Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PA part I

We arrived in Pennsylvania just in time for supper and getting unpacked and all set up for our stay. The day after our arrival, Chelsea had a fun adventure planned for us at The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA. We started in the Omnimax theater watching IMAX To The Artic. It was sooooo cool to be surrounded by movie screen all around us - watching those polar bears swim and dive. Avery was a little afraid during the movie and I think it's because it's so lifelike that she thought those bears were going to come plunging into her lap. Kennedy, Chelsea and I really enjoyed it but Chelsea and I both joked about getting old and feeling almost "sea sick". 

After the movie we went out to explore the submarine. When I was a kid I found things like this to be totally boring and lame, but the girls were all about checking it out. 

So thankful for the sweet bond between these two: 
This was just a random rhino that we passed on the way from the submarine back into the science center, but Kennedy really wanted her picture with it so I obliged. 
 Next up was RoboWorld where there were all kinds of robots on exhibit. This particular robot would individually place beads in a design that you drew on the computer screen. Kennedy drew a smiley face and the robot placed beads one by one in a grid to copy her drawing. Avery and Kennedy both really enjoyed watching the robot. 
 Can you see the smiley? 
 This exhibit was about night vision/heat sensing and it was showing Kennedy where the warmest parts of her body were. 
 There we several famous robots on display and I swear I turned around for one second and Avery was trying to touch C3PO (holy cow!). She was most fascinated with him....her Uncle Kevin would be so proud (He loves Star Wars). 
Earthquake Simulation
 We did a little weather forecasting as a family: 
 So funny!
 Played some music at the Exploration Station:
 Next to the Science Center is an additional wing called Sportsworks and they had all kinds of cool stuff you could do, but it was mostly for bigger kids. Luckily, Kennedy was big enough to do the trampoline and we waited in line so she could jump.
 She was so excited and she loved every single bounce. 
 Sweet little sister Avery cheered and cheered for Kennedy: it was precious. 

 Next up was an activity that utilized your body weight and momentum. Kennedy had fun but after coming off the trampoline she kept wanting to jump and you weren't really supposed to do that - you were supposed to relax and let it pull you up. 
 Although Avery is a little bitty, because she could hang on to the bar the worker allowed her to try it out and she was most excited to get to participate in something! 
 Hee Hee
Y'all - I have so many pictures...I know I already said that but I can hardly get over it myself. Because there are so many more pictures to come, I think we'll end this posting here. The Science Center was super fun and I'm glad we took a day to get out into Pittsburgh and do something local and exciting for the kiddos. 


  1. CUTE! What sweet little explorers you have :)

  2. I found myself wanting to 'like' each and every picture as if I were on Facebook! This place looks so cool and I want to go play, too! What a fun place to take kids!! (and big kids!)