Sunday, July 7, 2013


On May 11th, I participated in a mud run here in Charlotte with my friend Jennifer who lives close by and some of her other girlfriends. The name of the run was Lozilu Mud Run and it's a 5K women's mud obstacle event. As is usually my pre-race behavior: I didn't look anything up about the event other than registering so it was all a nice surprise. Other than my team doing a good bit of walking (which I wasn't intending to do) it was really fun. I don't mind walking but I prefer to either walk or run, I'm not so much a fan of both and in an off and on pattern. There were TONS of women - all out to have some good muddy fun. The event was very well organized and people were really into the dressing up/silly aspect of it all. Picture lots of tutus, lots of color, an excess of all shades of pink and some wicked crazy hair styles. The obstacles were more fun and messy than challenging and were sprinkled a good distance from each other on the course. All in all it was a fun run!

Before: squeaky clean
 Jill's husband came out and took some pics along the course. There was a slide on the other side of this step up and at the bottom - a mud water bath! Yep.
 The last obstacle:

 At the end of the run they had a "red carpet" photographer and we decided to a jump pose: 
 So cute, right? I love that they had a photographer at the end. Some of the teams were doing really funny poses. I saw a group with mud mustaches and a group that posed like they were doing CPR on each other: funny, funny! 
Fun times - my first organized race post Greyson: a success! =)

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  1. That jumping picture is great!! I am so not into mud so I think this might throw me over the edge... ;) but it looks like you girls had a blast!