Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hot, but fun!

My entire week in Central Kentucky was packed with visiting and we had tons of fun doing it. On Monday I dropped Tim off at the airport so he could get back home and to work :( and the I headed to the mall for an early play date with some of my old MUMS friends. Unfortunately we were so busy flapping our jaws that I failed to take one single picture, but for memories sake Annie, Angela, Kylene and Michelle were there with their kiddos and it was SOOOO good to catch up with one another.

After a good romp in the mall play area we headed down to Nicholasville so I could pop in the clinic and see everyone there that I used to work with. The clinic is doing great and it was good to be back there and see everyone - I've really missed the Dr.'s and the staff. 

Next up, we met my dear friend Aneisa and her girls for a dinner date at Red Robin. I have missed her and our conversations so much. It was a bit crazy trying to catch up over dinner with all our wee ones, but it was still so nice to see her, to hug her neck and to spend time with her babies. We picked up right where we left off like I knew we would. Here are all our kiddos on the bench out front. 

On Tuesday Elizabeth and I met at Centennial Park in Wilmore (love that place) and just let the kids play and had a nice picnic. It was hot, but the kids had fun and I was really thankful we got some more time with them. 
Rocks + kids = fun
I love Kennedy's sweet smile in this picture - she loves this boy to pieces!

My big beautiful girl - looking at this picture makes me miss her even more as she's entered the world of kindergarten. 
On Wednesday we got together with some of my Southern Acres girlfriends at Boyd's Orchard. Apparently we picked the hottest day of the year to have our little play date. I can't tell a lie - it was CRAZY HOT but the kids made the best of it and got some serious energy out running all over the place. 
I wish so badly that I had pictures of Kennedy and Avery both coming down the big slide at Boyds because they were ABOUT it so we went down approximately 48 times. Ha! 

Clearly it was hot that day - look at these sweet sweaty faces! 
From the left Liz, me, Misty, Erica & Sarah with Silas. Love these gals so very much! 
So thankful everyone decided not to let the heat get in the way of a good time!
above is Eden and below are Rhett & Case - Picnic time in the sweet shade
I don't know how I forgot to get a group kiddo photo! Honestly, the kids were hot and getting seriously cranky by departure/nap time so that's probably why but I'm glad I have the ones I did get. I was so happy to see all these babies and their Mommas. Fun times!

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  1. We had SO much fun! Hopefully next time you are in town we can all get together again!