Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh the "special" Mommy moments (Warning: if you are squeamish you may not want to read this posting)

Well, I am in Charleston and it feels good (hot.....but good). It's just nice to be home, you know? Kennedy did great on the trip yesterday, but boy did she have a rough night last night. I have always said the most frustrating thing about parenting is you never have answers. Answers to questions like: why won't she sleep, why won't she eat, why won't she sleep, why is she crying, did I say why won't she sleep yet? So...last night was one of those nights where she wouldn't sleep and I still don't really know why to be honest. One thing I do know - I was tired and frustrated!!! She did great on the trip down yesterday and was such a trooper all day but she napped short yesterday morning and was due another nap and it just so happens it occurred at the worst possible time (5:30'ish) which made for a difficult night. Because we stayed with Aunt Melissa who had to work this AM and Aunt Angel and Anne Hensley were trying to sleep as well - we watched movies as a means to not wake everyone in the house. We watched about 2 Praise Baby's, Potty Time with Elmo and Baby Einstein on repeat twice to be exact. I was delirious I was so tired and there she was in bed next to me wide eyed as anything. Ugh! It's so easy to get frustrated at times like that, but in my clear mind today I was able to be thankful for her little personality despite the non-sleeping last night. She was in the car for 7 hours yesterday!!!!!

Today started out well and we left Charlotte and she was asleep before I hit the interstate. I was actually jaded enough to think she might sleep for the entire trip to Charleston since she slept so little last night. WRONG! I got one hour out of her and then she wanted "EWMMO" as she calls it = Elmo. Again - although she didn't sleep as I had hoped, she stayed silent as a church mouse and happy as a lark.....until about 10 minutes from our destination. Once into town the plan was to go and eat lunch with my friend Allison. 10 minutes out she starts screaming and honestly I figured she was tired so I turned Elmo off an told her "night night" which typically puts her to sleep with in minutes (amazingly so). She wouldn't give it up - she just kept fussing and crying. She was getting more and more irritable and I started to get kind of worried. Luckily I have a little one who really doesn't get worked up about much and when she does get worked up it's typically short-lived. For whatever reason she was not happy today and I was frankly getting a little frazzled with it all. So...when we got to Allison's I went around to get her out of the car seat and when I did I realized her eyes were swollen, she was sweating and she wouldn't bend her legs. What in the world, I thought? I took her inside and tried to console her - NO GO. Finally I asked her if she wanted to go to the potty. I thought maybe she was constipated????? I put her on the potty and she immediately started pushing....pushing so hard that you could see her little toddler 6 pack. My goodness....she is constipated, what now? Here I am in my best friends house who hasn't seen Kennedy in like a year and she is screaming uncontrollably and I have no "remedies" to help her. Ugh! I was just about to get her off the potty and try to get her moving to hopefully work things out when I heard her making some kind of choking noise and before I knew it she was puking up her goldfish she had just finished in the car. The poor child pushed so hard she puked for pete's sake. I can officially claim mommyhood because I caught the vomit y'all - gross!!!! Almost simultaneously as she puked - she pooped. To avoid major TMI let's just say it was large and in charge and my poor baby was just hurting from being in that car seat and needing to get that out. She was an absolute peach the rest of the afternoon. Poor Allison watched this all unfold and then looked at me and was like "". Ha! Oh the "special" Mommy moments!

The rest of our afternoon was spent playing on the swingset at Grandmommy and Big Jim's with Anne Hensley and playing with Charlie - Grandmommy's new great dane AKA "big doggie". It's going to be a fun week!


  1. Love it! I can just hear you tell this story and I have a complete visual of the bathroom experience! WOW! Precious baby...I'd be grumpy too if I had to go potty! :)

  2. Sometimes I feel that way, but it never happens quite like that!...poor K! Hope your trip is so fun, besides that!