Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In the words of Will Farrell from the movie elf "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it". What am I referring to you ask - a new favorite ice cream. Now...I should preface this by saying that when you love ice cream and frozen yogurt the way I love ice cream and frozen yogurt - it's hard to nail down one solid favorite. So..if you are like me you have lots of favorites and you simply rotate to keep variety in your life. After all - I have a bowl almost every single night. (Gasp!) I know, I know - I eat healthy and I run but a girl has got to have her sweets (and the extra five pounds she hasn't lost since getting pregnant!) Blah! Anyway...drum roll please......

You have got to try it - it's amazing! Berry Granola Crunch.

For those of you crazies who are dying to see nutrition info head on over and check it out.

Now, while we are on the subject of ice cream I will share my ultimate favorite as of late and prior to discovering the goodness that is Berry Granola Crunch -

I am embarrassed to admit that when I scoop a bowl of this stuff and sit down on the couch to have my first bite. It's like the world stops turning - the sky opens up and the Angels begin to sing the Hallelujah Chorus. It's that good people - get some. It isn't has kind (nutrition-wise) as the Berry Granola Crunch but its just as yummy. Before you get hooked I would like to draw your attention to the bright pink box on the carton that reads "LIMITED EDITION". I know - it makes my heart palpitate just reading that insanity. Why is it limited Edy's? Inquiring ice cream eaters want to know!!! Every time I buy it I want to buy like the whole groceries worth but then I remind myself that I don't have a deep freezer and although I could probably tank 12 cartons in one sitting (I know -it's a sickness) I SURELY don't need it.

Anyhow - go get yourself some ice cream and smile and then thank me for the incredible recommendations!

On to training information - Chelsea and I ran our 15K this past weekend and she did beautifully. The weather was a true gift - it was GORGEOUS. Oh my goodness it was gorgeous. We both got sun burnt (oops - we forgot sunscreen) but we felt great and finished it around 1 hr and 30 minutes. Yay Chelsea! So...we got sun burnt Sunday and today the high is like 30 something - how ridiculous is KY weather!

This weekend we are signed up for the Papa Johns Ten Miler in Lousiville, Kentucky. Courtney was signed up and I thought it would be a great run for Chelsea to truly get her feet wet in a big race environment. When I was training for my tri it was awesome to do a "practice" tri before our actual event and I thought it would do her good too. So...we are all three signed up and excited. Courtney's friend Tammy has been nice enough to invite us to crash at her place - no hotel fare: woo hoo. We leave Friday after work. Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed for better weather. I will be sure to post pictures after we are done.

Results were finally posted from our Rock Creek River Gorge Trail Run:

Lindsy: 1:19:19
Courtney: 1:34:30

I searched through photos on photostream of the events and found one. It was fun! I am looking forward to the next.


  1. Lindsy, I didn't think I would ever find someone that loved ice cream as much as I do, but now i have. I will have to go try some of these flavors and maybe we should skip the punch bowl cake and go with ice cream for Sunday!

  2. I love your comments about the ice cream. I'm always scared to try those different flavors! But that first one looked really yummy!!! I hope you have a great run this weekend! Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the pics of the ice cream--now I don't have to waste time reading the carton and I can just get it and eat it! YAY! :)