Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My little girl isn't so little anymore

Today was Kennedy's 18 month check-up. I can't believe that even as I type it. 18 months old?!? Where did the time go. She amazes me every day wih her development, natural curiousity, happiness, and most of all her love of all things and all people! Anyhow - at her last few well-checks her percentiles have been nothing short of stunning. She was always way up in the high percentile for height and way down low for weight. I kept joking with the pediatrician that by the looks of her Daddy and I, those blessed percentiles couldn't possibly last. Today was the day they ended folks - we are now in the 18th percentile for height and the 45 percentile for weight. Now that is more like the Taylor build I had been expecting! Ha! Poor girl - there is no hope for tall and skinny in this family. She handled her shots like a trooper and the pediatrician was impressed with her speech development so we had a good visit.

The weather has been warming up around here and we have been able to get outside some. Here are some pictures.....

On the training front: I am doing a trail run tonight with Abby, Chelsea and Courtney. Unfortunately Billie will not be able to join us. Please be praying for she and her family. They had a horribly unexpected death in their family yesterday. Her brother in law passed away of a heart attack and leaves behind a wife and a baby. I just can't imagaine what they are going through. She is uncertain whether she will still plan to join us for our run this weekend in TN and we will for sure miss her if not.

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  1. I love the pic of Kennedy with her stroller. She looks really serious about pushing her babydoll! So cute!