Sunday, May 17, 2015

Country Days

Back in the fall, the children's department at our church did a "fun day" at a local pumpkin patch/corn maze called Country Days Corn Maze. It was really fun, but it was really hot because I was super pregnant and the sun was shining - note the short sleeves and shorts on our family. Gotta love a NC fall :). 
 You park in their lot and then you take a hay ride to the actual farm. Fun, fun! 
 One of the first things we did was play in this little corn house. It's exactly as it sounds: a little house full of corn. Kids loved it and thought it was super fun but the germa-phobe in me was totally grossed out. Ick! I mean, you's probably been changed like NEVER. Bleh! 
Once corn started flying because kids thought it would be fun to chuck it at each other, I pulled the plug and yanked my crew out. On to the next thing! 

 Seriously - look how deep. Craziness. 
 Next up was riding/bouncing on these little inflatable horses and the point was actually to race them, however, this is about as far as the racing between my three babes went. I think Avery bounced herself off after one hop and Grey's little arms were too short to reach around to the handles. 
This one was a bouncing pro. I think it's in her favor that she pretends to be a horse so much that sometimes it's quite convincing. 
Daddy to the rescue. Pretty sure it would've been contraindicated in my state at that point. 
Oh those dimples. 
This was about the extent of their "petting zoo"...some baby piglets in a super muddy pin. Petting zoo: check, and check. I think they had some bunnies and some chickens that we got to look at too but there was no petting really unless you wanted to enter aforementioned muddy pin. Um, no thank you. 
The cow train. These little cow "cabs" were pulled along by a tractor and my kiddos loved it. 

The corn maze. We debated on whether to do the adult maze or the kiddie maze and I'm so glad we elected for the kiddie maze because it was so hot and the kids really weren't interested in trying to figure out what way to go...they just wanted us to tell them. 
Truth be told, I could likely have gotten myself lost in the kiddie maze...I have ZERO directional ability and I do mean Z.E.R.O. Also, maps and I do not get along. If there's a map of any sort I collect it and pass it straight to my man. I think he's hoping Kennedy doesn't turn out like me. Ha! 

As always, she was a trooper...she really wanted to figure it out and she did pretty good with some assistance from Daddy. 
My boys. 
There were all these signs about not picking up the corn, shucking corn, etc. in order to preserve the maze but these two were so interested (don't ask me why) and so we broke the rules a few times. I mean, how's picking up an old rotten cob off the ground going to hurt anything? Just sayin'

Out of about 15 shots in front of this little sign, this was the best I got. Sigh. 
I feel like I got some photographic redemption on these next ones though. So funny. 

The last thing we did was this duck race "situation" for lack of a better description. You basically pumped these water spouts and tried to push your duck down the PVC pipe to the other end where you could collect it and do it all over again as many times as you'd like. The ducks were ours once purchased (and they are up in our bathtub toy basket as I type...honestly). They had a really good time with this. 
My kids aren't competitive at all...*cough, choke, spit*. I don't know where they get it...ha ha!

It was a really fun time and the church was so generous to provide such a fun family outing. We genuinely love our church family so we're always happy to participate in any outings.  

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  1. How fun is that?!!! The kids faces are great in all the pictures! And, ditto, on the maze and lack of directions characteristic. I got lost in a maze at a pumpkin patch once, and I could see over the obstacles. Josh was so embarrassed.