Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Friends, Curls, Twirls & Spaghetti

Following Kennedy's first day of school, she went to a birthday party for her friend Will. Will and her BFF Becca hadn't yet started school so they had a weekday pool party for him. We were most surprised and tickled to see that Kennedy and Becca had almost matching suits on - how funny! 
I swear part of what got Kennedy through that first day of school was knowing she had this party to go to directly after - she was SOOOO excited! 
The birthday boy himself:
Kennedy just adores Becca and I'm so thankful that they are nearby and we get to see them often. 
Kennedy's new school has a dress code, so everyday she can choose between a navy, white or light blue polo and khaki or navy bottoms (knee length shorts or skirt) or she can wear a polo dress in navy or light blue. About twice a month the school has "dress down days" where there are still rules but they don't have to wear their uniform and if the student chooses to participate (which is a super fun and exciting deal for the students), they pay $1 to do so and thus the school uses it as a fundraiser. Anyhow, for Kennedy's first dress down day I decided to use her new sponge curlers the night prior so she'd have fun curls to go with her selected outfit. Do y'all remember sponge curlers? Oh my heavens - I LOVED them and I'm fairly certain I used them way past when I should have but oh well. I picked these up on a whim when I was looking for some new fun hair stuff for the girls and I was really excited to put them in K's hair. After bath each night the girls jump on our bed - I'm not sure why, it's just what they do. Here they are twirling on our bed in their curlers. 
Avery must do all things big sister does, so she had like 2 curlers in her hair too. 
Directly across from our bed is our vanity/dresser and they just jump and look at themselves and make faces and have a big ole' time. It's hilarious! Exhibit A - checking herself out:

Pffft...Avery's two curlers ;). 

I purchased the medium size curlers for K, but honestly I think she could use the large. Sister has TONS of hair. 
Here are her sweet springy curls the next morning! 
Of course after all the curling she still requested a pony tail. I asked her one time why she always wanted a pony tail and she said "because you always have a pony tail". I kind of didn't have a come back and said "oh, ok". So....pony tail it is! 
Grey is getting teeth like it's his job and thus is getting more and more able to eat what we eat. On this particular evening he had his first go at spaghetti and he liked it! 
Can you tell?
Messy boy!
I know I shouldn't wish away any days/phases/stages, but I cannot tell a lie - I will not be sad when I don't have to dice everything that goes on his tray. I'll be happy as a pig in sunshine when I can just put food  on his plate like I do for his big sisters and then have a seat and we all eat together. Too bad we are a WAYS away from that. Until then I'll be chopping away.

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