Thursday, April 16, 2009

Papa Johns 10 mile run and Easter

With Courtney's help I finally scrounged up a picture of her at the Rock Creek River Gorge run. Doesn't she look tough - all trying to pass people and stuff? Go girl!

Our ten mile (eleven for Chels and I because we did one prior to the race start) went well this past weekend. It was super duper nice of Courtney's friend Tammy to offer up her home as a place for us all to crash prior to our event and shower afterwards. They were might comfy digs too. Aside from some tough hills in the park portion of the event it went splendidly. Chelsea did great although she informs me that I didn't talk enough and she plans to wear her ipod for our next run - The pressure! Sheesh! I mean - it's hard to have this much to say but a girl does run out occasionally. We all finished in good time and we snapped some cute pictures after the event.

We also got our "official pictures" mailed to us yesterday too. Our finish time was 1:39:33. Yay!

This weekend we are running in the Bryan Station 5K and Chelsea and I are going to do 9 miles before the start to get in our last big training run before the half next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Abby, Billie and Courtney are running too so it will be another fun group run. The best part of all - there is a pancake breakfast following the run - running + pancakes - what could be better on a Saturday morning?

Lastly, our Easter weekend went well. We went to church and Chels joined us and then Sara Beth and Matt came over for dinner: it was super yummy! We have tons of leftovers but who doesn't love leftovers!

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  1. The family Easter pic is so cute! You look really pretty in it!! Not that you don't always looke pretty:) I really like your hair tho, did you wear it different? Or are you growing it out? Can't wait to run with you on Saturday! You are so hardcore to run 9 before the race! I cannot fathom that! :)