Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bring it 14!

We rang in the new year with some dear friends from church. We laughed, we had a little dance party and we ate way too much. 
 We also attempted a "duck face" photo. Hilarious! 
 Here's the crew:
  We didn't quite make it to ring in the new year because on New Year's Day, I was signed up for a five mile trail run at Rural Hill with Jennifer and her hubby Matt. It was very cold and was quite the challenging course, but I was happy we started off our New Year with a bang! 
Once Kennedy went back to school, she celebrated her 100th day of Kindergarten. Each student was to bring in 100 of some item to show their classmates. I cannot lie - I Googled ideas, but in the end we came up with paperclips on our own. Once we decided on our item, I realized we could do even better and thus making the number 100 out of our 100 paperclips was born!

 Can't believe she's been in school for 100 days! 
The remaining pictures are pictures I want to try to capture more often in this New Year
 - pictures of my kids in specific moments
Moments of sisterly love:!
Moments of inquisitiveness, learning, natural curiosity:

 and even moments of frustration
 Momma! Help me open this! 

I'm not really one for New Years resolutions per say, because ultimately that usually ends in disappointment (of which I'm not a fan). I have, however, decided to rise earlier each morning - to find time to be quiet, to meet with the Lord and try to focus my thoughts and days on Him. Don't get me wrong - I love my sleep just as much as the next exhausted Momma, but if I can get up and have a cup of coffee and have some "me and God time" I am a MUCH, MUCH better Momma. So far, so good - I've been giving myself 30 minutes for devo/prayer time and then about 15 minutes to prep the kids breakfast and get Kennedy's book bag ready before waking my three crazies and starting my day. I wish I could say that the result has been overflowing patience and joy - mornings of Kumbaya and sunshine. Not the case folks. What I will say is when I feel myself getting flustered or irritable it's much easier to immediately open back up my dialogue with the Lord since I've already met with him each morning. To accomplish the early rising, early go to bed is required - I'm usually in bed no later than 10 PM...I'm an 8 hour girl! 
I'm excited for 2014 - there are BIG things to come! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wrapping it up!

Before I completely wrap up our Christmas postings ('s only February 19th!) I wanted to document a few more special things. 

One - the Daddy/Daughter date night to see the Nutcracker Ballet at Wingate University. 
I can't remember the specifics of the evening but I know they were in a huge hurry, so sadly the only photo I have to document this special occasion is the cell phone selfie above and the picture of the tickets and program below. Tim said the girls loved it - even Avery. I'm so glad that they get these special experiences with him.
Two - the artwork/letters/drawings compliments of Kennedy. Here is her letter to Santa that she wrote about 3 days before Christmas. Thank heavens for this note because Momma had no idea she wanted a "Rudoph Stuffed Animals". No worries though, Santa delivered ;). You like how she asks for a "Little Kitten: Please, Please". So sorry sister - NOT HAPPENING! Being a true Southerner, I'm most proud that she ends her letter with Thank you. Thata girl! 
I thought this was precious - Kennedy made this at school but specifically wrote that it was a gift for Avery and she writes "I Love You". Presh! 
This is her drawing of our mantle - complete with stockings! 

The above are pretty self explanatory but this one was a riot - it says "I love you. I know you're having a hard day. I wish I could make your day better. From me to you, you're like a flower in my heart". Kennedy had to narrate part of this for me, but seriously y'all? Bless her! Thankful she loves me even when I'm "having a hard day". 

Three - the together time is always one of my favorite things about holidays. No schedule. No harried pace, just being together. I've said this before and it's still very true - nothing brings me more joy in life than watching my kids play with one another and care for one another and ultimately learn to love one another. It's indescribable and I adore it. 
Grey had a bit of an unfortunate rash over the break and we were giving him some air out time and during said time I could not help but to document it in some way because what is cuter than an indoor moon?

Not much people! There's just not much cuter than that! 
Kennedy's favorite thing at school is art class. She loves all types of art mediums and I love seeing what she creates. These are some things she brought home before the holiday break but since I can't keep it all (though I want to) I try to take pictures:

Nana and Pawpaw gave her a paint brush, paints and easel set for Christmas and she has really enjoyed it. I love Avery's expressions in these pictures - she loves her big sister! 

Some more artwork: "I love Mommy. Mommy is the most excellent cook ever". 

Laslty, I want to remember Christmas Card season (it's my favorite!!!) We kept with our Thankful tree theme, but instead added a star and began hanging our cards in the shape of a tree - here is our finished product. Lots of love on that tree! 
I like to remember our card each year - here's this years card. 
In September, we had the privilege of having our family photographs done by the talented Heather McGinnis of Heather McGinnis Photography. She is the cousin of the pastor of our home church in KY. He connected us with her and gifted us with a photo session (so crazy generous!). Tim and I had not had professional pictures since our wedding so we were so thrilled to document our family in this season of life. I didn't share the amazing images she captured because I knew we'd use one for the card but without further ado: 

It was really hard to choose images because they were all so good, but the above are the ones we have print access to. Now, I need to get some on the wall!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christmas in Charlotte Continued

Unfortunately I can't share the big ole' group photo of all the girlie's in their monogrammed sweatshirts, but this one of Ave is too sweet not to share: 
 She gives me a run for my money on the daily, but this grin...oh this grin  - it can light the darkness! 
 The above two pictures were taken in Mom's new backyard. Since Angel and Catina aren't here very often, Mom and Jim invited everyone over for a tour of their new place. After we heard the design plans for the remodel and everyone got  a walk through, we went for Mexican and then some of us headed to the park. 
 These two are such pals - they stuck to each other like glue at the park. 

 The next day, Catina and Angel and their families headed home. Before the kids got dressed that morning I wanted to snap a picture of the girls in their booties my Mom knitted for them. How cute are these? Love them and all the love put into making them. 

 Play time with cousins is the best! 
 You can take the Mom out of the "stay at home" position, but you can't take the stay at home mom skills out of the Mom. Catina came prepared with crafty stuff! You know Kennedy was ALL ABOUT a craft! 
 How presh is that little snowman?
 After my family left, my other family came in - the Taylor's. On the eve of their arrival the kids opened a few things. 
 Avery got a little electric ride on toy (above) that she loves and Grey was way more into opening presents than I anticipated: 

 The next morning there were lots more presents to open because Nana and Pawpaw excel at spoiling their grand babies ;). 

 The girls were OVER THE TOP about getting the movie Spirit for Christmas. We've watched it a mere 999 times since opening it. Seriously!
 Grey's toys mostly rolled, lit up, made music, and or had a device for banging. His expressions in these photos speak for how he felt about it. 
 The love for Minnie continues. 
 and pet shops...they never get old: 
 The Rainbow Loom - in the early days I had a love/hate with this thing. Listen y'all - the diagram might as well have been in Greek. Praise be that there are YouTube videos to show you how to make these blasted bracelets or we would still be at square one. I can confidently say we've moved on to some advance designs but it takes time, you tube and complete silence...that's all...not intense at all. Ha! 
I just might be able to wrap up Christmas in the next post: gasp!