Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PA part II: Here chickie, chickie, chickie

The Rearicks have chickens and thus they also have a chicken coop. My girls were OBSESSED with the chickens. OBSESSED!!! Avery decided after this moment right here: 
when the chicken pecked her, that she wasn't so much interested in them anymore but I'm pretty sure one could've bit Kennedy's finger off and she would have still wanted to feed them and collect their eggs and clean up after them and maybe even sleep in the coop with them - seriously! 
I'm not sure how Greyson felt about the chickens, but it's pretty clear how he felt about hanging out with Chels: 
Let me just say that Chelsea's parents are a huge hit with my kiddos too - they like to spoil them rotten :). Mr. Dave was all about letting Kennedy help with the chickens and she took his permission and RAN with it. 

After the pecking incident, Avery decided she was most definitely more interested in the cows. A good bit of the cows had calved and so she kept saying "baby momma cows". When I say she kept saying it what I mean is that we  heard that no less than 50 times that week. 
Kennedy was not only a big fan of the chickens, but she was pretty crazy about Dewey too. Luckily for Kennedy, the feeling was mutual. 

I mean, they are like regular ole farm girls, right? 

We had the privilege of partaking in the consumption of the farm fresh eggs while we were there compliments of Dave and Barb - they were delicious! 
Obviously there is more PA postings to come, but if we ever live somewhere more rural I would love to have chickens and I'm pretty sure that would thrill my kids to no end. When I thought about our week there and was sharing with friends and family what an awesome time we had it was mostly because of everyday things like collecting the eggs, watching the cows, sitting in the porch rockers and all of us laughing and eating around their family table. I swear we didn't get toys out all week and TV was at a minimum yet both girls were whooped at the end of each night from running and playing and just being outside - it was heavenly. I'm ready for another visit soon! 

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  1. I want to go with you when you visit again, haha!! Beautiful scenery and they seem like beautiful people too!! I always tell Stew I wish we lived on some land and had some chickens and goats and that kids just ran and ran in the front yard while we drank coffee on the porch...sigh ;)