Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blueberry Pickin'

I was lovin' blueberry season around here - when they are local and fresh they are so DELISH! I did some research and found a farm that wasn't too far from here where we could go pick and we took advantage of it and actually ended up going twice.

I mean, look how beautiful. The blueberry bushes at Morning Glory Farms were literally busting with plump, ripe berries and we took full advantage.
On our first trip to the blueberry patch, we went with our good friends the Englars. Although it was hot and a bit buggy, the kids were troopers and picked their fair share of berries. 

She's really excited about her bounty - can't you tell?!?!? No? Ha! 
The bushes were literally so full of berries that we didn't even make it 1/2 way down a row before we'd filled up multiple gallon size ziploc bags. 

The little man was content in the stroller watching for a while, but then he decided he'd had enough and hitched a ride to get in on the action.
The kids were D-O-N-E by the time we'd picked our desired bags full of berries. Look at those hot sweaty faces.

The Englar crew:
My sweet berry pickers. Don't let Avery fool you - she's thrilled. =)
We kept some berries out to eat fresh: plain, in oatmeal, pancakes, muffins, etc. but we also froze a good bit (they are so super easy to freeze). This particular farm is all organic which meant little cleaning was necessary: easy peasy. We enjoyed picking and eating our berries so very much that we went again a couple weeks later with the Wall crew.
 Declan really enjoyed it! Though I don't have photographic evidence - all my kiddos were there and since I knew how clean the berries were this go around I basically picked a berry then fed Greyson a berry, picked a berry then fed Greyson a berry to keep him happy. 

 Oh the joy of trying to get toddlers to smile for pictures! Silly boy - 
Melissa and I now have lots of berries in our freezers - yum! We made it out on this trip just before a storm rolled in. Fun times. We will definitely be visiting this farm for lots of summers to come. 


  1. My kids LOVE blueberries! This makes me want to scout out a blueberry farm somehwere!!!