Thursday, July 18, 2013

PA part IV: Fishy, Fishy

McDonald's has forever ingrained their clever little fish jingle into my brain with their commercials and I can no longer say fish without busting into song. If you've not heard it, here it is for your viewing pleasure. Consider yourself forewarned - it's terribly catchy.

I warned you. onto our "fishay fishay" adventure. Chelseas Grandpa stocked their family pond and apparently feeds the fish regularly so let's just say it's ripe for the fishin' mkay? She had GUARANTEED me that the girls would catch something and I was really excited for Kennedy because despite the fact that she's only been fishing like two times in her life - she's always asking to go (random, I know). I'm happy to report that Chelsea wasn't over exaggerating - the fish were ready to bite and bite they did: quick like!
My girls got lessons on baiting the hook and releasing the fish - I know Chelsea's pretty awesome! 

Later fish! 

Avery's turn next: Lord help us because that child was ready to cast into the next state. Ha!
Avery's first fish! So exciting. 
Never to be outdone by her big sister, she wanted to throw hers back in too. 
Grey was a hungry man so duty called but once we wrapped up his little snack, Momma wanted in on the action!

Not only did I get in on it - I deeeeelivered our first and only catfish of the evening! 
I don't know how many fish we caught in total, but it was quite a few and the girls had a blast. 
Temps were perfect and scenery was beautiful so I went off to shoot some pictures and I'm so glad I did because I captured some sweet, sweet moments. 

I never did get to take official 9 month pics of Grey, so I've decided these are it. 

Our last catch of the evening: "C'mon Kennedy, pucker up buttercup!"
I'm sad to report that this poor little soul swallowed the hook and Chelsea had to do minor surgery to remove said hook. I like how her bling looks up against that stinky fish - ha! 
We had a fintastic time fishing. Ha ha, get it? Bahahahah. 


  1. I have to say that I had never heard/seen that commercial before today. Thank you for that:)

  2. That is my favorite McD's commercial and I am sad that Abby hasn't had the pleasure of getting that stuck in her head until now!!! It's quite catchy...get it? Catchy? Ha! (crickets...) I am loving Chelsea's nailpolish and diamond up against the fish. Yuck. But you go girl! And the pictures are so good and such a wonderful backdrop. I want to be there!! And, maybe it was too small on my ipad to see well, but the picture of your catfish looks like HALF-a-catfish. It must be my eyes...optical illusion? I stared at that picture for probably 1 minute, then brought it up really close to my face for a better view...then still decided I can't see the tail-half of that catfish!!!

  3. HAHA Janine... I thought the same thing but it's tail was bent up...

    Lindsy... you should really consider writing a book on your free time... ok. Thanks.

    And I want you all to come back... like now. But December 8th will do I guess ;)