and have a Diet Coke. I would like to eventually stop drinking soda too but one thing at a time - I didn't anticipate the severity of my withdrawals. Anyhow - I will keep you posted on that front but it's looking like I am going to make a clean break (I hope so anyhow).

As for training updates, I have selected(along with my running buddies) two upcoming events to train for:
The Derby Mini marathon in Louisville, Kentucky on April 25th
I will be training for and doing this event with my dear Nanny Chelsea Rearick. I am so thrilled that she has set this goal for herself. This will be her first big race and I know she can and will do it - I am just honored she chose to do it with me! We will begin our official 12 week training program on Feb 1st.

The other event I am going to do is a trail run which I have mentioned wanting to do previously. My other running buddies Courtney Lawrenz and Billie Motsch are going to be training for and doing this event with me. I am thrilled about entering a new arena -it's exciting. The event is called the Rock Creek River Gorge Trail Run and is in Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 4th
We plan to get in a practice trail run in the next few weekends.

Stay tuned for updates and pictures. Now that I have no Internet connection at home (you do what you can to save money....I can hear Dave Ramsey now.....he would be so proud) it's hard for me to frequently post, but I will try.

Until Then.....


  1. Congrats on your 5 days of coffee freedom!! only 360 more days this year :) Good luck! I can't wait to start the trail runs!

  2. ha ha! Asian Persuasion...that made me laugh out loud.

    I'm so excited about these upcoming months of training...I'm sure my tune will change with the first long distance run, but what the heck. Now remember, you must be my Jillian!!! Janine can help you. :)