Saturday, March 28, 2009

We missed you Billie!

Well, trail run number one is under our belts. Courtney and I did our Rock/Creek River Gorge 6.5 mile run yesterday morning. Honestly I was kind of dreading it because it rained the ENTIRE drive to Chattanooga on Friday and I just knew the trails would be disgusting. I could just picture us busting it and coming back home all black, blue and sore. Well, we got up yesterday morning and it was still raining and that didn't help my usual pre-race jitters. We arrived just short of the start and got the "this trail is technical - it is easy to get lost and it is easy to fall - your shoes will be soaked so don't try to avoid it" speech. Great! Muddy, wet and dangerous run anyone? Where do we start?

The race started as a jumbled cluster because we started on an access road and then went straight into the woods on a single track trail so everyone kind of comes to a halt and then you start the "strategic passing" if you will. When you are on the side of the mountain in the rain on a muddy single track trail - passing isn't the easiest thing to do. Luckily our training runs (especially at the Pinnacles) prepared us for the inclines because once people started walking - I started passing. Getting into some open space and getting into my comfortable pace made a world of difference. Despite the rain and mud - the scenery was gorgeous. Lots of streams, some white water creeks, beautiful views of the mountain and trees for miles. Just us runners and a big ole' forest - really cool! Our feet definitely got wet - imagine! Who knew that when you had to run directly through streams your feet would be wet. Ha!

Don't you love that despite the mud I could still strike a foot-pose!

Ultimately I am proud and glad that we did it. It's nice to complete new and different challenges. We missed Billie but there will be more opportunity for this in the future. Girls - let's pick a different month. Rain + trails = muddy mess!

Official results aren't posted yet and neither are pictures but when they are I will be sure to share. I will say that a 10 year old placed in the event! Oh to have 0% body fat like that little girl! =)

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  1. I LOVE your foot pose! hehe! I'm glad you guys did it! What a feeling of accomplishment! Now that I have tried (a shorter) trail run, I now realize just how much more difficult they are from street races! You go girls!!