Sunday, May 17, 2015


I suppose if you get baby showers with your 1st and sprinkles with your second then maybe I got misted for your 4th? I dunno. I'll say this - I got blessed for sure. People and their generosity never cease to amaze me and Lord I hope that is said of me so I'm just thankful beyond words that my sister and friend Jennifer decided to "mist" me and my sweet Micah before he arrived. It was perfection - some food, some fun and some of my really good friends. 
I spend a lot of time at the gym so it's no surprise that the majority of these gals are gym buddies turned super good friends. In order from L to R are Anna, Julie, Jess, Jennifer and of course a regular appearer on the blog: my sis Melissa. 
 Oh this girl. The Lord has provided such a sweet friend in her. She would do anything for me and our kids adore each other and it just leaves me thankful beyond words that she lives so close and we see each other so often. 
 Again, these are gym friends but the group of us regularly has girls nights and get togethers at the pool and play dates, etc. Julie (on the far L) is also our hair stylist - bonus! 
 Sisters. What more can I say - there is no closer bond or friendship. I can only hope that my kiddos are as close as we are one day because there's just nothing like it. 
 So, here's the thing about Jennifer. She does everything to perfection. There is no half effort with her. She researches everything and just always does her best. She has marveled over my cake creations at birthdays past and always seems so amazed and overwhelmed by it all but sister made these perfect little delicacies for my shower all by herself. I mean, c'mon - how good are these? So pretty and better yet: delicious! 

Everyone brought sweet little gifts to the shower...mostly Mommy gifts like lotion and hair products and fun stuff like that but I also got super practical and awesome things like diapers and wipes. Thanks girls for making me feel so love and special before the babe arrived! 

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  1. so super sweet! And those cupcakes are amazing!!!!