Monday, August 5, 2013

My Old Kentucky Home

Tim and I were so incredibly thankful to be back in Kentucky visiting some of our dearest friends who we have missed immensely. One of the things that was hardest to leave when we moved to NC was our church. We were so fortunate to call Southern Acres Christian Church our church "home" and we struggled to find anything that could compare when we moved here. I'm happy to report we've settled down at a local church called Ridge Church and we've been very happy, though we are not nearly as connected as we were in Kentucky. I keep telling myself - "one step at a time". We feel confident we are where the Lord wants us to be and I'm sure he'll provide what we need when we need it. In the meantime, we are so very thankful that we've remained close with some of our Kentucky church family. On Sunday we went back to Southern Acres for service and then had lunch with Cameron and Erica afterwards - it was SO GOOD to be with them because we love them to pieces! We were also really happy that we got to be a part of an incredibly special service where to young people were baptized and married directly after on stage: super special and emotional moment for sure!
After church we went back to casa de Burns and let the kids take their naps before we headed to the Banks' for a get together they were so gracious to plan. Will, Elizabeth and I worked together at the clinic and I've tried my best to keep up with them over phone and email but was really excited to hang out and just hear how things had gone since I moved away. We had a really good time hanging out and watching the kids play. 

Greyson was in hog heaven with all the toys because Elizabeth has three boys. No tutus and pink frilly dress up clothes there.  

I love it when big kids aren't afraid or too cool to play with little ones. How sweet are these pictures of Grey with Matthew and John? 
Kennedy, John, and Lily go way back because Laura watched Kennedy for me several times when she was a baby. Let's stroll down memory lane, shall we? 

Now, look at The girlies~ Kennedy, Lily and Avery
Hard to believe how much they've grown. 
Andrew was still so young when we moved away that none of us really got to know him so Avery decided to change that. 
 and while she was at it, why not make friends with Tyler too ;)
 John and Lily were just as sweet to Avery and Grey as they always were to Kennedy.
 I'm sure I could dig up old pictures of the three of us too, but I'll spare y'all. Thankful for these friends! 
Laura, Elizabeth and Me
These two were as precious as always...just picked right up where they left off:
Because they've been friends since they were babes, Matthew holds an extra special place in Kennedy's heart and I'm fairly certain the feeling is mutual. 
Hard to believe they've been friends since then:
Where did our babies go Elizabeth? 
 All the kiddos minus Andrew and Grey: 
 such a fun time!
 This handsome young man is well trained- look at that smile for the camera! He's gotten so big but thankfully is the same doll baby he's always been and although he doesn't want me to - I still bear hug him every chance I get just like I always have! 
 I do believe my Avery was a tad sweet on John Tyler. Can you blame her?

I'm really looking forward to re-living all my time in Kentucky. We've been so incredibly busy this summer that I've not even had the chance to look through all the pictures. That first weekend filled with so many of those we love and are dear to us was a wonderful kick-off to my time there.


  1. ooooh that last picture makes my teeth hurt it is soooo sweet!!!! Great flashback pics, too!!

  2. oh my gosh! That picture of Kennedy and Matthew is too much. I can't believe how big they both are! Miss those kids, but loved looking at the ones from the past. So cute!