Thursday, February 6, 2014

Christmas in Charlotte

We spent Christmas in Charlotte this year and it was so nice after years of traveling and never being in our own home on the holiday to be in our home and not have to travel. All the family came in to Charlotte. Catina's family stayed with us and Angel's family stayed with Melissa. Although we were separated by a slight drive it was still nice to be in one place and get to visit on Christmas Day. 

After arriving at Melissa's after our family Christmas morning festivities, we played for a bit and then got straight down to business: presents!!! The sisters and I don't gift anything for one another but we all get items for each child. These first two pictures aren't great but look at these precious monogrammed sweatshirts that Catina got for my girls. All the girlies got these sweatshirts, with the exception of Ellie and they are so precious. Love them!

Also from Team Vaughan - a plastic baseball and bat set for outdoor play. We are so excited about putting it to use once the weather is warmer. 
 Aunt Melissa gave both Ave and Grey these super sweet little backpacks from PBKids and now Momma is diaper bag free (can I get a woot woot?). You can kind of get a sense for how super crowded the present opening operation was - just a smidge of chaos. 

My mom is skilled in gifting obnoxiously loud Christmas paraphernalia to the babies when they are little and at my house each year when we unpack them they are favorites. Ellie's journey with said paraphernalia began this year ;).
 Silly Uncle Kevin - he's always been the jokester and he still is! 
 Now that Mom is retired and she and Jim have moved closer they have a really nice YMCA close by their new home. My sisters and I went in together to contribute towards an annual membership for them. They are excited about using the pool and the walking track and maybe even checking out some classes. 
 I reckon Declan got bored with the gift opening, so he just peaced out right in the midst of it all. Y'all - this would NEVER and I mean NEVER, EVER, EVER happen with my kids. I mean, my kids will be tripping, crying and straight up melting down tired but wouldn't do this - they MUST be in a bed/crib or the likes. Declan's a snuggler - I love it! 

 I had forgotten (until showing up at Melissa's Christmas Day) that I had snagged the boys matching shirts at an after Christmas sale last year. Clearly, because I'd forgotten we didn't plan this but seriously: sweetness. Now, if only they weren't in perpetual motion. 
 I'm sure this is only the beginning of many a blurred boy photos to come:
 This little chunk-a-love is the cutest thing ever. She is happy, she is easy and she is content. What's that spell? Blessing! Love her. 
 Catherine shares a birthday with Jesus, so after our yummy meal we celebrated her with presents and a homemade strawberry cake made by "Honey". It is so incredibly hard for me to believe this child is a teenager. Catherine is so many things - she is passionate, she is loud, she is joyful, she is beautiful, she is loving, she is playful, she is generous, and my girls adore her almost as much as I do. I remember the year she was born and it's so hard to wrap my head around the fact that she is becoming a woman but I'm so thankful for the woman she is becoming! We are blessed to call her ours! 

More to come! 

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  1. Um, my kids don't EVER just crash like Declan. I MIGHT be jealous ;)