Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fun times at the pool

We've had some fun pool time this summer. When we first purchased this house I was a tad unsure about being RIGHT NEXT to the neighborhood pool (would it be loud and crazy and keep us awake, etc.). Having a pool next door has turned out to be AWESOME - it's kind of like having our own pool. No more packing everything but the kitchen sink when we want to go to the pool and no more worrying over nap time and transit time, etc. etc. etc. My sister and her crew have come out to hang out at the pool a couple of times and E was so stinking sweet in her suit I had to get a couple pics. 
Love her rolls!
This little boy is such a Momma's boy that I rarely get pictures like this one. My boys: 
The pool that Ellie never got in wore her out :)
This girl is a straight fish - she never wants to get out of the pool and is WAY too brave when she's in it. 

I really wanted a picture of the girls in their matching suits, but it was a lost cause - this was the best I could get. 
Nana purchased this float for Grey and we've gotten tons of use out of it. Whenever we use the float in the baby pool it's like a pool walker. 

Oh this boy - he's such a happy little thing. Give him a pool squirter and he's happy for a good long while. 

The Bobbsey twins all wrapped up and ready to go back home. 
~Sweet little Avery~
We've gone to the local YMCA a couple of times and Grey is all about the splash pad action.

More cousin pool time. They LOVED the Y splash park - so much fun.

One of my favorite pictures as of late is this one of all three babes before we walked out the front door to go to the pool. Love them to pieces.


  1. That pool float/walker is awesome! Grey is such a happy boy! Just chills! And Ellie is huge! Well, maybe not, but her chunks are great and I just wanna kiss and squeeze her! I love a chunkster. So cute!

  2. Love the matching bathing suits!

  3. Sweet pictures :)